Is The Machine story true

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Is The Machine story true

Is The Machine story true

Is The Machine story true – “The Machine” is a funny and action-packed movie that follows Bert Kreischer, a famous stand-up comedian, and his dad, Albert Kreischer Sr. They end up in a crazy adventure when they get kidnapped by the Russian mafia during a trip together. Albert Sr., who hasn’t talked to his son for a while, is bewildered about why they’ve gotten into trouble with such a dangerous group. As the story unfolds, they discover that it all connects to something Bert did 23 years ago while on a school trip to Russia.

Is The Machine story true

Is The Machine story true or not?

In this movie directed by Peter Atencio, Bert Kreischer plays himself, and Mark Hamill takes on the role of his father. It’s a rollercoaster of laughter and suspense that keeps the audience entertained throughout. But is this wild story actually based on real events?

The short answer is no; “The Machine” is not a true story. It’s based on Bert Kreischer’s stand-up comedy routine, which he named after himself because of this crazy trip to Russia. He’s told this story countless times in various forms, on radio shows, TV, podcasts, and during live performances. While the details might change a bit with each telling, the core of the story remains the same: it’s a true story.

The adventure begins with Bert taking a college course in Russian and being required to spend a semester in Russia to pass the class. The catch is that Bert barely learned any Russian beyond a few basic phrases. His professor assured him that just attending class would get him passing grades. In the 1990s, Bert and his classmates traveled to Russia for the semester, accompanied by two Russian mafia members who were supposed to ensure their “safety.” In reality, it was more about keeping an eye on this large group of American students. The students were explicitly told not to interact with these mafia guys, but Bert, of course, didn’t listen.

Is The Machine story true

On their first night in Russia, Bert bought vodka and beer for the two gangsters, and that’s when the adventure truly began. He was introduced to a whole room full of Russian mobsters, with whom he partied all night. With his limited Russian skills, all Bert could say as an introduction was “Ya machine,” which roughly translates to “I am the machine.” From that point on, he was known as “the machine.”

As the story goes, Bert got involved in robbing a bar and stealing luggage from the train they were on, including his classmates’ bags. While the police were called due to Bert’s actions, he somehow escaped without being charged or taken into custody, thanks to his new friends in the Russian mafia.

“The Machine” movie takes a bit of creative liberty by fast-forwarding 23 years after these incidents. Bert plays a fictionalized version of himself in the film. He has a wife, a child, a successful career, and the iconic Mark Hamill as his father. This movie marks Hamill’s first live-action role since Star Wars, and he initially found it challenging to see how violence could be funny. However, Bert assured him that it would work. Hamill was attracted to the script because of the father-son relationship, which he could personally relate to. He mentioned having had issues with his own father and appreciated the script’s unpredictability.

Interestingly, some parts of the movie reflect Bert’s real life. He shared that the emotional struggles his character faces in the movie mirror what he was going through in real life. Questions about identity, such as who he truly is without drinking or taking his shirt off on stage, are central themes. Bert also revealed that his real-life experiences with his growing daughter, who sought independence, resonated with the film’s father-daughter dynamic. He wanted his daughter to stay his little girl, mirroring his character’s desire in the movie. It’s a thrilling and hilarious ride that may seem too over-the-top to be true, but that’s the charm of Bert Kreischer’s storytelling—it’s “stranger than fiction” in every sense.

Is The Machine story true

Is “The Machine” based on a true story?

Yes, “The Machine” is based on a true story. It’s about stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer, who tells this story on stage. The movie, directed by Peter Atencio, shows a fictionalized version of the real events from Bert’s life.

Did “The Machine” movie flop?

The movie didn’t make all its money back during its first weekend in the U.S. It earned about 5 million dollars from 2409 theaters. But in the world of comedians turning into movie stars, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a complete failure.

Was “The Machine” shot in Russia?

No, “The Machine” was not filmed in Russia. It was shot in Serbia during April 2021.

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