Avrodh Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Star Cast, Cast Name

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Avrodh Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Star Cast, Cast Name

Avrodh Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Star Cast, Cast Name

Avrodh Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Star Cast, Cast Name – The Indian military drama web series, “Avrodh: The Siege Within,” which premiered on SonyLIV in July 2020, is a spellbinding account of the 2016 Uri surgical strike. Directed by Raj Acharya and produced by Applause Entertainment, Irada Entertainment, and Mehra Entertainment, this series offers a gripping narrative inspired by real events. It is based on a chapter from the book “India’s Most Fearless” by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh. In June 2022, a standalone sequel titled “Avrodh: The Siege Within 2” was released.

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Avrodh Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Star Cast, Cast Name

Avrodh Web Series Story

Avrodh: The Siege Within takes its inspiration from the chapter “We Don’t Really Know Fear” in Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh’s “India’s Most Fearless.” The series unfolds over nine episodes, with the first seven delving deep into the planning of the surgical strike and the final two episodes covering the execution of the operation.

The story begins with the death of a militant leader, Burhan Wani, and explores the repercussions of his demise. It offers a nuanced look at the functioning of militant and terrorist groups in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan’s involvement in cross-border attacks, and the mounting international pressure. Even the domestic bureaucratic angle and the role of journalists in the narrative are skillfully woven into the plot.

While the highest levels of government in New Delhi meticulously plan the surgical strike, the mission is shrouded in secrecy, even from the senior-most ministers. The series showcases the weapons employed in the cross-border strikes, including M4A1s, Galils, and TAR-21s, adding a realistic touch to the narrative.

Avrodh Web Series Review Filmyzilla

From the very first episode, Avrodh grips its audience with palpable tension, setting the stage for a compelling journey through the courage and valor of the Indian Armed Forces. Over nine episodes, the series celebrates the dedication and heroism of those who served their country during one of its darkest hours—the 2016 Uri attack.

The subject of the surgical strike in response to the Uri attack had previously been dramatized in the 2019 blockbuster Hindi film, “Uri – The Surgical Strike.” However, Avrodh offers a more detailed and nuanced perspective. Screenplay writers Harmanjeet Singha, Sudeep Nigam, Adhaar Khurana, and Abhishek Chatterjee artfully blend facts with creative liberties, bringing the story to life. While most of the action unfolds at the Uri Army Base in September 2016, the series also provides glimpses into the political corridors of Delhi, giving viewers a comprehensive understanding of the mission’s context.

What truly elevates Avrodh is its exceptional cast. Darshan Kumaar delivers an impressive performance as Major Raunaq Gautam, portraying the character’s dedication and determination effectively. Madhurima Tuli’s portrayal of the tenacious journalist Namrata adds depth to the story, offering a perspective from the media’s lens. Neeraj Kabi and Arif Zakaria shine in their roles as Sailesh Malviya, the National Security Advisor, and Ali Raza Khan, the NIA investigator, respectively, bringing finesse to their characters. Vikram Gokhale’s presence as the Prime Minister leaves a lasting impact, and Pavail Gulati leaves a mark despite limited screen time. Anil George’s portrayal of Abu Hafiz exudes a chilling presence. Amit Sadh, who enters the show a few episodes in, delivers an impeccable and committed performance as Major Videep Singh, making a strong impact.

Director Raj Acharya’s deft touch keeps most of the episodes taut, offering a rollercoaster of adrenaline and intrigue. While the pacing may dip at times, it quickly picks up, culminating in an action-packed finale. The series briefly touches upon the stories of some Army families and background, adding depth to the narrative.

The cinematography by Shanu Singh and the background score by Nirmal Pandya contribute significantly to the series’ mood and tempo, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Despite a somewhat predictable narrative arc, Avrodh manages to keep viewers engaged with its unexpected twists and turns, driven by the stellar performances of the cast.

In conclusion, Avrodh: The Siege Within is a remarkable portrayal of the 2016 Uri surgical strike, offering viewers an intimate look at the planning, execution, and aftermath of this historic event. With its stellar cast, gripping storytelling, and attention to detail, the series stands out as a compelling tribute to the courage and determination of the Indian Armed Forces. Whether you are a military enthusiast or simply seeking riveting drama, Avrodh is a must-watch series that combines patriotism with thrilling storytelling. It reminds us of the sacrifices made by our armed forces and their unwavering commitment to protecting our nation.

In a time when patriotism and resilience are more important than ever, Avrodh: The Siege Within serves as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit of the Indian Armed Forces.

Avrodh Web Series Cast Filmyhit

Neeraj Kabi Shailesh Malviya 
Anant Mahadevan Satish Mahadevan
Amit Sadh Major Videep Singh
Abir Chatterjee Pradeep Bhattacharya
Vikram Gokhale Prime Minister
Sanjay Suri Eshaan Waziri
Darshan Kumaar Major Raunaq Gautam
Aahana Kumra Praveena Shehnaz
Vijay Krishna Imtiaz Waziri
Madhurima Tuli Namrata Joshi
Mohan Agashe Prime Minister
Anil George Abu Hafeez
Avrodh Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Star Cast, Cast Name

Avrodh Web Series Crew Members Telegram Link

DirectorRaj Acharya
ProducerBharat Bohra

Deepak Segal

Alex Anthony Fernandes

Rahul Kanani

Anindya Shankar Ray

Aditi Bazazaya

Samar Khan

Sameer Nair

Aditya Pittie

Prasoon Garg

Priya Jhavar
WriterAbhishek Chatterjee

Bijesh Jayarajan

Sudeep Nigam
Music By
Cinematography byShanu Singh Rajput
Film Editing BySatya Sharma

Shakti Hasija
Production Design byNikhil S. Kovale

Riddhita Mitra

Ashish Naik

Ashish Naik

Pradnya Pacharne

Varun Wadekar

Amar Yadav

Manoj Baviskar

Samadha Baviskar

Krishna Danak

Pooja Dandale

Avanti Sunil Dedge

Mangesh Halgunde

Sanjay Karole

Kartik Padayachi

Bhupender Singh Shekhawat

Anil Bachhav
Costume Design byNikhat Neerusha

Nehal Ranka

Ashish Sharma

Richa Yadav
Avrodh Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Star Cast, Cast Name

Avrodh Web Series Trailer Filmymeet

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Is Avrodh 1 based on a true story?

Yes, Avrodh: The Siege Within is based on a true story. It is a dramatized retelling of the 2016 Uri attack and the subsequent surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Armed Forces in response to the attack. The series draws inspiration from real events and is based on a chapter from the book “India’s Most Fearless” by Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh.

Where can I watch Avrodh 1?

You can watch Avrodh: The Siege Within on the streaming platform SonyLIV, where it originally premiered. SonyLIV is the official platform where you can access the series.

Is Avrodh worth watching?

Avrodh: The Siege Within has received positive reviews for its gripping storytelling, strong performances, and attention to detail. If you are interested in military dramas or historical events, and if you appreciate a well-made series with compelling characters and a realistic portrayal of a significant event in Indian history, then Avrodh is definitely worth watching. It provides an intimate look at the planning and execution of the surgical strike in response to the Uri attack.

When was Avrodh Season 2 released?

Avrodh: The Siege Within Season 2, titled “Avrodh: The Siege Within 2,” was released in June 2022. This standalone sequel continues the story and explores new aspects of the events surrounding the Uri attack and the surgical strikes.

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