Ali Hamidi Wiki, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Company

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Ali Hamidi Wiki, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Company

Ali Hamidi Wiki, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Company

Ali Hamidi Wiki, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Company – In a recent interview with Angling Times, Ali Hamidi unveiled his latest television venture, a show that promises to deliver “the biggest-ever catch of UK carp for a TV series.” Ali, alongside former professional footballer Bobby Zamora, will host “The Grand Fishing Adventure,” a thrilling series set to premiere its first episode tonight at 9 pm on ITV4. This show will run for four exciting episodes, each packed with memorable moments for fishing enthusiasts.

Ali Hamidi Wiki, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Company

Ali Hamidi’s Exciting New TV Show Promises Epic UK Carp Fishing Adventure

Throughout the series, Ali and Bobby will embark on a captivating journey across the British Isles. They will visit some of the most iconic angling locations in the UK and set themselves some challenging fishing tasks along the way. Carp fishing enthusiasts, in particular, will be in for a treat, as the duo explores some of the country’s finest fishing spots, including the renowned Grenville and Avenue syndicates.

Ali shared his excitement about the show, saying, “Bobby and I set out to break our own personal bests in carp fishing, and we’ve achieved something truly special.” He continued, “I can confidently say that the last episode features the most remarkable haul of UK carp ever captured in a TV series. It was a surreal feeling to surpass my personal best, which had stood since 2011, all while filming the show.”

“The Grand Fishing Adventure” Series 1: What to Expect

Episode 1 – Premiering Monday, October 3, 9 pm on ITV4 (Repeat, October 5, 8 pm)

The series kicks off in Shropshire, where Ali and Bobby embark on a thrilling bucket-list fishing tour across the British Isles. Their mission in the first episode is twofold: catch a specimen crucian and attempt to beat their personal bests in UK carp fishing.

Episode 2 – Premiering Monday, October 10, 9 pm on ITV4 (Repeat, October 12, 8 pm)

In the second leg of their journey, Ali and Bobby take to the waters and set out to catch a colossal shark weighing over 400 pounds off the coast of Devon. Following this daring adventure, the duo heads to Norfolk, where they pursue giant catfish.

Episode 3 – Premiering Monday, October 17, 9 pm on ITV4 (Repeat, October 19, 8 pm)

The third episode sees Ali and Bobby visiting the River Trent in Nottinghamshire, famous for its large barbel stocks. Afterward, they head to a “secret lake” to attempt to catch some of its enormous and cunning carp.

Episode 4 – Premiering Monday, October 24, 9 pm on ITV4 (Repeat, October 26, 8 pm)

In the final stage of their fishing extravaganza, Ali and Bobby try their hand at fly fishing for trout in Essex. They then visit Cambridgeshire, where Bobby endeavors to break his own personal best in UK carp fishing.

“The Grand Fishing Adventure” promises an exhilarating mix of fishing challenges, breathtaking locations, and a unique camaraderie between Ali and Bobby as they embark on this epic angling journey.

As Ali Hamidi and Bobby Zamora take on the British Isles, viewers can look forward to witnessing their incredible fishing exploits, the beautiful British countryside, and the exciting moments that come with angling in some of the most iconic locations in the UK.

What is “The Grand Fishing Adventure,” and who are the hosts?

“The Grand Fishing Adventure” is a new television series featuring Ali Hamidi and former professional footballer Bobby Zamora as hosts. It’s a thrilling show that revolves around their angling adventures across the British Isles.

When does the show premiere, and how many episodes are there?

The first episode of “The Grand Fishing Adventure” is set to premiere on ITV4 at 9 pm on Monday, October 3, with a repeat on October 5 at 8 pm. The series comprises four action-packed episodes.

What can viewers expect from the show?

Viewers can expect an exciting journey as Ali and Bobby tour iconic angling locations in the UK, taking on challenging fishing tasks. Carp fishing enthusiasts, in particular, can look forward to thrilling moments, including visits to renowned waters like Grenville and Avenue syndicates.

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