Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Engaged

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Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Engaged

Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Engaged

Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Engaged – In a world filled with celebrity romances, the relationship between Nina Dobrev, the Vampire Diaries star, and Shaun White, the Olympic snowboarder, is like a breath of fresh air. This adorable couple began their journey together in April 2020, and since then, they’ve been inseparable, both in love and in their careers. If you’ve been following their social media accounts, you’ve probably seen the plethora of heartwarming moments they’ve shared.

Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Engaged

But let’s take a closer look at how this charming romance unfolded over the years, from their meet-cute to the present day.

2019: The Meet-Cute

While their paths had crossed before, Nina and Shaun had their official meet-cute in 2019 at a Tony Robbins workshop. Both were giving presentations, but Shaun admitted he didn’t know much about Nina at the time. When they entered a crowded restaurant, Nina’s fame from Vampire Diaries helped them secure a table. Initially, Shaun thought she might have used his Olympic athlete status to their advantage, but things took an unexpected turn when the staff asked for pictures with Nina. This chance encounter marked the beginning of something beautiful, and soon after, they started dating.

February 2020: Shaun Visits Nina on Set

Before they were officially dating, Nina invited Shaun to visit her while she was filming Redeeming Love in South Africa. Although it was a low-key visit, some fans noticed similar locations in their social media posts, hinting at their budding romance. Shaun later revealed that this trip played a significant role in solidifying their relationship. It was a clear sign that they both enjoyed traveling and experiencing new adventures together.

March 2020: The First Public Sighting

In March 2020, as Los Angeles enforced stay-at-home orders, Nina and Shaun were spotted biking together in Malibu, accompanied by Nina’s dog. While some reports suggested they were spending time together, it wasn’t officially labeled as dating. According to a source, Nina values her privacy and prefers not to share photos of a new relationship until it’s firmly established. This cautious approach to romance only added to the mystery surrounding their budding love story.

Mid-April 2020: Quarantine Shenanigans

Less than a month later, Nina posted an IGTV video on Instagram, demonstrating how to wash groceries safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. What made this video special was that instead of using her own hands, she used Shaun’s. Fans noticed Shaun’s tattoo, sparking speculation that the two were quarantining together – a speculation that would later prove true. Nina humorously remarked in the video, “Usually I like to wash before I drink it, but sometimes you break the rules.” It was a heartwarming glimpse into their shared quarantine experience.

Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Engaged

Early May 2020: Confirmation of Their Relationship

In early May 2020, a source close to the couple confirmed that they were indeed dating. Friends were initially surprised by the relationship, but as they observed Nina and Shaun together, it all made sense. The source explained that the couple’s shared sense of humor, goofiness, and adventurous spirit created a strong bond between them. It was evident that they had plenty in common, and their love story was becoming more public by the day.

May 2020: Going Instagram Official

Nina and Shaun decided to make their relationship Instagram official with a lighthearted post. The actress posted a photo of herself holding a pair of scissors next to Shaun, who had a playful grimace on his face. In the next slide, she displayed a pile of hair she had just cut off, while Shaun playfully side-eyed her. It was a fun way to let the world know that they were a couple, and fans couldn’t get enough of their charming dynamic.

May 2020: Quarantining Together

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued, Nina and Shaun took their relationship to the next level by quarantining together. A source revealed that they were genuinely enjoying this time together. Both being free-spirited individuals, they felt comfortable and supportive of each other in their respective fields. It was clear that their connection ran deep, and they cherished every moment they spent together during these uncertain times.

September 2020: Birthday Wishes with a Twist

Nina marked Shaun’s birthday in September 2020 with a humorous twist. In her birthday message on social media, she lovingly wrote, “to the most untalented, humorless, least athletic, least coordinated, least gifted and my least favorite person…. happy birthday @shaunwhite.” This playful jab revealed the delightful banter that characterized their relationship. It was clear that humor played a significant role in their bond.

December 2020: Celebrating the Holidays Together

As the holiday season approached, Nina made her presence known in Shaun’s Instagram posts. Although he didn’t explicitly mention her in the captions, a series of Polaroid photos revealed their festive celebration. In one of the pictures, the couple was cozied up, both wearing Santa hats. It was a heartwarming glimpse into their shared holiday joy.

February 2022: Supporting Shaun’s Retirement

In February 2022, Shaun competed in his final Olympic games in Beijing. After placing fourth in his last run down the halfpipe, Nina took to her Instagram to post a touching tribute to his career. This public display of support showed the world how proud she was of Shaun’s accomplishments and marked another milestone in their relationship.

Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Engaged

April 2023: No Pressure for Marriage

Fast forward to April 2023, and the couple is still going strong. In an interview with PEOPLE, Shaun revealed that they were enjoying their time together without any pressure to get married. He expressed that they both valued their freedom and wanted to have fun while supporting each other in their endeavors. While marriage wasn’t ruled out completely, they were content with the present and were open to whatever the future held.

In the world of celebrity romances, Nina Dobrev and Shaun White’s love story stands out as a heartwarming tale of two individuals who found each other in the most unexpected way. Their journey from a chance encounter to a loving relationship filled with laughter, adventures, and support has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. As they continue to write their love story, one thing is clear – Nina and Shaun are the epitome of a perfect match, both personally and professionally.

Are Nina Dobrev and Shaun White still together?

Yes, they are! Nina Dobrev and Shaun White have been together for three years. They became an official couple in April 2020 and have been going strong since then. Although there have been rumors of an engagement, both Nina and Shaun have made it clear that they’re not in a rush to get married.

Why did Nina Dobrev leave Vampire Diaries?

Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries because she felt it was time to move on. In the beginning, the show mainly focused on her character, Elena. But as the series progressed, it started featuring a larger ensemble cast. Nina’s decision to leave led to some changes on the show, and it continued without her. In simple terms, she was ready for a new chapter in her career.

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