Is Chloe Grace Moretz In A Relationship, History

Is Chloe Grace Moretz In A Relationship, History

Is Chloe Grace Moretz In A Relationship, History – Love stories often begin in unexpected places, and the tale of Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz is no exception. Two young celebrities from different worlds came together during a SoulCycle class in Los Angeles in the summer of 2014. Their journey through love, breakups, and personal growth has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the love story of Brooklyn and Chloë, exploring how they met, why we loved them, their breakups, and where they are now.

How They Met

Brooklyn Beckham, the eldest child of the iconic power couple David and Victoria Beckham, and Chloë Grace Moretz, a two-time Teen Choice Award-winning actress, first crossed paths at a trendy SoulCycle class. Chloë was 17, while Brooklyn was 15, and they frequented the class with Brooklyn’s famous parents, adding a touch of glamour to their workouts.

Is Chloe Grace Moretz In A Relationship, History

Their initial interactions sparked a connection that led to hanging out beyond the spin class. Their shared interests included attending Ed Sheeran concerts, skateboarding by the beach in Santa Monica, and, of course, SoulCycling. However, they remained coy about the nature of their relationship until April 2016 when they confirmed they were indeed a couple. Their red-carpet debut at the premiere of “Bad Neighbors 2” solidified their status.

Why We Loved Them

Brooklyn and Chloë were more than just a celebrity couple; they were style icons. Their impeccable fashion sense and penchant for couple dressing made them stand out. Taking cues from his fashion-forward parents, Brooklyn and Chloë often coordinated their outfits, from his and hers denim to matching sneakers, showcasing their fashion synergy wherever they went.

One of the most memorable moments in their relationship was when they both sported identical gold rings engraved with each other’s initials in November 2017. This gesture symbolized their deep love for one another and resonated with fans.

The Breakups

Despite their strong connection and public displays of affection, Brooklyn and Chloë experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Their first breakup occurred in September 2016, only to see them reconciling a year later when Brooklyn moved to New York to study photography at Parsons.

However, by April 2018, their relationship had ended for the second time. The catalyst for this split seemed to be Brooklyn’s kiss with Playboy model Lexi Wood, raising questions about his fidelity. Chloë hinted at this with a cryptic Instagram post featuring Cardi B’s “Be Careful,” a song about infidelity.

Chloë later opened up about the challenges of dealing with a high-profile breakup, where every tweet and publication seemed to scrutinize their relationship. The constant attention from the media made it difficult for her to move on.

Where Are They Now

After their final breakup, Brooklyn Beckham went on to have casual flings with musician Lexy Panterra and model Alex Lee Aillón before finding love with singer Hana Cross. However, their relationship ended in September 2019. Soon after, he met his now-wife Nicola Peltz at a Halloween party. They went public with their relationship in 2020 and got engaged just six months later. In May 2022, the couple exchanged vows in a beautiful ceremony.

Is Chloe Grace Moretz In A Relationship, History

Brooklyn’s career journey has been as diverse as his love life. From photography to modeling, he eventually ventured into the culinary world with his social media cooking series, “Cookin’ with Brooklyn,” where he showcases his unique culinary skills.

As for Chloë Grace Moretz, she was briefly linked to actor Dylan O’Brien after her breakup with Brooklyn. However, nothing substantial came of it. Currently, Chloë is in a relationship with model Kate Harrison, as evidenced by their Valentine’s Day post in February 2023.

Chloë continues to shine in her acting career, starring in various films such as “Greta,” “The Addams Family,” and, most recently, lending her voice for the animated Netflix film “Nimona.”

Chloë’s Love Life Today

As of now, Chloë Grace Moretz appears to be happily single. Her most recent project, the Hulu original movie “Mother Android,” premiered on December 17, 2021. This intriguing film explores the challenges faced by two young adults fleeing a country controlled by menacing artificial intelligence.

In addition to her movie projects, Chloë is also involved in the Amazon Prime series “The Peripheral.” Her Instagram provides glimpses of her fulfilling life, which includes camping trips, quality time with her dog, and outings with friends.

Reflecting on her dating history, Chloë’s love life has seen its share of ups and downs. Rumors of a relationship with Cameron Fuller in 2013 were never confirmed. Her most high-profile romance was undoubtedly with Brooklyn Beckham, spanning from 2014 to 2018. After their breakup, rumors swirled about her connection with Dylan O’Brien, but neither party confirmed or denied the relationship.

Is Chloe Grace Moretz In A Relationship, History

From 2018 to 2019, Chloë dated model Kate Harrison, marking her last publicly known romance. As she focuses on her thriving acting career, Chloë appears content with the single life, embracing new challenges and opportunities as they come her way.


The love story of Brooklyn Beckham and Chloë Grace Moretz is a captivating journey filled with highs, lows, and personal growth. Their story reminds us that even in the world of fame and glamour, love can be both beautiful and challenging. While they have moved on to new chapters in their lives, their time together will always be remembered by fans as a tale of young love in the spotlight. Brooklyn and Chloë, now pursuing their own paths, serve as a reminder that love, no matter how fleeting, leaves an indelible mark on our hearts.

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Did Chloe Grace Moretz come out?

Chloe Grace Moretz has not officially come out as queer, bisexual, or pansexual. However, she has been a vocal supporter of queer and trans rights. Through her social media, she has also highlighted issues such as drag bans, indicating her commitment to LGBTQ+ advocacy and inclusion.

Why did Chloe Grace Moretz quit acting?

Chloe Grace Moretz took a break from acting to reevaluate her career choices and reconnect with her personal identity. At the age of 21, she decided to withdraw from several projects to have a fresh perspective on her career trajectory and make more deliberate choices in the projects she would be involved in.

How long did Brooklyn Beckham date Chloe Moretz?

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moretz began dating in August 2014. Their relationship had its share of ups and downs, including break-ups and reconciliations, over a period of approximately two years. However, they eventually went their separate ways in August 2016.

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