Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education

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Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education

Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education

Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education – Eric Weinstein, born in October 1965 in Los Angeles, California, is a remarkable individual known for his contributions to mathematics, economics, and theoretical thinking. Over the years, he has made a name for himself through his work and unique perspectives on various scientific subjects. Let’s delve into the life and achievements of Eric Weinstein in a simple and human-friendly manner.

Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education

Eric Weinstein Early Life and Education

Eric Weinstein’s journey began in Los Angeles, where he was born to Jewish parents. He grew up alongside his brother, Bret Weinstein, who later became a biologist. Eric embarked on his academic journey at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a University Scholarship. His thirst for knowledge led him to Harvard University, where he pursued studies in physics and mathematics.

At Harvard, Eric Weinstein’s dedication and passion for the sciences propelled him to earn a Bachelor of Science (BS), a Master of Science (MS), and a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics. His academic prowess did not go unnoticed, as he was awarded the Lady Davis Fellowship at the Racah Institute of Physics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Subsequently, he received another scholarship at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), focusing on mathematics.

Full Real Birth NameEric Ross Weinstein.
Profession1. Economist & Mathematician.
2. Managing Director (MD), Thiel Capital.
Famous ForDiscovered the “Intellectual Dark Web” term with his brother.
Age (As of 2019)53 years old
Date of Birth (DOB), BirthdayOctober 1965.
Birthplace/HometownLos Angeles, California (United States).
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian)Straight.
AwardsWill Update.
Star Sign (Zodiac Sign)Libra.
EthnicityWhite Caucasian.
Current ResidenceLA, California (USA).

Eric Weinstein Career

Eric Weinstein’s career journey took him to several notable institutions, including MIT and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. However, his true breakthrough came when he became an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grantee in the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Harvard Economics Department. This opportunity allowed him to work on projects that would eventually make a significant impact on the field of economics.

Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education

Eric Weinstein Professional Life

One of the pivotal moments in Eric Weinstein’s career occurred when he joined Thiel Capital as Managing Director. Thiel Capital is an investment firm associated with entrepreneur and venture capitalist Peter Thiel. In this role, Eric undoubtedly brought his unique perspective as a mathematician and economist to the table, contributing to the firm’s strategic decisions.

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Geometric Marginalism and Theoretical Contributions

Eric Weinstein’s work is not limited to traditional economics. He is also known for his groundbreaking contributions to theoretical science. In 2012, his program on Geometric Marginalism received funding from the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). This program explored cutting-edge theories related to science, mathematics, and economics.

One of Eric’s notable contributions to the scientific community is his research on the dual Yang-Mills Equations. This research, based on the Donaldson theory, challenged conventional wisdom by demonstrating that the equations were not unique. It was a groundbreaking moment in the field of theoretical physics.

Geometric Unity

In May 2013, Eric Weinstein delivered a lecture on Geometric Unity. This captivating talk caught the attention of the academic community, with physicists in attendance. The concept of Geometric Unity aimed to generalize four different levels of equations to accommodate higher dimensions. However, despite the interest it garnered, there was no subsequent paper published on the topic.

Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education

Dark Particles and the Large Hadron Collider

During his time at the University of Oxford, Eric Weinstein made waves by introducing a theory related to dark particles. In his presentation, he hinted at the existence of particles that could be observed using the Large Hadron Collider, a massive particle accelerator. This theory opened up exciting possibilities for the field of particle physics.

Eric Weinstein Personal Life and Family

Eric Weinstein’s personal life is marked by his marriage to Pia Malaney, an economist from San Francisco, California. Pia actively contributed to Eric’s geometric marginalism project, showcasing their shared intellectual pursuits. The couple welcomed a son named Zev Weinstein into their lives.

Eric Weinstein Controversies

Eric Weinstein and his brother, Bret Weinstein, coined the term “Intellectual Dark Web.” This term represents a group of intellectuals and public figures who engage in discussions and debates on various topics. Although the concept gained attention, it’s essential to note that Eric’s brother, Bret, faced controversy during his time at Evergreen College.

Despite the attention and discussions surrounding the “Intellectual Dark Web,” no direct claims of political power involvement in their research have been made.

Who is Eric Weinstein, Wikipedia, Wiki, Books, Net worth, Wife, IQ, Podcast, Education

Eric Weinstein Net Worth

As of now, Eric Weinstein’s estimated net worth stands at $1 million USD. He has accumulated this wealth through his extensive research and contributions to the fields of mathematics, economics, and theoretical science. His involvement with the “Intellectual Dark Web” and his role as Managing Director at Thiel Capital have also played a part in his financial success.

Eric Weinstein Social Media Accounts

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Influence and Collaborations

Eric Weinstein’s work has resonated with many prominent figures in the intellectual community. He has engaged in discussions and collaborations with individuals such as Maajid Nawaz, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Debra Soh, and his brother, Bret Weinstein. Their intellectual exchange has contributed to a broader understanding of various complex topics.


Eric Weinstein’s journey from a young mathematician to an influential economist and theorist is a testament to the power of intellectual curiosity. His contributions to diverse fields, from economics to theoretical science, have left a lasting impact. Through his unique perspectives and collaborative efforts, he continues to inspire those who seek to push the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding.

What is Eric Weinstein famous for?

Eric Weinstein, born on October 26, 1965, is well-known for being an American hedge fund director and a podcast host. He held the role of joint managing director at Thiel Capital from 2013 until 2022. Eric also earned a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University. He hails from Los Angeles, California, USA.

Does Eric Weinstein have a brother?

Yes, Eric Weinstein does have a brother named Bret Weinstein. They both gained attention in the documentary called “No Safe Spaces,” which focused on the incidents at Evergreen College. Eric Weinstein is credited with coining the term “intellectual dark web,” and he described Bret as a member of this group. This term refers to a collection of academics and media personalities who share their ideas and engage in debates outside of the mainstream media.

How many years did Weinstein get?

The reference here seems to be about Harvey Weinstein, a movie producer known for his involvement in the #MeToo movement. Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to serve 16 years in prison for committing sex crimes in Los Angeles County. This legal action was significant in the context of the #MeToo movement, which highlighted issues related to sexual misconduct and harassment.

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