Have Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber really got engaged ? Let's know

 As per the latest reports, Austin Butler & Kaia Gerber are not engaged yet.

 For the last few days, rumors of Austin Butler and Kiya Girwar's engagement are going on on social media, which is not true.

Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber are dating each other from December 2021.

They have not engaged yet but soon they are going to give a new name to their relationship and they are going to get married.

Kaia Garber is a famous American actress and model.

Austin Butler is an American actor and model.

Austin is best known for his performance as Elvis Presley in the famous biopic Elvis.

Austin got popular from the TV show the shannara &  The Chronicles and the carrie Diaries.

Kaia Gerber has worked in several films and TV shows since making her runway debut in 2017.

Kaia Gerber Has won the Model of the Year Fashion Award in British.