Eva Carneiro Relationships

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Eva Carneiro Relationships

Eva Carneiro Relationships

Eva Carneiro Relationships – In the world of football, drama is not confined to the pitch. Sometimes, it spills over into the personal lives of players and staff members. One such story involves Branislav Ivanović, a former Chelsea player, and Eva Carneiro, the former team doctor.

Eva Carneiro Relationships

Branislav Ivanović’s Journey with Chelsea

Branislav Ivanović, a Serbian international, joined Chelsea from Lokomotiv Moscow in January 2008. His transfer to the club went smoothly, and for nine years, he was a fixture at Stamford Bridge. During his time at Chelsea, Ivanović experienced highs and lows, from scoring the game-winning goal in a European final to becoming the subject of controversy.

Eva Carneiro: Chelsea’s First-Team Doctor

Eva Carneiro, a doctor and sports medicine specialist, is best known for her role as Chelsea Football Club’s first-team doctor from 2009 to 2015. She joined the club shortly after Ivanović’s arrival in 2008, and their relationship became a subject of intrigue in later years.

Eva Carneiro Career Beyond Chelsea

Outside her association with Chelsea, Eva Carneiro had a successful career working with other sports teams and organizations, including the Gibraltar national football team and the British Olympic Association. After her departure from Chelsea, she continued to focus on her medical practice and became an advocate for women’s rights in sports medicine and the sports industry.

Why Eva Carneiro Left Chelsea

Eva Carneiro’s departure from Chelsea in September 2015 was not without controversy. A public dispute with the then-manager, José Mourinho, played a significant role in her exit. The dispute stemmed from an incident during a match where Carneiro and a physiotherapist entered the field to treat an injured player. This resulted in Chelsea briefly playing with only nine players.

Eva Carneiro Relationships

Mourinho publicly criticized Carneiro and the physiotherapist for their actions, and Carneiro was demoted from her role as the first-team doctor. Following these events, she decided to leave the club.

In her statement after leaving Chelsea, Carneiro described her position as “untenable” and expressed disappointment in the circumstances surrounding her departure. She also revealed that she had experienced bullying, discrimination, and a lack of support from certain individuals at the club. Despite these challenges, she expressed gratitude for the support she received from many club members and fans.

José Mourinho Discontent with Eva Carneiro

José Mourinho, who was the manager of Chelsea at the time, was openly displeased with Eva Carneiro, the team’s medical doctor. He believed that her actions during the match, when she and the physiotherapist ran onto the field to treat an injured player, were unnecessary and had cost the team an advantage. Mourinho’s public criticism of Carneiro led to cyberbullying and discrimination against her.

The controversy surrounding Carneiro became a daily source of frustration for her during her time at Stamford Bridge. Ultimately, she decided to leave the club.

Setting the Record Straight: Eva Carneiro’s Exit from Chelsea

To clarify, Eva Carneiro was not sacked by Chelsea. Instead, she chose to leave the club in September 2015 following her dispute with José Mourinho and her subsequent demotion. The incident during the match, where she and the physiotherapist attended to an injured player, marked the beginning of the end of her tenure as the first-team doctor.

While rumors circulated regarding which Chelsea player might have been involved with Eva Carneiro, she has discounted these speculations in the past. Her departure from the club was primarily related to the public dispute and her perception of an unsupportive environment.

In the eight years since her departure, Chelsea fans have held onto hope that Eva Carneiro might return to Stamford Bridge.

Eva Carneiro Relationships

Did Eva Carneiro Have Relationships with Players?

No, there is no confirmed information that Eva Carneiro had romantic relationships with Chelsea players or any other footballers. Some rumors and allegations suggested otherwise, but Eva herself has not publicly acknowledged any such relationships.

What Happened to Eva Carneiro?

Eva Carneiro had a public disagreement with Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s manager, eight years ago when she was the team’s physiotherapist. This dispute led to her losing her job with Chelsea. However, she later received damages for her dismissal in a court settlement. Today, Eva is doing well in football once more as an investor in non-league Lewes FC.

Is Eva Carneiro Married?

Yes, Eva Carneiro got married to Jason De Carteret on 11th November 2015. They had their wedding at St Patrick’s Church in Soho Square, London.

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