Alen Moradian Ethnicity, Nationality, Who Is, Funeral, Wife, House, Background, Net Worth, Shooting, Family

Alen Moradian Ethnicity, Nationality, Who Is, Funeral, Wife, House, Background, Net Worth, Shooting, Family

Alen Moradian Ethnicity, Nationality, Who Is, Funeral, Wife, House, Background, Net Worth, Shooting, Family – Alen Moradian, the infamous “cocaine king of Sydney,” remains a name etched in the annals of Australia’s criminal history. His life was a twisted tale of power, crime, and tragedy, and his demise in Bondi Junction on June 27, 2023, sent shockwaves throughout the nation. In this article, we delve deep into the enigmatic life of Alen Moradian, exploring facets such as his personal information, career, family, and the controversial circumstances surrounding his death.

Alen Moradian Personal Information and Early Life

Alen Moradian, a man known for his elusiveness, maintained a veil of secrecy around his personal life. Born into a world shrouded in shadows, Moradian never publicly disclosed his birth date or detailed information about his parents or childhood. The very essence of his existence was rooted in the underbelly of Sydney’s criminal underworld, making him an enigmatic figure for law enforcement and the public alike.

Alen Moradian Ethnicity, Nationality, Who Is, Funeral, Wife, House, Background, Net Worth, Shooting, Family
Full NameAlen Moradian
Nicknames/Aliases“Cocaine King of Sydney”
Date of DeathJune 27, 2023
Place of DeathBondi Junction, Sydney, Australia
Age at DeathEstimated early 50s
EthnicityWhite (assumed based on family background and nationality)
Alen Moradian Ethnicity, Nationality, Who Is, Funeral, Wife, House, Background, Net Worth, Shooting, Family

Alen Moradian Family and Wife – Natasha Moradian

Natasha Moradian, Alen’s wife, was a pivotal figure in his life. The details about the extent of their extended family are still shrouded in mystery. What makes Natasha stand out is her chilling prediction about her husband’s fate. She had warned Alen that his reckless path would lead to his downfall, a prophecy that would tragically come true.

Natasha Moradian herself had endured a painful loss before her husband’s death. She had previously mourned the passing of her business colleague, Lametta Fadlallah. Both Natasha Moradian and Lametta Fadlallah were directors of Got 2 Go Rentals, a financially struggling car rental company that eventually collapsed, adding another layer of intrigue to Alen Moradian’s life.

Alen Moradian’s Wikipedia and Age

The enigmatic Alen Moradian never shared his birth date, leaving us to speculate about his age at the time of his death. It is estimated that he was in his early 50s when he met his tragic end. His Wikipedia page remains a barren landscape, devoid of personal details, further intensifying the aura of mystery surrounding him.

Alen Moradian’s Social Media Accounts

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Alen Moradian Ethnicity, Nationality, Who Is, Funeral, Wife, House, Background, Net Worth, Shooting, Family

Who Was Alen Moradian?

Alen Moradian, infamously known as the “cocaine king of Sydney,” was a formidable figure in the city’s narcotics trade. His association with bikie gangs and his reputation as a drug lord had made him a household name in the criminal circles of Sydney. The comparisons to Tony Soprano from “The Sopranos” only served to highlight his involvement in organized crime.

Notorious for his extravagant lifestyle, Alen indulged in luxury Italian brands like Versace, a symbol of his opulent existence. However, his wife Natasha Moradian had forewarned him of the dangers that lay ahead, a warning that would tragically materialize.

Career and Rise to Infamy

Alen Moradian’s journey into the criminal world began quietly, but his ascent was nothing short of meteoric. He earned the ominous moniker “cocaine king of Sydney” through his involvement in the city’s narcotics trade. Moradian’s influence, power, and illegal activities granted him the status of a true “Mr. Big” in the drug trade, mirroring characters like Tony Soprano from the popular TV show, “The Sopranos.”

One of Moradian’s defining characteristics was his penchant for luxury. He was known for living a lavish life, adorned in Italian luxury brands like Versace. His opulent lifestyle became synonymous with his identity as a crime lord.

Alen Moradian’s Death – A Violent End

On that fateful day of June 27, 2023, Alen Moradian’s life came to a gruesome end in Bondi Junction. He was shot and killed in broad daylight in an underground car park on Spring Street. Two assailants ambushed him, firing into his vehicle as he sat in the front seat. The New South Wales police swiftly responded to the incident, only to find Moradian lying in a pool of blood.

Alen Moradian Ethnicity, Nationality, Who Is, Funeral, Wife, House, Background, Net Worth, Shooting, Family

Authorities deemed this a meticulously planned organized crime murder, as Moradian’s prominence in the drug trade and his connections with the secret cartel known as “the Commission” made him a prime target. This tragic event shed light on the persistent power struggles and violence within Sydney’s criminal underworld.

The Investigation into His Death

In the wake of Alen Moradian’s assassination, the police embarked on an extensive investigation. The discovery of a gun inside a torched car near the crime scene provided a significant breakthrough. The burnt-out Porsche, believed to be linked to the murder, contained this crucial piece of evidence.

Another burnt-out vehicle, a Holden Commodore, was discovered in Zetland, further adding to the complexity of the case. Multiple explosions were reported as the Holden Commodore went up in flames, casting a shadow of fear over the neighborhood. The intensity of the fire was such that nearby garages appeared to be ablaze.

The police diligently combed through the three separate crime scenes—the two burned-out cars and the car park where the shooting occurred. Forensic examinations promised to unearth vital clues to identify and apprehend those responsible for the brazen daylight assassination.

Alen Moradian’s Wife’s Controversial Claims

During the funeral of Alen Moradian, Natasha Moradian, his widow, made startling claims. She pointed fingers at the police, suggesting they bore responsibility for her husband’s death. Natasha argued that if Alen had been allowed to leave the country when he discovered a price on his head the previous year, he might still be alive.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Australia, Mrs. Moradian criticized the police for denying her husband’s request to travel overseas or to another state. She firmly believed that if such permission had been granted, his death could have been prevented.

Alen Moradian, who had been on parole for his involvement in importing 40kg of cocaine, had sought changes in his reporting conditions to facilitate his departure from New South Wales (NSW). Regrettably, his request was denied, and he met his tragic end in an underground car park in Bondi Junction.

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Who was Alen Moradian?

Alen Moradian, aged 48 at the time of his death, was a prominent figure in the criminal underworld of Sydney, Australia. He was infamously known as the “cocaine king of Sydney” and had close affiliations with the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang. Moradian was fatally shot on June 27 in Bondi Junction, which resulted in the closure of Spring Street for several hours. His criminal activities and influence made him a notable figure in the city’s narcotics trade.

Who is the wife of Alen Moradians?

Alen Moradian’s wife is Natasha Moradian, formerly known as Natasha Youkhana. She was born in Kuwait in June 1972. Natasha Moradian gained notoriety herself when, in 2011, she was sentenced to a maximum of four years and six months behind bars after voluntarily surrendering to the police with $760,000 in cash. Natasha Moradian’s life has been intertwined with the criminal world, and she played a significant role in the unfolding drama surrounding her husband’s life and death.

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