Bishme Cromartie Wikipedia, Gay, Wiki, Sister, Birthday, Family, Husband, Ethnicity

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Bishme Cromartie Wikipedia, Gay, Wiki, Sister, Birthday, Family, Husband, Ethnicity

Bishme Cromartie Wikipedia, Gay, Wiki, Sister, Birthday, Family, Husband, Ethnicity

Bishme Cromartie Wikipedia, Gay, Wiki, Sister, Birthday, Family, Husband, Ethnicity – Bishme Cromartie, a talented fashion designer hailing from East Baltimore, captured the hearts of many when he appeared on Bravo’s ‘Project Runway.’ However, his path to success was filled with personal challenges and moments of doubt. In this article, we’ll delve into his life, career, and recent victory on ‘Project Runway: All Stars,’ which showcased his remarkable talent and resilience.

Bishme Cromartie Wikipedia, Gay, Wiki, Sister, Birthday, Family, Husband, Ethnicity

Bishme Cromartie Early Life

Bishme Cromartie’s journey in the world of fashion began in the streets of East Baltimore, where he honed his skills as a self-taught designer. However, his life took a heartbreaking turn when he lost his older sister, Chimere Faye Didley, to cancer. Chimere was more than just a sister; she was Bishme’s unwavering cheerleader and a source of constant support in his life. Her belief in him gave him the confidence to pursue his dreams.

The loss of Chimere was a devastating blow to Bishme. Coping with the grief and emptiness left behind by her passing was a challenge he had to face head-on. It was during this difficult period that he received an opportunity to return to the set of ‘Project Runway,’ this time as an All-Star contestant. Bishme had previously finished in fourth place during Season 17, narrowly missing the chance to present his collection in the finale. Returning to the competition soon after his sister’s death was both surreal and therapeutic for him. It provided a much-needed distraction from his overwhelming grief.

Using Grief as Inspiration

Bishme Cromartie drew inspiration from his sister’s life and her unwavering faith in him as he embarked on his ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ journey. Her memory became a driving force behind his creative process, motivating him to give his all in the competition. To reconnect with her spirit, he even revisited a 2019 Baltimore magazine profile that featured her words of encouragement and support.

Throughout the competition, Bishme’s talent and dedication shone brightly. He consistently delivered top-notch designs and showcased his warm, playful personality. However, it wasn’t until the tension-filled finale that viewers saw a glimpse of the emotional turmoil he had been enduring. At one point, overwhelmed by stress and grief, he stormed out of the workroom, momentarily contemplating giving up on the competition. Fortunately, he regrouped, channeled his inner strength, and presented a remarkable final runway collection that truly captured his unique style.

Victory and the Next Chapter

The hard work and determination paid off when Bishme Cromartie was crowned the winner of ‘Project Runway: All Stars.’ His victory marked a poignant moment in his life, one filled with mixed emotions as he celebrated his success without his beloved sister by his side. Shortly after this triumph, Bishme sat down for a Zoom interview to discuss his incredible journey and what lies ahead.

Currently in Brooklyn, New York, for New York Fashion Week, Bishme is busy preparing for his debut show, which is scheduled for the coming week. This time, he had more than eight days to prepare for his collection, in stark contrast to the time constraints faced on ‘Project Runway.’ He mentioned that in previous seasons, designers were given the opportunity to return home, rest, and refine their collections. However, on ‘Project Runway: All Stars,’ they were pushed to their limits, relying on adrenaline to create in just eight days.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Bishme’s experience of tackling tight deadlines throughout his life had prepared him for this intense competition. He found that he could achieve remarkable feats even in the face of extreme time constraints, highlighting the strength and resourcefulness that lies within us when we are pushed to our limits.

The Pressure of the Finale

During the ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ finale, viewers witnessed a different side of Bishme Cromartie. He openly admitted that the pressure of the $250,000 prize and the magnitude of the moment were weighing heavily on him. The fear of making a crucial mistake and losing it all added to the stress. Moreover, the absence of his sister, the one person he wished to share his victory with, amplified the emotional turmoil he was experiencing.

