CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection

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CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection

CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection

CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection – In 2017, Indian cinema witnessed the release of “Comrade in America,” affectionately abbreviated as “CIA.” Directed by Amal Neerad and featuring Dulquer Salmaan and Karthika Muralidharan in the lead roles, this Malayalam-language adventure film took audiences on an exhilarating journey that blended love, political ideals, and the pursuit of the American dream. With a captivating storyline, an impressive cast, and stunning visuals, “CIA” offered a unique cinematic experience that left a lasting impact on viewers.

CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection
CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection

CIA Movie Story Mp4moviez

The film introduces us to Aji Mathew (played by Dulquer Salmaan), a young communist hailing from Pala, Kerala. Born into a family deeply rooted in the Kerala Congress Party, Aji’s life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with Sarah (Karthika Muralidharan), an American citizen studying in Kerala. Sarah’s request for Aji to leave India and accompany her to the United States challenges his unwavering commitment to communist ideals. Aji firmly believes in his homeland and its socialist principles, making it difficult for him to embrace the capitalist world of America.

Tragedy strikes when Aji learns that Sarah’s parents have taken her back to the United States and intend to marry her off to another man. Desperate to be with her, Aji realizes that obtaining a visa within the tight timeframe is impossible. In a bold move, he decides to enter the United States illegally, embarking on a perilous journey through Latin America and the Mexican border.

His cousin Cyril, already residing in the U.S., suggests this risky path. Aji’s journey begins in Nicaragua, where he meets Arul, a Sri Lankan Tamil taxi driver. Together, they embark on their quest to reach America. Their journey is fraught with challenges, including betrayal by their guide, encounters with armed gangs, and surveillance drones tracking their every move.

As the group’s numbers dwindle, Aji, along with Pallavi, Akai, and Laden, manages to escape capture by the American police. However, the odds continue to stack against them. Aji’s determination to reunite with Sarah remains unwavering, even as he faces the possibility of being permanently banned from the U.S.

Ultimately, Aji’s journey leads him to a surprising revelation about Sarah, challenging his notions of love and sacrifice. The film explores the complexities of relationships, the clash of ideologies, and the pursuit of one’s convictions, all set against the backdrop of an adventurous quest.

CIA Movie Review Filmyzilla

“Comrade in America” presents a compelling narrative that transcends genres, seamlessly blending elements of political drama, romance, and adventure. Directed by Amal Neerad, known for his cult action films, the movie showcases his versatility as a filmmaker. Unlike his previous works, “CIA” delves into the complexities of human emotions and relationships, making it a refreshing departure from the norm.

Dulquer Salmaan’s portrayal of Aji Mathew is nothing short of remarkable. He embodies the character with an impish charm that adds depth to Aji’s charismatic persona. From his staunch commitment to communist ideals to his journey through foreign lands, Dulquer’s performance is a testament to his acting prowess. He seamlessly transitions from the streets of Pala to the jungles of Latin America, maintaining an authentic Kottayam accent throughout.

The supporting cast, including Siddique, Dileesh Pothen, Soubin Shahir, and Karthika Muralidharan, adds to the film’s entertainment quotient with cleverly placed humor and strong character performances. Karthika Muralidharan, in her debut role, may not have an extensive part, but she effectively plays her role.

One of the film’s notable achievements is its cinematography by Ranadive. “CIA” takes viewers on a visual journey through Mexico and the U.S., capturing breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes. Gopi Sunder’s background score complements the film, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Amal Neerad’s direction is marked by its restraint. He refrains from employing overly stylized sequences, allowing the story’s emotional and thematic elements to take center stage. The film’s deliberate pacing may not appeal to those seeking quick thrills, but it allows for a deeper exploration of the characters and their motivations.

The first half of the film impressively sets the stage, introducing Aji’s unwavering commitment to communism and his blossoming romance with Sarah. The audience is drawn into Aji’s world, making his subsequent journey all the more engaging.

However, the second half of the film, which focuses on Aji’s struggles to reach the U.S., does not pack the same emotional punch as the first half. While the script highlights the hardships faced by the characters, it doesn’t fully capitalize on the potential for a more emotionally resonant narrative.

“CIA” also deserves credit for its casting choices, featuring iconic figures such as Che Guevara, Lenin, and Karl Marx, which adds depth to the film’s political backdrop. John Vijay and Chandini Sreedharan deliver commendable performances in their respective roles.

In conclusion, “Comrade in America” is an entertaining cinematic experience that offers a blend of humor, drama, stunning visuals, and a compelling soundtrack. Dulquer Salmaan’s standout performance and Amal Neerad’s directorial finesse make this film a must-watch for fans of Malayalam cinema. While the second half may not reach the emotional heights of the first, the film’s overall impact is undeniably memorable. “CIA” reminds us that love, ideals, and adventure can coexist in a world where political beliefs and personal desires often collide.

CIA Movie Cast Filmymeet

Dulquer SalmaanAji Mathew
Karthika MuraleedharanSarah Mary Kurian
Chandini SreedharanPallavi
John VijayArul Jebbaraj Peter
Dileesh PothanHari
Soubin ShahirJomon
Jinu JosephCyril
Maala ParvathiAji’s Mother (as Parvathi T.)
Maniyanpilla RajuBaby
CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection

CIA Movie Crew Members Tamilrockers

DirectorAmal Neerad
ProducerGeo Abraham

Prassanth Kumar Chandran

Amal Neerad

Arun Kumar V.R.

Chris A. Wilks
WriterShibin Francis
Music ByGopi Sundar
Cinematography byRenadive
Film Editing ByPraveen Prabhakar
Production Design by
Costume Design bySameera Saneesh
CIA Movie On Netflix, Cast, Streaming, Budget, Box Office Collection

CIA Movie Trailer Pagalmovies

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Is the CIA Movie Worth Watching?

Absolutely, “Comrade in America (CIA)” is definitely worth watching. This Indian Malayalam-language adventure film directed by Amal Neerad offers a unique blend of political ideologies, love, humor, and drama, making it a compelling cinematic experience. With Dulquer Salmaan’s stellar performance as Aji Mathew and a gripping storyline, the movie keeps you engaged from start to finish.

Where Can I Watch CIA Movie?

You can watch “Comrade in America (CIA)” on various streaming platforms, depending on your location and their availability. It might be available on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ Hotstar, among others. Check your local streaming services for availability.

What Is the Movie About CIA?

“Comrade in America (CIA)” is not about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) but rather follows the journey of Aji Mathew, a young communist from Kerala, India. Aji embarks on a challenging adventure to reunite with his American love, Sarah. The movie explores themes of love, political ideologies, and the lengths people are willing to go for the ones they love.

Is Comrade in America Based on a True Story?

“Comrade in America (CIA)” is not based on a true story. While it incorporates elements of political ideologies and challenges faced by immigrants, the film’s storyline is fictional. It offers a unique and imaginative narrative that combines romance and adventure.

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