Bryan Woo Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Fangraph, Fantasy, Net Worth

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Bryan Woo Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Fangraph, Fantasy, Net Worth

Bryan Woo Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Fangraph, Fantasy, Net Worth

Bryan Woo Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Fangraph, Fantasy, Net Worth – Bryan Woo is a name that’s making waves in the world of professional baseball. This talented young pitcher from the United States has already made a significant impact in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the prestigious Seattle Mariners. Bryan’s journey to the top of the baseball world is a testament to his dedication, passion, and natural talent.

Bryan Woo Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Fangraph, Fantasy, Net Worth

Early Passion for Baseball

From a very young age, Bryan Woo displayed a deep love for baseball. His physical abilities and enthusiasm for the game were apparent to anyone who watched him play. It was clear that baseball wasn’t just a sport for Bryan; it was a calling. This early passion set him on a path to a career that would leave an enduring mark on the sport.

The MLB Debut

The year 2023 is significant for Bryan Woo, as it marks his highly anticipated MLB debut. Fans and experts alike are excited about this rising star, and they have good reason to be. Bryan’s exceptional pitching skills and strategic prowess on the field have earned him recognition and admiration from all corners. As a member of the Seattle Mariners, he embodies the core values of teamwork, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

Bryan Woo Early Life and Education

Bryan Woo was born on January 30, 2000, in Oakland, California, USA. He’s a proud American by nationality. In 2023, Bryan will celebrate his 23rd birthday. Being an Aquarius, he brings his unique qualities to the game. Bryan attended Alameda High School and successfully graduated from there. Following that, he pursued his Bachelor’s degree at Cal Poly College, demonstrating his commitment to both academics and baseball.

NameBryan Woo
Birth DateJanuary 30, 2000
BirthplaceOakland, California, America
By ProfessionBasketball Player
Age23  year old
Weight92 kg
Marital StatusUnmarried
Girlfriend NameNot Known
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Mother NameHilary Woo
Father NameClayton Bryan
Net Worth400k USD

Bryan Woo Family

Bryan Woo comes from a family with a strong background. His father, Clayton Bryan, was a baseball coach, which likely played a pivotal role in shaping Bryan’s early love for the sport. His mother, Hilary Woo, supported him every step of the way. Bryan also shares a close bond with his sister, Emily Woo. Bryan’s faith is an important part of his life, as he adheres to the Christian faith. Additionally, he has a mixed ethnicity background, which adds to his unique identity.

Bryan Woo Age

At the age of 23, Bryan Woo stands as a beacon of optimism and limitless potential in the world of professional baseball. Born on January 30, 2000, in Oakland, California, Woo’s youthful energy and enthusiasm are his driving forces.

Despite his young age, Bryan Woo has already achieved remarkable success in various aspects of his life. He’s known for his innovative mindset and unwavering determination. These qualities have made him a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with his visionary ideas and charismatic presence.

Bryan Woo Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Fangraph, Fantasy, Net Worth

Bryan Woo’s age is a testament to his incredible achievements and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead. He continues to embrace new challenges, make meaningful connections, and take bold steps toward his goals. With Bryan Woo, age isn’t a limitation but a catalyst for change and growth.

Bryan Woo Physical Stats

Standing at an impressive 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighing 92 kg (205 lbs), Bryan Woo possesses a commanding physical presence. His height and weight project confidence and strength, reflecting his dynamic personality.

With a height of 6 feet 2 inches, Bryan Woo stands tall above many, commanding attention wherever he goes. This vertical advantage not only grants him a noticeable presence in a crowd but also provides a sense of authority and impact in various professional and personal settings.

Complementing his height, Bryan’s weight of 92 kg adds to his solid and athletic physique. This weight is distributed across his frame, giving him a well-rounded and powerful appearance. His commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical well-being is evident through these physical attributes, highlighting his dedication to physical fitness, proper nutrition, and overall well-being.

Bryan Woo’s height and weight combination reflect his determination and dedication, both on and off the field. His physical presence underscores his ability to tackle challenges with vigor and resilience.

Bryan Woo Nationality

Bryan Woo proudly carries the nationality of the United States of America. Growing up in a culturally diverse and vibrant nation like the USA has played a significant role in shaping his identity and providing him with unique opportunities.

As an American, Bryan Woo has been exposed to a wide range of experiences, values, and perspectives. The USA’s entrepreneurial spirit and technological advancements have influenced his outlook on life and have encouraged him to push the boundaries of possibility.

Being American has also given Bryan Woo access to a robust educational system and a diverse society that values inclusivity and equality. These foundational principles have instilled in him a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to creating positive change.

Additionally, his American nationality has opened doors for Bryan to engage with diverse cultures, share ideas, and forge connections that transcend borders. The influence of the United States on the international stage has enriched his life in numerous ways.

Bryan Woo Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Fangraph, Fantasy, Net Worth

Bryan Woo Career

Bryan Woo’s journey to the MLB was a promising one right from the start. He was drafted in the sixth round as the 174th overall pick by the Seattle Mariners during the 2021 MLB Draft. He signed a contract with the Mariners worth $318,200, marking the beginning of his professional baseball career. In 2022, Bryan made his professional debut with the Arizona Complex League Mariners. During that season, he also played for the Modesto Nuts and the Everett AquaSox, showcasing his versatility as a pitcher.

His performance during that season was impressive, with a record of 1-4, an ERA of 4.11, and 84 strikeouts in 57 innings over 16 starts for the three clubs. After the season, he received the honor of playing for the Peoria Javelinas in the Arizona Fall League.

As the 2023 season kicked off, Bryan Woo was allocated to the Arkansas Travellers. There, he continued to shine with a record of 3-2, an ERA of 2.05, and 59 strikeouts in 44 innings pitched. On June 2, 2023, the Mariners announced that Bryan would be making his MLB debut, starting against the Texas Rangers the following day.

Bryan Woo Social Media Accounts

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In conclusion, Bryan Woo’s journey from a young baseball enthusiast to a rising star in Major League Baseball is a testament to his dedication, passion, and natural talent. With his impressive physical attributes and unwavering determination, he’s poised to make a significant impact on the sport and inspire future generations of baseball players. As a proud American, he carries the spirit of his nation with him, embracing opportunities and challenges with optimism and a commitment to excellence. Bryan Woo is not just a baseball player; he’s a symbol of limitless potential and a bright future in the world of sports.

When was Bryan Woo drafted?

Bryan Woo got drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the 6th round of the 2021 MLB June Amateur Draft. He was studying at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (in San Luis Obispo, CA) when he was picked.

Where did Bryan Woo go to college?

Bryan Woo attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. That’s where he was when he got drafted by the Seattle Mariners in 2021.

Does Seattle have a baseball team?

Yes, Seattle has a baseball team called the Seattle Mariners. They play in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a part of the American League (AL) West division.

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