Bishme Cromartie Wikipedia, Gay, Wiki, Sister, Birthday, Family, Husband, Ethnicity

In the midst of all these emotions, Bishme reflected on his journey, stating that he had to trust himself as a human being. It was a test of his resilience, forcing him to navigate a high-stakes, high-pressure situation without adequate sleep and with limited time. His ability to push through showcased his determination and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Competing with Friends

One of the intriguing dynamics of the competition was the camaraderie among the final three contestants—Bishme Cromartie, Laurence Basse, and Brittany Allen. Despite being in direct competition with each other, they formed a close bond and supported one another throughout the journey. Bishme shared his perspective on this unique aspect of the competition.

For Bishme, the closeness among the contestants didn’t feel strange. Instead, it reminded him of the camaraderie he missed out on by being self-taught in fashion. Unlike designers who had formal education in prestigious institutions like FIT or Parsons, he had taught himself the craft. Thus, being among a group of talented designers felt like being in college with friends. He also emphasized the importance of viewing competition as a means of self-improvement. Instead of seeing fellow designers as threats, he believed that the real competition was with oneself, striving to create something better than one’s previous work.

Bishme also noted that his fellow contestants, Brittany and Laurence, genuinely shared in his happiness when he was declared the winner. While they all harbored dreams of winning, their support and happiness for each other underscored the bond they had formed during the competition. Bishme’s victory was met with heartfelt congratulations from his friends-turned-competitors.

The Special Bond with Laurence Basse

Laurence Basse, one of the finalists and a fierce competitor, shared a unique bond with Bishme Cromartie. Despite her reputation for being no-nonsense, Laurence displayed a warm and supportive side towards Bishme. This unexpected friendship added an extra layer of emotion to Bishme’s victory.

In a touching moment, Laurence turned to Bishme after the winner was announced and expressed her happiness for him. Her genuine support moved him to tears. This gesture was particularly significant because it came from someone known for her high standards and straightforwardness. It highlighted the depth of the connections formed on ‘Project Runway: All Stars,’ where competitors not only pushed each other to excel but also celebrated each other’s achievements.

Navigating the Fashion World

Bishme Cromartie’s journey in the fashion industry has taken him from the streets of Baltimore to the grand stage of ‘Project Runway.’ As someone from a city not typically associated with high fashion, he has had to overcome stereotypes and preconceptions. Baltimore may not be considered a fashion capital, but Bishme’s success is rewriting the narrative.

He acknowledged that when he introduces himself as a designer from Baltimore, it often surprises people who have praised his work. This reaction gives him a sense of pride because he is challenging the assumptions about what a Baltimorean can achieve. He knows the struggles faced by many in Baltimore, where some of his childhood friends have faced incarceration or even lost their lives to gun violence. Bishme recognizes that fashion became his lifeline and a path away from potential hardship.

His journey started with the support of local recreation centers in West Baltimore that recognized his passion for fashion. They provided him with sketchbooks and even subscribed to fashion magazines, nurturing his budding talent. Bishme’s story is a testament to the transformative power of passion, determination, and the support of a community.

Bishme Cromartie Wikipedia, Gay, Wiki, Sister, Birthday, Family, Husband, Ethnicity


Bishme Cromartie’s triumph on ‘Project Runway: All Stars’ is more than just a reality show victory. It is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Bishme’s ability to channel his grief into inspiration, his unwavering determination, and the genuine friendships he formed during the competition showcase the qualities that make him a remarkable individual.

Who is Bishme from Project Runway?

Bishme Cromartie is a talented fashion designer who taught himself how to design clothes. He’s originally from Baltimore.

Did Bishme win Project Runway?

Yes, Bishme Cromartie won the “Project Runway All Stars” competition on September 7. He also had his own fashion show during New York Fashion Week.

What happened to Bishme’s sister?

Last year, Bishme Cromartie went through a very tough time. His older sister, Chimere Faye Didley, passed away from cancer. He hasn’t returned to Baltimore since her death, and he’s still trying to come to terms with the loss.

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