Gang Leader Movie OTT, Release Date, Heroine Name

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Gang Leader Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Filmymeet, Filmywap

Gang Leader Movie OTT, Release Date, Heroine Name

Gang Leader Movie OTT, Release Date, Heroine Name – “Gang Leader,” a 2019 Indian Telugu-language action comedy film, took audiences on a thrilling ride filled with revenge, comedy, and mystery. Directed by Vikram Kumar and produced by Mythri Movie Makers, the film featured Nani in the lead role, supported by a talented ensemble cast. With its intriguing plot and unexpected twists, “Gang Leader” left a lasting impression on viewers.

Gang Leader Full Movie in Hindi Dubbed Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Filmymeet, Filmywap
Gang Leader Movie OTT, Release Date, Heroine Name

Gang Leader Movie Story Filmywap

The story revolves around six individuals who successfully execute a bank robbery, making off with a staggering ₹300 crore. However, their collaboration turns sour when one of the robbers betrays the rest, killing them and fleeing with the money. This act of betrayal leaves behind five bereaved women, each grieving the loss of a loved one.

Saraswati, Varalakshmi, Priya, Swati, and Srinidhi (Chinnu) are brought together by Saraswati, who lost her grandson in the heist. Fueled by a desire for revenge, they seek out the help of Pencil Parthasarathy, a small-time crime novelist with a penchant for reimagining American movie plots in Telugu novels. Initially reluctant, Pencil eventually agrees to assist them, recognizing the potential for an original story.

The group dubs themselves the “Revengers” and begins their quest to identify the main suspect: Dev. Dev, an ambulance driver turned F1 racer, had committed the robbery to finance his ambition. He had also taken up his late father’s job as an ambulance driver. A chance encounter with five cancer patients in the hospital led him to plan the robbery, ultimately leading to their demise.

As the Revengers discreetly follow Dev’s trail, they uncover the stolen money hidden in a building where they had previously practiced for the robbery. However, they soon discover that there is another gang pursuing Dev and the money. Dev, in turn, becomes aware of Pencil’s involvement and tips off the police about the impending robbery, revealing Pencil’s identity.

Pencil manages to transfer the money before the police raid his location, only to be shocked when he realizes that Saraswati had stolen the money from him. Saraswati, motivated by her husband’s death at Dev’s hands on the night of the robbery, had misled the Revengers into believing her grandson had also perished, justifying their quest for vengeance. She had donated the stolen money to an orphanage, choosing to abandon her thirst for revenge, especially after Chinnu’s injury during one of their pursuits.

Pencil takes matters into his own hands, killing Dev and framing the incident as a car accident to protect his newfound family—the Revengers. To his surprise, the Revengers decide to forgo their plans for revenge. Priya, one of the Revengers, decides to move on from her fiancé and keeps Pencil’s secret about Dev’s death. The movie concludes with Priya and Pencil getting married, Pencil successfully publishing “Gang Leader” based on their experiences, and Chinnu regaining her ability to speak upon hearing the news of Dev’s demise. Renowned director Sukumar approaches Pencil for the copyrights to adapt his novel into a movie.

Gang Leader Movie Review Mp4moviez

“Gang Leader” is a unique blend of passion, deception, and an unlikely gang of women seeking vengeance. Directed by Vikram K Kumar, the film manages to create an entertaining narrative that keeps viewers engaged, although it falls short in some aspects.

The movie kicks off with a meticulously executed bank robbery, setting the stage for a thrilling story. Nani, who plays the role of Pencil Parthsarathy, immediately captures the audience’s attention with his endearing and charming character. However, the introduction of a young girl, Chinnu, into a revenge-driven plot raises questions, especially when the group’s leader, Lakshmi, openly discusses their intent to kill the responsible party.

The five women, though impressive, do not steal the show, leaving Nani to inject humor into the script, along with the hilarious Vennela Kishore and Priyadarshi. Nani’s charisma and wit shine throughout the film, making him the heart and soul of “Gang Leader.”

Despite its promising start, the movie tries to juggle too many elements simultaneously, resulting in a lack of focus. It transitions between being a comedy centered around Pencil’s detective skills, a budding romance between Nani and Priyanka’s characters, and a mystery involving the pursuit of Dev. These shifts dilute the impact of the plot, and the cat-and-mouse game between Nani and Karthikeya’s character lacks intensity, primarily due to Karthikeya’s one-dimensional performance.

The film introduces melodramatic twists, uncovering the reasons behind the bank robbery and revealing hidden secrets among the Revengers. Unfortunately, these elements frustrate viewers rather than adding depth to the narrative. Additionally, a couple of misplaced songs and a disjointed screenplay prevent the movie from reaching its full potential.

Nani’s remarkable performance remains a standout aspect of “Gang Leader.” His charm, wit, and comedic timing breathe life into the film, and he carries it on his shoulders. Nevertheless, the film’s scattered plot, sluggish pacing, and an excess of melodrama hinder what could have been a laugh-out-loud experience.

In conclusion, “Gang Leader” succeeds in delivering a unique and entertaining storyline filled with revenge, comedy, and mystery. Nani’s brilliant portrayal of Pencil adds to the film’s appeal. However, the movie’s ambitious attempt to blend multiple genres and its failure to maintain a consistent tone prevent it from achieving greatness. Despite its flaws, “Gang Leader” remains an engaging watch, making it worth a view for fans of Telugu cinema.

Gang Leader Movie Cast Filmymeet

NaniPencil Parthasarathy
Kartikeya GummakondaDev
Saranya PonvannanVaralakshmi
Priyanka ArulmohanPriya (as Priyanka Mohan)
Shriya ReddySwathi
Praanya P. RaoSrinidhi ‘Chinnu’
Vennela KishoreSenakkayala Santoor
Priyadarshi PulikondaRamakrishna (as Priyadarshi)
Getup SrinuManikyam (as Getup Seenu)
Chammak ChandraChandra
Ram PrasadRam
Jay JhaRasool
Anish KuruvillaSI
Naveen George ThomasPostman
Josh RaviBulb Murthy
Gang Leader Movie OTT, Release Date, Heroine Name

Gang Leader Movie Crew Members Filmyzilla

DirectorVikram K. Kumar
ProducerMohan Cherukuri

Chiranjeevi Pedamallu

Y. Ravi Shankar

K.V.V. Bala Subramanyam

Naveen Yerneni
WriterVikram K. Kumar

Venkat D. Pati

Darling Swamy

Jayanth Panuganti

P. Gangadhar

Mukund Pandey
Music ByAnirudh Ravichander
Cinematography byMiroslaw Brozek
Film Editing ByManjunath Ganesh

Navin Nooli
Production Design byRajeevan
Costume Design byUthara Menon

Sreenu Tadala
Gang Leader Movie OTT, Release Date, Heroine Name

Gang Leader Movie Trailer Pagalmovies

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What is the movie name of Nani’s Gang Leader?

The movie is titled “Gang Leader.”

Is Nani’s Gang Leader a real story?

No, “Nani’s Gang Leader” is not based on a real story. It is a fictional narrative created for the film.

Is Nani Gang Leader hit or flop?

“Gang Leader” received a positive response from critics upon its release. However, its commercial success may vary depending on box office performance and audience reception in different regions.

Is Nani’s Gang Leader a remake?

No, “Nani’s Gang Leader” is not a remake of any other film. It is an original Telugu-language movie directed by Vikram Kumar.

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