Is Hilary Farr Still Married

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Is Hilary Farr Still Married

Is Hilary Farr Still Married

Is Hilary Farr Still Married – Hilary Farr, the renowned British-Canadian designer, businesswoman, and television personality, has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide through her engaging presence on the popular HGTV and W Network television series, “Love It or List It.” While she is known for her remarkable talent in transforming homes, many fans are curious about her personal life, particularly her marital status. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Hilary Farr’s relationship history and her current marital status.

Hilary Farr’s Marital History

Hilary Farr’s marital history has been a subject of interest for many of her fans. Over the years, she has had notable relationships, and her journey through love and marriage has shaped her life in various ways.

One of the most significant chapters in Hilary Farr’s personal life was her marriage to Gordon Farr. The couple tied the knot in 1982, marking a significant milestone in both their personal and professional lives. Gordon Farr, a Canadian actor and television personality, was born on August 7, 1955. He had his own share of recognition and fame before and during his marriage to Hilary.

Is Hilary Farr Still Married

Their marriage was not just a union of two individuals but also a merging of their careers and public personas. Gordon Farr’s work included writing multiple episodes of TV shows like “The Love Boat,” “We Got It Made,” and “Hollywood Babylon.” His connection to Hilary Farr added to the public interest surrounding their relationship.

Together, Hilary and Gordon Farr became parents to a son named Joshua Farr. Their journey as co-parents continued even after their marriage ended in divorce in 2008. Despite the end of their romantic relationship, their bond as parents remained strong, demonstrating their commitment to providing a stable and loving environment for their child.

Hilary Farr’s Relationship with Gordon Farr Today

As of the available information, Gordon Farr’s marital status is divorced, indicating that he is no longer married to Hilary Farr. However, their shared history and their roles as co-parents continue to connect them in a unique and enduring way.

Hilary Farr chose to retain her married name, Farr, even after her divorce from Gordon. This decision is not uncommon among public figures, as it helps maintain consistency in their professional identities. While she has not publicly disclosed any subsequent marriages or relationships, Hilary Farr’s personal life remains relatively private.

Hilary Farr’s Professional Journey

Hilary Farr’s professional journey has been nothing short of remarkable. She began her career in the entertainment industry, initially pursuing acting. Her early acting roles included appearances in films and television shows such as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (1975), “City on Fire” (1979), and “The Return” (1980).

However, her career trajectory took a significant turn when she transitioned into the world of interior design. This transformation occurred as a result of her growing passion for design and her experiences assisting her mother in decorating their family home during her early years. These experiences ignited Farr’s creative spirit and laid the foundation for her future endeavors.

Is Hilary Farr Still Married

In her pursuit of a career in interior design, Hilary Farr established her own design company, aptly named “Hilary Farr’s Designs.” She expanded her influence from Toronto to New York City, where she became a respected design professional known for her unique aesthetic and expertise in creating visually stunning and functional spaces.

It was in 2010 that Hilary Farr’s career reached new heights when she became a co-host and designer on “Love It or List It.” The show’s format revolves around helping homeowners decide whether to renovate their existing home or move to a new one, with Hilary taking charge of the renovation aspect. Her charismatic on-screen presence, coupled with her design prowess, quickly made her a household name.

Hilary Farr’s Age

Hilary Farr’s age has been a topic of curiosity for many fans. She celebrated her 70th birthday on August 31, 2022. Born on August 31, 1952, in Toronto, Ontario, Farr has led a remarkable career spanning multiple decades, captivating audiences with her talent and expertise.

While she was born in Toronto, her family relocated to London, UK, during her childhood. It was in London that her passion for the arts and design began to take shape. Her early years saw her attending the prestigious Royal Ballet School until the age of 11, indicating her initial inclination toward a career as a ballerina. However, her interests evolved, and she developed a fascination with theater and interior design.

Hilary Farr’s journey through different phases of her career reflects her versatility and her commitment to pursuing her passions, no matter where they led her. Her ability to evolve and adapt has been a key factor in her enduring success.

Hilary Farr’s Family Life

One of the most cherished aspects of Hilary Farr’s life is her family. While she is a highly dedicated professional, her commitment to her family has always been evident.

Hilary Farr has a son named Joshua Farr, whose birth resulted from her marriage to Gordon Farr. While details about Joshua’s life remain relatively private, it is clear that he shares a close and special bond with his mother. On occasions where they have been seen together, their connection has been evident, showcasing the strong mother-son relationship they share.

Is Hilary Farr Still Married

One notable moment that offered a glimpse into Hilary and Joshua’s relationship was when she shared a photo on Twitter in 2013. The photo depicted her and Joshua at the opening of the TMX Group Stock Exchange. This public appearance showcased their close connection and the shared experiences that have undoubtedly shaped their relationship.

Despite her demanding career in interior design and television, Hilary Farr’s dedication to her family remains unwavering. Her bond with her son, Joshua Farr, is a testament to the strong and meaningful connections that play a vital role in her life beyond the spotlight.


In conclusion, Hilary Farr, the beloved co-host of “Love It or List It,” has experienced various chapters in her personal life, including her marriage to Gordon Farr and her journey as a mother to their son, Joshua Farr. As of the available information, Hilary Farr is not currently married, and she keeps her personal life relatively private. Her enduring success in the world of interior design and television, coupled with her deep commitment to her family, has made her an inspirational figure for many. While the question “Is Hilary Farr Still Married?” may pique the curiosity of her fans, it’s clear that her focus remains on her career and the meaningful relationships she treasures in her life.

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Are Hilary and David friends in real life?

Yes, Hilary Farr and David Visentin are good friends in real life. Despite their engaging on-screen chemistry on the popular HGTV show “Love It or List It,” their relationship is purely platonic. They share a strong professional partnership and friendship, which contributes to the success of the show.

Who is Hilary Farr married to?

Hilary Farr was previously married to TV producer Gordon Farr. They were married in 1982, and their marriage lasted until 2008. After her divorce from Gordon Farr, Hilary Farr has not publicly disclosed any subsequent marriages or relationships.

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