Is Caroline Wilson still married

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Is Caroline Wilson still married

Is Caroline Wilson still married

Is Caroline Wilson still married – Julia Caroline Wilson, born on June 7, 1960, is an Australian sports journalist. She’s known for her work in football journalism and is currently a columnist for Melbourne’s newspaper, The Age. You might have also seen her discussing AFL (Australian Football League) on 3AW or as a panelist on Nine Network’s Footy Classified. Occasionally, she joins discussions on the ABC program Offsiders.

Is Caroline Wilson still married

Caroline Wilson Journey in Sports Journalism

Caroline Wilson embarked on her journalism career in 1982. While she has covered various sports, her true passion lies in Australian Rules football. She held the prestigious position of Chief Football Writer for The Age from 1999 to 2017. Notably, she was the first woman to cover Australian Rules football on a full-time basis.

Between 1989 and 1994, Wilson worked with the Sunday Age. She also made her mark in the radio industry, hosting an afternoon program on 3AW from 1994 to 1996. You might remember her as a regular panelist on 7’s Talking Footy during the late 1990s and early 2000s. She was a familiar face every Wednesday night on White Line Fever on Fox Footy until the show was canceled in 2006 when the Fox Footy Channel dissolved.

Caroline Wilson Personal Life

Julia Caroline Wilson, commonly known as Caroline Wilson, is currently 62 years old. She was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in 1960. Her father, Ian Wilson, held the position of President of the Richmond Football Club from 1974 to 1985.

In her personal life, Caroline Wilson is married to Brendan Donohoe. Together, they have three children: Rose, Ned, and Clementine. Their enduring marriage has stood the test of time.

Is Caroline Wilson still married

Caroline Wilson Awards and Achievements

Caroline Wilson has been recognized and celebrated for her outstanding contributions to sports journalism. In 1989, she made history as the first woman to win the AFL’s Gold Media Award. Her excellence in journalism was further acknowledged when she received the Sunday Age Journalist of the Year award in 1993. Additionally, she claimed the RAWARD in 1995 and was named Football Writer of the Year in 1999.

Is Caroline Wilson Still Married?

As of now, Caroline Wilson is indeed still married to Brendan Donohoe. Brendan has a background in journalism as a former Channel Seven state political reporter. Caroline’s career has seen her work with the Sunday Age from 1989 to 1994 and host a radio program from 1994 to 1996. She’s been a consistent presence in the world of AFL, appearing as a regular panelist on 7’s “Talking Footy” during the 1990s and 2000s. Her insights into the sport have made her a popular figure.

For those who have been curious about Caroline Wilson’s marital status, the answer is clear: she’s happily married to Brendan Donohoe.


Caroline Wilson’s career in sports journalism is a shining example of dedication and passion. From her early days as a journalist in 1982 to becoming the first woman to cover Australian Rules football full-time, she has left an indelible mark on the industry. Her numerous awards and accolades are a testament to her exceptional talent.

In her personal life, Caroline Wilson’s enduring marriage to Brendan Donohoe exemplifies a harmonious balance between her career and family. They have three children and have stood by each other through the years.

Caroline Wilson continues to make her presence felt in the world of sports journalism as a panelist on Nine Network’s Footy Classified and as an occasional contributor on the ABC program Offsiders. Her passion for the AFL and her insightful analysis have endeared her to fans and fellow journalists alike.

In a career spanning decades, Caroline Wilson’s impact on sports journalism is undeniable, and her contributions continue to be appreciated by sports enthusiasts around the world.

Has Caroline Wilson Retired?

As of now, Caroline Wilson has taken a step back from her television role on the show Footy Classified. This means she’s not currently appearing on the show. However, it’s essential to note that retirement in journalism doesn’t always mean someone stops working entirely. Journalists may choose to reduce their workload or focus on different projects.

Who is Caroline Radio Host?

Caroline Wilson is a sports journalist, not a radio host named Caroline. However, if you’re looking for information about radio hosts, there are many talented individuals in the radio industry. One example is Caroline Jones, who hosted a radio program called “The Search For Meaning” from 1987 to 1994, where people shared the stories of their lives. She also presented the biographical program “Australian Story” on ABC television in 1996.

Is Radio Caroline Still Operating?

Yes, Radio Caroline is still in operation. It’s been around for 59 years! They now broadcast 24/7 from land-based studios on 648 AM, as well as on DAB and various online streams. Interestingly, Radio Caroline has a unique history as a “pirate” radio station, and they still have their former radio ship called Ross Revenge, which is anchored in the Blackwater Estuary. This ship is used for regular monthly offshore broadcasts, and they also organize public visits to it. So, Radio Caroline is very much alive and broadcasting.

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