Andrea Tandler Lebenslauf, Wikipedia, Wiki

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Andrea Tandler Lebenslauf, Wikipedia, Wiki

Andrea Tandler Lebenslauf, Wikipedia, Wiki

Andrea Tandler Lebenslauf, Wikipedia, Wiki – Before diving into the details of the accusations, let’s get to know Andrea Tandler a bit better. She is the daughter of Gerold Tandler, who was the General Secretary of the Christian Social Union (CSU). Andrea Tandler’s life took a turn for the worse when she was taken into custody as a result of these allegations.

Andrea Tandler Lebenslauf, Wikipedia, Wiki

Andrea Tandler Personal Information

Andrea Tandler was born in Germany, and her father’s political affiliation makes her a notable figure in the country. She has been in the spotlight not only because of her family background but also because of the controversies surrounding her.

NameAndrea Tandler
Date of Birth1983
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Businesswoman
Age40 year old
Birth PlaceBavaria, Germany
Material statusNot Known
Boyfriend NameNot Known
Father NameGerold Tandler
Mother NameGabriele
Weight68 kgs
Height5.5 Feet
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlond
Net Worth€60 million

Andrea Tandler Career

Andrea Tandler’s career took a questionable turn when she allegedly engaged in commission payments related to mask deals during the COVID-19 pandemic. These deals involved the supply of personal protective equipment, particularly masks, to various federal and state authorities. The details of these transactions raised eyebrows due to their high prices and dubious quality of the masks.

Andrea Tandler Height, Weight, and Ethnicity

While information about her height and weight is not relevant to the allegations against her, it’s essential to focus on the key aspects of the case. Andrea Tandler’s ethnicity is German.

Andrea Tandler Education Qualification

Details about Andrea Tandler’s education are not readily available, but her involvement in business dealings raises questions about her qualifications in handling such transactions.

Andrea Tandler Net Worth

Andrea Tandler’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, and it is unclear how her alleged involvement in tax evasion and subsidy fraud may have affected her financial situation.

Andrea Tandler Family

As mentioned earlier, Andrea Tandler is the daughter of Gerold Tandler, a prominent political figure in Germany. Her family background adds to the interest surrounding her case.

Andrea Tandler Nationality

She is a German national, and the allegations against her have garnered significant attention in Germany.

Andrea Tandler Allegations

Now, let’s delve into the heart of the matter—the serious allegations against Andrea Tandler.

Tax Evasion

The primary accusation against Andrea Tandler is tax evasion. She is facing charges related to tax evasion in three separate cases, totaling 23.5 million euros. These cases include:

  1. Unpaid Income Tax: Andrea Tandler is alleged to have evaded 8.7 million euros in income tax.
  2. Gift Tax Evasion: She is accused of jointly evading 6.6 million euros in gift tax.
  3. Trade Tax Evasion: Andrea Tandler faces allegations of evading 8.2 million euros in trade tax.

These substantial amounts of alleged tax evasion paint a troubling picture of her financial activities.

Andrea Tandler Lebenslauf, Wikipedia, Wiki

Subsidy Fraud

In addition to tax evasion, Andrea Tandler is also accused of subsidy fraud. This accusation stems from her alleged concealment of 26.5 million euros in commission from mask deals. Furthermore, she is said to have applied for 9,000 euros in Corona emergency aid for her advertising agency, which has raised concerns about misuse of government funds during a critical time.

The Investigation

The case against Andrea Tandler is extensive and complex. The investigation into her alleged wrongdoings involved 40 volumes of investigation files. Specialized departments in criminal tax law conducted these thorough and elaborate investigations in collaboration with the Munich tax investigation authorities.

The Beginning of the Case

The case began with commission payments that Andrea Tandler, along with her business partner and another individual, reportedly received at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. These commissions were related to the procurement of personal protective equipment, particularly masks, for various federal and state authorities.

Crisis Profiteering

Tandler and her partner have been labeled as crisis profiteers, accused of seeking substantial profits from the government’s urgent need for protective materials during the pandemic. The prices they charged for masks were deemed exceptionally high, with one instance involving the sale of masks to the state of Bavaria at a cost of 8.90 euros per mask—reportedly the highest price paid by Bavaria for masks during the pandemic.

