What happened to Brice Rhodes, Wikipedia, Wiki, Sentence, Parents, Age, Documentary, Rapper, Mother, Music

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What happened to Brice Rhodes, Wikipedia, Wiki, Sentence, Parents, Age, Documentary, Rapper, Mother, Music

What happened to Brice Rhodes, Wikipedia, Wiki, Sentence, Parents, Age, Documentary, Rapper, Mother, Music

What happened to Brice Rhodes, Wikipedia, Wiki, Sentence, Parents, Age, Documentary, Rapper, Mother, Music – Brice Rhodes is an American rapper whose life has been marred by a series of heinous crimes. Born on January 29, 1991, in New York, Brice is currently 32 years old. He is of white ethnicity and follows the Christian faith. However, his early life and family background remain largely undisclosed, with no information available about his parents or siblings.

What happened to Brice Rhodes, Wikipedia, Wiki, Sentence, Parents, Age, Documentary, Rapper, Mother, Music

Though details about his education are also scarce, we do know that Brice is a well-educated individual. Yet, despite his educational background, his life has taken a dark turn, leading to a disturbing criminal record.

Brice Rhodes Personal Life

In his personal life, Brice Rhodes remains unmarried and single. Despite his alleged crimes, there is little information available about his personal relationships and whether he has any children.

Brice Rhodes Physical Appearance

Brice Rhodes is described as a tall and handsome man, standing at 5 feet 9 inches and weighing 75 kilograms.

Brice Rhodes Criminal History

Brice Rhodes became notorious for his involvement in a series of brutal murders. In 2016, he was charged with the murder of Christopher Jones, a crime that shocked the community. Tragically, this was not an isolated incident, as he was also accused of the murders of two teenagers, 14-year-old Larry Ordway and 16-year-old Maurice Gordon.

Brice Rhodes gained a reputation for his aggressive behavior, even displaying it during his trial. At one point, he accused the presiding judge of having a sexual relationship with the prosecution lawyer. His criminal history didn’t start with these murders; he had previously served probation for domestic assault in 2013 and 2014. His own mother alleged that he had grabbed her neck and beaten her in 2014. Additionally, he was convicted as a sex offender, marking a pattern of violent behavior.

The Gruesome Murders

The murders of Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon were particularly gruesome. The brothers were brutally beaten and murdered with a sharp weapon, and an attempt was made to burn their lifeless bodies. Brice Rhodes quickly became a suspect and was arrested soon after the incident. Another teenage boy, Jacory Taylor, who was accompanying Brice Rhodes at the time, was also arrested in connection with the murders.

Brice Rhodes is currently serving his sentence in prison, where he awaits his day in court.

Legal Battles and Competency Hearings

Brice Rhodes’ legal journey has been far from straightforward. There have been questions about his mental competency to stand trial. In a Jefferson Circuit Court hearing, a psychiatrist from the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center evaluated Rhodes and concluded that there was no conclusive evidence of his incompetence. Despite Rhodes’ outbursts and threats in the courtroom, Judge Julie Kaelin ruled him competent to stand trial.

However, the competency hearing was unusual due to several factors, including Rhodes’ refusal to cooperate with his defense team. Rhodes has a history of running off multiple attorneys, not speaking to his current legal team, and exhibiting signs of paranoia. He even believed there was a conspiracy against him.

Although Rhodes was deemed mentally competent, he continues to present challenges in his legal proceedings. He has repeatedly argued for the dismissal of his case, citing police misconduct. Nevertheless, Kaelin denied this motion, stating that there was no evidence of police wrongdoing in the case.

The Ongoing Case

Brice Rhodes’ case has been pending since 2016 and was originally scheduled for trial in January 2022. However, his defense team requested a competency evaluation, claiming that Rhodes had an “intellectual disability.” Due to a statewide backlog, it took over a year for the Kentucky Correctional Psychiatric Center to assess whether Rhodes is competent to stand trial or eligible for the death penalty.

Rhodes faces multiple charges, including the alleged shooting and killing of Christopher Jones in May 2016. Subsequently, he allegedly killed Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon later that month. Police believe these two brothers were killed because Rhodes feared they would inform the authorities about his involvement in Jones’ murder.

Currently, Brice Rhodes is being held on a $1 million full cash bond, awaiting trial for these grave crimes.


Brice Rhodes’ life has taken a dark and tragic turn, marked by a series of violent crimes that have shocked the community. While he has been deemed mentally competent to stand trial, his legal battles continue, and the details of his disturbing actions haunt those who have followed his case. The true story of Brice Rhodes serves as a chilling reminder of the depths to which a person’s life can plummet and the profound impact of violent crime on communities and families.

Who is Brice Rhodes?

Brice Rhodes is a man who became infamous in May 2016 when a shocking and brutal crime occurred in Louisville. Two teenage brothers, Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon, were brutally stabbed to death, and their bodies were set on fire in the Shawnee neighborhood of west Louisville. At the time of these horrific events, Rhodes was 25 years old and was charged with committing these killings.

What does Brice Rhodes do?

Brice Rhodes was arrested in connection with the deaths of two young boys, 14-year-old Larry Ordway and his brother, 16-year-old Maurice Gordon. According to the police, he is accused of beating and stabbing these two brothers. This terrible incident happened because the brothers had witnessed Rhodes fatally shooting another man named Christopher Jones, who was 40 years old, just a few weeks earlier. Additionally, the police also allege that Rhodes was involved in burning the bodies of Larry Ordway and Maurice Gordon after their tragic deaths.

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