Diana Pierce Wikipedia, Kare, Age, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Facebook

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Diana Pierce Wikipedia, Kare, Age, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Facebook

Diana Pierce Wikipedia, Kare, Age, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Facebook

Diana Pierce Wikipedia, Kare, Age, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Facebook – Diana Pierce, the former KARE 11 anchor, has embarked on an exciting journey since leaving the station after an impressive 32-year run. In this article, we’ll delve into her life after television, where she’s been up to, and how she’s found a new purpose in the digital age.

Diana Pierce Wikipedia, Kare, Age, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Facebook

The Transition

Two years ago, Diana Pierce made the significant decision to step away from KARE 11, a station she had dedicated over three decades of her life to. For many, this transition can be daunting, but for Diana, it was a chance to explore new avenues and embrace the digital age.

Since leaving KARE 11, Diana has been keeping herself busy with a variety of projects, all of which allow her to stay true to her passion for storytelling and connecting with people.

A New Platform

One of her most exciting endeavors is her Facebook show tailored for the 50-plus crowd. Titled “What’s Next? With Diana Pierce,” this show showcases her ability to line up guests and curate content that resonates with her audience.

Diana’s approach to her show is refreshing. She understands that not every story is meant for the 18-35 television audience. Instead, she focuses on topics that cater to her demographic, which often includes issues that affect older adults, like senior housing or volunteer opportunities. Diana believes that these subjects are not only relevant but also essential to her viewers, who are looking for meaningful ways to engage with their communities.

The Recognition Factor

While Diana might think she’s less recognizable post-retirement, her distinctive presence is not so easily concealed. Even in far-off places like Bettles, Alaska, she finds that people still recognize her. This speaks volumes about the impact she’s had on her viewers over the years.

What’s Next with “What’s Next?”

“What’s Next? With Diana Pierce” airs on Thursday nights at 7 o’clock. It’s a show specially designed for the 50-plus crowd, catering to their interests and concerns. One example is the focus on Medicare changes in 2019, which affected a substantial number of Minnesotans. Diana, although not a Medicare expert herself, brings in professionals to address these critical issues.

Diana Pierce Wikipedia, Kare, Age, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Facebook

Natural Beauty

One of the noticeable changes since her retirement is Diana’s choice to embrace her natural self. She admits that she’s no longer reliant on makeup and often appears on screen without it. This decision reflects her authenticity and desire to connect with her audience on a personal level.

Financial Preparedness

Retirement is a significant life transition, and Diana Pierce shares that she’s financially comfortable, partly due to careful planning. However, she acknowledges the importance of having multiple income streams in retirement, which led her to explore various projects and partnerships.

The Gig Generation

Diana considers herself part of the “Gig Generation,” a workforce that embraces freelance and short-term work opportunities. She’s been involved in diverse projects, from voice-overs to livestreaming businesses. Collaborating with fellow industry professionals like Rick Kupchella and Bob Timm, she’s been able to navigate this new world successfully.

A Passion for Self-Assignment

One of the most striking aspects of Diana’s post-retirement life is her love for self-assignment. She now gets to choose projects that genuinely interest her and align with her values. This approach reflects her curiosity and passion for exploring various topics, not only in the Twin Cities but around the world.

The Paul Magers Revelation

When asked about her former co-anchor Paul Magers’ struggle with alcohol during their years working together, Diana confessed that she didn’t notice it. She, like many others, was surprised by the revelation. This highlights the challenges people face in recovery and the importance of supporting one another.

Advice for Her Daughter

Diana’s daughter, Chelsea Babcock, is carving her own path in the world of film and entertainment in Los Angeles. When asked about advice she wishes she had given her daughter, Diana emphasizes resilience. She encourages her daughter to believe in herself and reminds her that each day brings new opportunities.

Diana Pierce Wikipedia, Kare, Age, Spouse, Bio, Net Worth, Facebook

A Proud Mother

Diana couldn’t be prouder of her daughter’s achievements, such as her short film “The Cookie Job” being accepted into the Twin Cities Film Festival. Chelsea’s determination and creativity are qualities that Diana admires and supports wholeheartedly.


Diana Pierce’s life after KARE 11 has been marked by self-discovery and a continued commitment to storytelling. Her transition into the digital age has allowed her to reach a broader audience and tackle issues that matter to her and her viewers.

In the end, Diana’s journey serves as an inspiring reminder that retirement is not the end of one’s story but rather the beginning of a new chapter filled with exciting opportunities for self-assignment and personal growth.

What happened to Diana Pierce?

Diana Pierce used to be an anchor at KARE 11. But two years ago, she decided to leave after working there for 32 years. Now, she’s keeping herself busy with different things. She has a Facebook show that’s meant for people who are 50 years old and older. She also runs a livestreaming business and spends time mentoring others. She enjoys choosing her own guests for her show and being in charge of what she does.

Why did the doctor dump Diana?

Dr. Khan, who used to be in a relationship with Diana, never gave specific reasons for their breakup. He did say that towards the end of their relationship, he felt that something wasn’t right. He suspected that Diana might have been seeing someone else, Dodi Al-Fayed, while they were still together.

Who did Diana leave her ring to?

When Princess Diana passed away in August 1997, her sapphire ring was inherited by her son, Prince Harry. Later on, Prince Harry gave the ring to his older brother, Prince William. Prince William used this special ring to propose to Kate Middleton in 2010.

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