Involvement with the Federal Ministry of Health

Andrea Tandler’s mask deals also drew attention due to her association with the Federal Ministry of Health, led by CDU member Jens Spahn. Initially, Spahn’s ministry ordered masks from Emix, the company involved in these deals, for just under one billion euros. The sale of these masks to the Federal Ministry of Health and the states of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia allegedly resulted in Tandler and her partner collecting a staggering 48.3 million euros in commission.

Taxation Tricks

However, the allegations go beyond the high commissions. It is claimed that Tandler and her partner engaged in taxation tricks to avoid paying the appropriate taxes on these earnings. This is where the tax evasion charges come into play.

Gift Tax Scheme

Regarding the gift tax evasion, Andrea Tandler is accused of not declaring the commissions as part of her own income tax. Instead, it is alleged that she routed these funds through a pre-founding GbR (civil law partnership), which, according to authorities, was established no earlier than April 1, 2020. The advantage of using this partnership was that the income was taxed at a significantly lower rate. Since both Tandler and her partner held equal shares in the GbR, the public prosecutor’s office considered the contribution of the commission claims as an undisclosed gift to the tax office.

Trade Tax Misrepresentation

In terms of trade tax evasion, Tandler and her partner reportedly provided misleading information about the location of their business activities. They claimed that trade tax should be paid in the Munich suburb of Grünwald, rather than in the state capital of Munich. However, authorities assert that the day-to-day business decisions were made in Munich. The alleged aim of this misrepresentation was to avoid the higher trade tax rate of 490% in the state capital compared to the 240% rate in Grünwald.

Andrea Tandler Legal Consequences

Andrea Tandler’s legal troubles have escalated since the initial accusations. She, along with her partner, has been in custody since January based on arrest warrants issued by the Munich District Court. The investigations carried out by a department specializing in criminal tax law, in conjunction with the Munich tax investigation, have resulted in extensive documentation amounting to around 40 volumes of investigation files.

The Next Steps

The case now awaits the decision of the 6th Commercial Criminal Chamber of the Regional Court of Munich I regarding the opening of the main proceedings. If convicted, Andrea Tandler and her two co-defendants face the possibility of long prison sentences.

The Timeline of Commission Payments

It’s important to note that the commissions of 26.5 million euros, which are central to the subsidy fraud accusation, were obtained between March 3, 2020, and March 31, 2020. The prosecutor’s office asserts that Tandler did not declare these commissions as part of her income tax. Instead, she allegedly used the pre-founding GbR to channel these funds at a lower tax rate, thus concealing the actual income from tax authorities.

The Ongoing Legal Battle

Andrea Tandler’s legal battle has seen its share of challenges and controversies. The Munich Higher Regional Court (OLG) rejected the detention complaints filed by the accused, affirming the legality of their custody. Tandler’s legal team maintains their stance that these allegations will prove unfounded in the long run.

In her defense, Andrea Tandler and her partner have denied all public allegations against them. The legal proceedings are ongoing, and the outcomes remain uncertain.

Andrea Tandler Lebenslauf, Wikipedia, Wiki


The case of Andrea Tandler is a complex and highly publicized one. The allegations of tax evasion and subsidy fraud involving substantial sums of money have drawn significant attention in Germany. The legal battle continues, and the eventual outcome will determine the fate of Andrea Tandler and her co-defendants. The allegations serve as a reminder of the importance of transparent financial practices and compliance with tax laws, especially during critical times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is Andrea Tandler?

Andrea Tandler is a notable figure in Germany, known for her family background as the daughter of Gerold Tandler, a former General Secretary of the Christian Social Union (CSU). She has recently gained attention due to serious allegations against her, including tax evasion and subsidy fraud.

What are the allegations against Andrea Tandler?

Andrea Tandler is facing accusations of tax evasion totaling 23.5 million euros. Specifically, she is accused of evading income tax, gift tax, and trade tax. Additionally, she is accused of subsidy fraud for allegedly concealing 26.5 million euros in commission from mask deals.

What is the basis for the tax evasion charges?

The tax evasion charges against Andrea Tandler stem from allegations that she engaged in various schemes to avoid paying the appropriate taxes on substantial income. This includes routing funds through a civil law partnership and providing misleading information about the location of her business activities.

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