Eileen Bond Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Now, Young

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Eileen Bond Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Now, Young

Eileen Bond Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Now, Young

Eileen Bond Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Now, Young – Eileen Bond, the former wife of the late Australian tycoon Alan Bond, has expressed strong disapproval of Channel 9’s upcoming telemovie titled “House Of Bond.” She describes the two-part series as “appalling” and claims that it inaccurately portrays her 37-year marriage with Alan Bond.

Eileen Bond Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Now, Young

Eileen Bond Criticizes Channel 9’s Telemovie About Her Late Ex-Husband Alan Bond

Eileen, who is also known as “Red,” was deeply upset after watching a trailer for the telemovie, set to air on Channel 9 the following month. One particular scene in the trailer depicted actor Ben Mingay, who plays Alan Bond, threatening his then-wife, portrayed by Adrienne Pickering, with the possibility of having her killed for $10,000. Eileen Bond vehemently denied that such an incident ever occurred during their marriage, saying, “Alan never spoke to me like that in our 37 years together. He never uttered such words.”

She admitted that she was unaware of this specific scene before seeing it in the trailer and was shocked by its portrayal. Eileen Bond expressed her dismay, saying, “I heard it and it gave me such a shock, I turned it off. I thought ‘oh my god,’ and then, of course, people started calling me. I was at lunch yesterday with my friends, and they asked, ‘what are you going to do?’ and I said, ‘I’m so shocked I don’t know what to do. It’s just terrible.'”

The scene in question begins with Eileen threatening to take Alan for tens of millions, presumably during the early stages of his relationship with his second wife, Diana Bliss. Eileen Bond categorically denied that she ever made such threats over money, stating, “Of course not. It never even crossed my mind.”

Eileen Bond Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Now, Young

Considering legal action against Channel 9, Eileen Bond is determined to rectify the depiction of her late first husband and their marriage for the sake of their family. She is particularly concerned about the impact of the telemovie on her grandchildren. She mentioned, “I don’t want my grandchildren to see this, but it keeps coming on TV. I have 15-year-old twins [grandchildren], and one of them asked, ‘what’s all this about?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know, Dylan, I don’t know anything about it.'”

Frustrated with the portrayal in the telemovie, Eileen Bond took to Facebook to call out Channel 9 and its producers. She posted, “surfing the channels last week I came across the heading: Bond and true story. If it is, why haven’t the family been consulted? Alan never spoke to me like that in our 37 years of marriage.”

It’s worth noting that Nine had previously lost a legal battle against mining magnate Gina Rinehart, who contested her family’s portrayal in the network’s 2015 telemovie, “House Of Hancock.” In February of the same year, Gina Rinehart received a formal apology and an agreement that the telemovie would never be aired again. Channel 9 and the production company, Cordell Jigsaw, issued a statement clarifying that the program “was a drama, not a documentary, and certain aspects were fictionalized for dramatic purposes.” As part of the legal settlement, the program would not be released on DVD, streamed, or sold overseas.

Currently, there is no official comment from Channel 9 regarding Eileen Bond’s criticism of “House Of Bond.”

Eileen Bond Wikipedia, Net Worth, House, Now, Young


In summary, Eileen Bond is deeply upset about Channel 9’s telemovie, which she believes portrays her ex-husband, Alan Bond, and their marriage inaccurately. She is considering legal action to correct the depiction for the sake of her family, particularly her grandchildren. This situation highlights the ongoing debate about the accuracy of portrayals in television dramas and their potential impact on real-life individuals and their families.

What was Eileen Bond’s maiden name?

Eileen Bond’s maiden name was “Eileen Hughes.” She was also known as “Eileen Bondy.”

When was Eileen Bond born?

Eileen Bond was born on 15th February 1929.

Is Eileen Bond still alive?

No, Eileen Bond passed away peacefully at her home on Saturday, 8th October 2022, with her family by her side.

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