Is Ryan Serhant still married

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Is Ryan Serhant still married

Is Ryan Serhant still married

Is Ryan Serhant still married – Summer is a time for family, and Ryan Serhant, the charismatic real estate broker and TV personality known for his role in “Million Dollar Listing New York,” knows how to make the most of it. Recently, Ryan took to Instagram to share a special moment from his summer adventure in Greece, where he reunited with his beloved wife, Emilia Bechrakis Serhant, and their adorable daughter, Zena.

Is Ryan Serhant still married

Is Ryan Serhant still married or not?

In a heartwarming photo posted on June 30, Ryan can be seen beaming with joy while posing alongside Emilia and Zena in a beautiful outdoor setting. The caption reads, “Found my girls in Greece.” It’s a simple yet profound expression of the happiness he feels at being back with his loved ones.

For the Serhant family, summer means splitting their time between Greece and New York. Ryan shared his thoughts on this unique lifestyle, saying, “It can be hard when they’re so far away, and I’m in the states.” Still, he emphasizes the importance of this arrangement for their daughter, Zena. “It’s so important for me that Zena spends as much time each year as she can in Greece,” he explains. For Ryan, this means immersing Zena in the culture where Emilia grew up, learning the language, and enjoying the sun and sand with kids from all over the world. It’s a valuable experience that exposes Zena to life in an international setting, something Ryan finds incredibly enriching.

Ryan’s heartfelt message concludes with this touching sentiment: “So even though I get sad and miss them when I’m sweating, running up Fifth Avenue, or on a redeye to a new Serhant market, or in the office on Saturdays, I know how happy my girls are. And I count down the days to my first Greek trip of each summer, when I can find them and surprise them and annoy the crap out of them again.”

Adding to the joy of the family reunion, Ryan made it to Greece just in time to celebrate his 38th birthday, which he celebrated on July 2. He shared his excitement with his followers, captioning a photo, “This is 38. Feeling great, full of love, rich with life, and excited for the best year yet.”

Emilia, Ryan’s wife, also shared a delightful moment from their family trip on her own Instagram account. The photo shows the couple dressed in matching black outfits and stylish sunglasses, savoring a glass of wine at an outdoor restaurant. Emilia playfully wrote in the caption, “He unbuttoned his shirt. Now it’s a party. Greece Ryan is very different than USA Ryan…” Her humorous remark highlights the carefree and relaxed atmosphere of their Greek vacation.

Is Ryan Serhant still married

Ryan Serhant: A Brief Biography

Before we delve into more details about this heartwarming family reunion, let’s take a moment to learn more about Ryan Serhant.

Ryan Matthew Serhant, born on July 2, 1984, in Houston, Texas, is a well-known American real estate broker, author, and reality television actor. His claim to fame comes from his starring role in Bravo’s hit television series “Million Dollar Listing New York” and its spin-off, “Sell it Like Serhant.” Beyond his TV career, Serhant runs his own highly successful real estate firm in New York City.

Ryan’s early life was spent in Topsfield, Massachusetts, on the scenic North Shore, where he grew up with his brothers, Jim and Jack Serhant. His father, John Serhant, is a former Vice Chairman of State Street Global Advisors and an advisor to GoldenTree Asset Management.

Is Ryan Serhant still married

Ryan’s educational journey took him to the prestigious Pingree School and later to Hamilton College, where he pursued a double major in English literature and theater. He was also an active member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity during his college years. After graduating in 2006, Serhant embarked on a new adventure, moving to the bustling city of New York to pursue an acting career. Eventually, his talents landed him a role as Evan Walsh in 19 episodes of the popular soap opera “As The World Turns.”


Ryan Serhant’s summer adventures in Greece, filled with family love and memorable moments, are a testament to the importance of cherishing time with loved ones. His heartfelt Instagram posts capture the joy of reunions and the beauty of sharing experiences in a diverse and culturally rich environment.

Beyond his charming persona on television, Ryan’s life story showcases his dedication to both his family and his career. From his humble beginnings in Massachusetts to his thriving real estate business in New York City, Ryan Serhant’s journey is one of determination and success.

As he celebrates his 38th birthday surrounded by loved ones in Greece, Ryan’s positive outlook on life shines through. He embraces each year with open arms, eager to make it the best yet. And as we follow his adventures on social media, we can’t help but feel inspired by the happiness and love he shares with his family.

In a world often filled with hustle and bustle, Ryan Serhant reminds us of the simple joys of family, laughter, and togetherness. His story is a reminder to savor the moments that matter most in life and to celebrate the journey, wherever it may take us.

Is Ryan Serhant Still Together with Emilia?

Yes, Ryan Serhant is still happily together with his wife, Emilia Bechrakis Serhant. They recently returned home to New York City after spending the summer in Greece, and they continue to share their love and adventures together.

Why Did Ryan Serhant Leave Million Dollar Listing New York?

Ryan Serhant, along with some other real estate brokers on the show, decided to step away from “Million Dollar Listing New York.” They made this choice because they wanted to focus more on their personal businesses. Ryan and others like Frederik were busy opening more real estate offices and taking on personal appearances and brand deals, which can be quite lucrative.

Is Ryan from Selling New York Still Married?

Yes, Ryan Serhant from “Selling New York” is still married. There haven’t been any reports or information suggesting that he and his wife, Emilia, have divorced. They continue to share their lives together as a loving couple.

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