Is Tony Armstrong married to Catherine Murphy

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Is Tony Armstrong married to Catherine Murphy

Is Tony Armstrong married to Catherine Murphy

Is Tony Armstrong married to Catherine Murphy – Tony Armstrong, a renowned ABC sports presenter in Australia, has been making headlines not only for his career achievements but also for the speculation surrounding his personal life. Born and raised in Australia, this 33-year-old former professional Australian rules footballer has had a fascinating journey in the world of sports journalism. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of Tony Armstrong’s life, including his career, education, relationships, and the controversy surrounding his supposed “secret wife.”

Is Tony Armstrong married to Catherine Murphy

Tony Armstrong Early Life

Tony Armstrong, an Aboriginal Australian, began his journey in the world of sports as a professional Australian rules footballer. He played for prominent clubs like Collingwood Football Club, Adelaide Football Club, and the Sydney Swans, all competing in the prestigious Australian Football League (AFL). However, after his football career, he transitioned into sports journalism and became a familiar face on ABC’s News Breakfast, where he currently hosts the sports segment.

Tony Armstrong Career

One of Tony Armstrong’s most notable achievements in his journalism career was receiving the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent at the 2022 Logie Awards. This recognition underscores his rising popularity and success as a sports presenter on national television.

Addressing the Rumors

Tony Armstrong has been consistently bombarded with questions about his personal life, particularly regarding his marital status and relationships. Although he typically refrains from addressing such inquiries, he recently decided to share his perspective on the rumors surrounding his “secret wife.”

In a recent interview with Stellar magazine, Armstrong was confronted with questions about his alleged secret marriage. The 33-year-old sports presenter laughed off the rumors, emphasizing that he wouldn’t hide such a significant aspect of his life from the public. He stated, “Do you think I would tell you if I had a hidden wife that I had been hiding all this time?” While he didn’t confirm or deny the existence of a secret wife, he made it clear that he’s not opposed to marriage but is waiting for someone unique.

Is Tony Armstrong married to Catherine Murphy

Tony Armstrong Marital Status

Contrary to the persistent rumors, Tony Armstrong has never been married. He has not officially disclosed the identity of his current partner, if he has one. He remains a private individual when it comes to his personal relationships, refraining from sharing any details on social media that might suggest otherwise.

Catherine Murphy: A Key Figure

One name that frequently surfaces in connection with Tony Armstrong is Catherine Murphy. She is an Irish expatriate who has made a name for herself in Australia, particularly in the field of sports journalism. Catherine moved to Melbourne from Ireland 15 years ago and has become an integral part of the Australian sports media landscape.

Before her move, Catherine worked in sports journalism in Ireland and was educated at Dublin City University. Her cousin Anne McCabe, who worked in RTE Sport, played a pivotal role in her journey into television broadcasting. Catherine’s Irish charm and knowledge of Australian Rules Football have made her a respected figure in the industry.

Is Tony Armstrong married to Catherine Murphy

Catherine Murphy Career

Currently employed by ABC Melbourne as a sports journalist and TV presenter, Catherine Murphy has been thriving in her career. She appreciates the opportunities Australia has offered her and acknowledges that there are more prospects in Australia’s vast sports industry than in Ireland. Her journey from Ireland to Australia exemplifies the pursuit of career aspirations and the opportunities available in the Land Down Under.


In conclusion, Tony Armstrong is not only a prominent sports presenter but also a private individual when it comes to his personal life. Despite the persistent rumors, he has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a secret wife, emphasizing that he is waiting for someone unique. Catherine Murphy, another respected figure in Australian sports journalism, has her own story of success and adaptation as an Irish expatriate.

Tony Armstrong’s career continues to thrive, and his private life remains a subject of speculation for many. As he navigates the world of sports journalism, he reminds us that fame and personal life are often two separate domains, and he is determined to maintain that distinction.

Who is Catherine Murphy, the ABC Sports Reporter?

Catherine Murphy is a sports reporter you might have seen on ABC. She kickstarted her career working in the sports department of Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ. Later, in 2006, she made a big move to Australia and began working with Fox Sports, where she continued her journey as a sports journalist.

Where Was Tony Armstrong Born?

Tony Armstrong was born in Albury, Australia. That’s where he originally comes from.

Why Was Tony Armstrong Delisted?

Tony Armstrong went through a tough time in his career when he was delisted by two Australian rules football teams, the Swans and the Magpies. This happened in 2013 and 2015, respectively. He opened up about this experience and mentioned that it took him years to bounce back from it. He didn’t retire on his own terms but was let go because the teams didn’t think he was good enough. It’s a pretty harsh reality in the world of professional sports, and he shared these feelings on the ABC’s Take 5 with Zan Rowe.

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