Bridget Mckenzie Partner, Children, Wikipedia, Family, Twitter, Son, Family, husband, Height, Age

Bridget Mckenzie Partner, Children, Wikipedia, Family, Twitter, Son, Family, husband, Height, Age

Bridget Mckenzie Partner, Children, Wikipedia, Family, Twitter, Son, Family, husband, Height, Age – Bridget McKenzie is a prominent figure in Australian politics. She’s been in the limelight for various reasons, including her role as the first female agriculture minister and her views on women in politics. Let’s delve into her life, career, and some key moments that have shaped her journey.

Bridget Mckenzie Partner, Children, Wikipedia, Family, Twitter, Son, Family, husband, Height, Age

Bridget Mckenzie Early Life and Education

Born on December 27, 1969, in Australia, Bridget McKenzie grew up in a family that was involved in farming and agriculture. Her early exposure to rural life instilled in her a deep appreciation for agriculture and regional communities. She pursued her education, eventually earning a degree in business from Charles Sturt University. This educational background would serve her well in her political career.

Bridget Mckenzie Political Ascent

Bridget McKenzie entered politics when she won a Senate seat representing Victoria in 2010. Her affiliation was with the National Party, which is a part of the Coalition government in Australia, along with the Liberal Party. Her rise within the National Party was marked by her election as the deputy leader in 2017. In this role, she took on responsibilities in the sports portfolio, regional health, and regional communications.

Dream Job as Agriculture Minister

Following the Coalition’s successful retention of office in the 2019 federal election, Bridget McKenzie’s political journey reached a high point. She assumed the role of the federal agriculture minister, a position she had long aspired to hold. This was a significant achievement for her and a reflection of her commitment to rural and agricultural issues.

Sports Rorts Scandal

However, her time as agriculture minister was relatively short-lived, and it was marked by a controversy known as the “sports rorts scandal.” In early 2020, she was forced to resign from her position after it was revealed that she had failed to disclose her membership in a gun club when she was the sports minister. This raised concerns about a potential conflict of interest.

The broader issue at hand was the auditor-general’s scathing report on the Coalition’s $100 million sports grants program. The report highlighted biases in the distribution of funds, favoring marginal government seats and constituencies targeted by the Coalition in the 2019 election. Despite the controversy, Senator McKenzie defended her involvement in the program, arguing that her decisions were within her authority as a minister.

She acknowledged the pain and humiliation she experienced during this scandal. Losing her dream job as agriculture minister was a personal and professional setback, and she faced public scrutiny and criticism.

Women in Politics: Christine Holgate Issue

In her interview with the ABC’s Kitchen Cabinet with Annabel Crabb, Bridget McKenzie spoke about a pivotal moment that, in her view, led to a shift in women’s perception of the Liberal-National government. This moment was the treatment of Christine Holgate, the former CEO of Australia Post.

In late 2020, Christine Holgate revealed that she had given luxury watches to four staff members as a gesture of gratitude for securing a lucrative deal in 2018. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to this revelation stirred controversy. He stated that the actions didn’t pass the “pub test” and called for her immediate suspension or resignation.

Bridget Mckenzie Partner, Children, Wikipedia, Family, Twitter, Son, Family, husband, Height, Age

Bridget McKenzie noted that this incident had broader implications. Many professional women saw it as a signal of how women were treated in the workplace. They questioned whether they would receive support from their male colleagues when making similar decisions. This incident, among others, contributed to the perception that the Coalition was not fully supportive of women in leadership roles.

Australia Post Saga

The fallout from the Australia Post controversy didn’t stop with Christine Holgate’s resignation. It raised questions about gender equality and how women in leadership positions are treated. Bridget McKenzie pointed out that while Christine Holgate faced significant consequences, the then-chair of Australia Post, Lucio Di Bartolomeo, retained his position. This raised questions about whether the outcome would have been different if Christine Holgate were a man.

Loneliness and Resilience

During her interview, Bridget McKenzie also opened up about the loneliness she felt when she lost her dream job due to the sports rorts scandal. It was a challenging time both personally and professionally. Her resignation was seen as a significant moment, and she became the highest-profile federal politician to lose her job under Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

When asked about why some of her male colleagues, like Alan Tudge and Stuart Robert, didn’t resign when faced with scandals, she emphasized that such decisions ultimately rested with the prime minister and individual ministers. She believed in upholding the conventions of the Westminster system and maintained that her perceived conflict of interest left her with no choice but to resign.

Despite the excruciating pain and humiliation she experienced during the sports grants scandal, Bridget McKenzie remains committed to her principles and values. She continues to be active in Australian politics, serving as Nationals Senate leader.

Bridget Mckenzie Partner, Children, Wikipedia, Family, Twitter, Son, Family, husband, Height, Age


Bridget McKenzie’s journey in Australian politics has been marked by highs and lows. Her rise to the position of federal agriculture minister was a significant achievement, but it was marred by controversy and her subsequent resignation. The treatment of women in politics, exemplified by the Christine Holgate incident, has been a defining issue for her and many other women in Australia. Bridget McKenzie’s willingness to speak openly about her experiences reflects the ongoing conversation about gender equality and women’s roles in leadership. Her story serves as a reminder of the challenges and resilience required in the world of politics.

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