Heist 88 Real Story

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Heist 88 Real Story

Heist 88 Real Story

Heist 88 Real Story – “Heist 88” is a thrilling story featuring Courtney B. Vance as Jeremy Horne, a cunning swindler. The story takes place in 1988 in Chicago, a time when big corporations were moving huge amounts of money through banks using transaction codes confirmed over phone calls. Jeremy, the main character, saw this as an opportunity to commit a daring bank fraud.

Heist 88 Real Story

Jeremy had a troubled past, with a police tracking device on his ankle. The Wayne County Corrections Department kept calling him to surrender himself for bank fraud, but he had other plans. He created a fake company called BreezeAir Private Airlines to carry out his scheme. Jeremy wanted to pull off one last bank heist before facing prison, and he turned to his nephew, Marshall, for help.

Marshall had financial troubles of his own. He borrowed money to pursue his passion for music and couldn’t repay it on time. During his father’s memorial service, he met his uncle Jeremy, despite his father’s warnings to stay away from him. Marshall believed that only Jeremy could solve his problems. Jeremy learned that Marshall’s friends worked at the First National Bank of Chicago, sparking his plan for a heist.

Jeremy invited Marshall and his friends, Rick, LaDonna, and Danny, to a meeting at a local diner. They felt uneasy as Jeremy probed them for details about their jobs, sensing that something was amiss. However, Jeremy’s charisma and promises of financial gain intrigued them. He offered each of them $500 just for attending the meeting and explained that they could take advantage of the bank’s inefficiencies. Jeremy argued that loyalty to an institution that didn’t care about the welfare of Black employees was pointless, and it was time for payback.

LaDonna initially hesitated, fearing the consequences of becoming a criminal, but Jeremy lured her back with a Rolex watch. Marshall and his friends were further convinced of Jeremy’s capabilities when they witnessed him handle two armed robbers with ease. They decided to join his plan.

The heist team faced several challenges. LaDonna and Danny, disillusioned by their treatment at the bank, believed Jeremy’s claims. They realized that the bank would computerize its system within 30 days, necessitating immediate action. They also needed printouts of current company balances for their plan to work. To obtain these printouts, they required access to a higher authority’s key card. Jeremy reached out to his old associates, Buddha Ray and Bree Barnes, who had lost trust in him after a failed previous scheme. Jeremy persuaded them to help, promising to repay the money he owed them.

Buddha, Bree, and Jeremy posed as independent auditors to enter the bank. Jeremy managed to acquire three key cards, and using his card, he obtained the necessary balance sheets. With the balance sheets in hand, they were ready for the heist. However, Rick was offered a dream job in trading just before the heist and initially considered abandoning the plan. Jeremy convinced him that as a Black man, he would face numerous obstacles and should seize the opportunity for wealth.

As the day of the heist arrived, Danny, LaDonna, and Rick were inside the bank, while Marshall waited to pick them up after the transfer. Jeremy was on a public phone booth, posing as the company head of their target firms. Using the transaction code, he initiated the transfer, and Rick received the second confirmation call. The money was successfully transferred to a fake company’s account. After completing their tasks, they gathered in a hotel room, awaiting confirmation from Jeremy.

Jeremy eventually arrived with good news. He had successfully transferred the money to his Geneva account and had passports and tickets for everyone to escape before the robbery was discovered. At the airport, they knew their chances of returning to the U.S. were slim. Danny, feeling the weight of leaving his pregnant wife behind, made a phone call, which attracted the attention of the police. Danny was not talking to his wife; instead, he was in contact with the FBI.

Heist 88 Real Story

In a surprising twist, it was revealed that Danny had been working with the FBI from the beginning. Frustrated with how Black employees were treated at the bank, he sought a pay raise and a guarantee that he and his friends would go free after Jeremy’s arrest. It remains unclear whether the FBI fulfilled their promises, but Jeremy Horne faced trial and admitted that his only mistake was getting caught. Danny represented those who prioritized integrity and moral values over greed.

Is the Film Based on a True Story?

“Heist 88” draws inspiration from the bank fraud committed by Armand Moore, a man who could convince people with no criminal record to participate in his scheme. Moore was known for flaunting his luxury watches and cars. In 1988, he nearly pulled off a heist in Chicago. While the film takes inspiration from Moore’s case, it is not entirely based on his life. Jeremy Horne, the character, believes that his actions are for the betterment of his community.

The film’s ending differs significantly from the real incident. Moore and his team successfully transferred money from a Chicago bank to accounts in Austrian institutions. However, they were caught when they began spending the stolen money on luxury items. Moore received a 10-year federal prison sentence and an additional 25 years when he attempted to escape and plan another heist. Despite spending 30 years behind bars, Moore continued to lead a lavish lifestyle.


In conclusion, “Heist 88” is a gripping story of a daring bank heist that revolves around Jeremy Horne and a group of individuals facing financial struggles. The film explores themes of systematic racism, morality, and the lure of quick wealth. While inspired by a real-life incident, the movie takes creative liberties in its depiction of events and characters. Danny’s character stands out as someone who prioritized integrity over greed, providing a contrasting perspective in the world of crime.

Heist 88 Real Story

Is “Heist 88” a true story?

No, “Heist 88” is not a true story. It’s a fictional movie inspired by real-life heists that happened in 1988. But in the movie, they use a not-so-exciting scheme involving telephones to steal money from racist bosses.

Who created “Money Heist”?

“Money Heist,” or in Spanish, “La casa de papel,” is a TV series created by Álex Pina. It’s about a group of people pulling off heists.

Is the money in “Money Heist” real?

No, the money in “Money Heist” is not real. It’s all part of the story. But the people who made the show worked really hard to make the heists seem believable. Interestingly, the show has even inspired some real burglaries and protests in different parts of the world.

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