Is Tony Evans Engaged

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Is Tony Evans Engaged

Is Tony Evans Engaged

Is Tony Evans Engaged – In a heartfelt and surprising announcement, Dr. Tony Evans, the well-known author and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, shared some exciting news with his congregation on September 10, 2023 – he is engaged. This revelation came as a touching tribute to his late wife, Lois, and as a testament to the resilience of the human heart in the face of profound loss.

A Tender Tribute to Lois

As Pastor Tony Evans stood before his congregation, he couldn’t help but reminisce about his beloved late wife, Lois, who had passed away four years prior. He described her as the defining force in his life, their family, and the ministry they had built together.

“As I come up to the fourth year of the loss of Lois, my wife of 49 and a half years, it is a tender time,” Pastor Evans shared with his congregation. “There are reminders everywhere of her life and her influence on me, my family, and this ministry.”

The deep and enduring love between Tony and Lois Evans had been a cornerstone of their life together. Their journey, which began when they were just 18 years old, led to a marriage that spanned nearly five decades. They celebrated their 47th anniversary together in 2017, making her passing in 2019 from biliary cancer a profound and heart-wrenching loss.

A Surprising Announcement

Tony Evans, in his characteristic wisdom and humility, thanked his congregation for standing by him throughout his grieving process. He acknowledged the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies such a loss and expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support.

But it was what came next that took everyone by surprise. As the pastor navigated the ups and downs of singlehood, he revealed that God had brought someone new into his life, someone who had traveled a similar path of loss and grief.

“This someone has traveled this similar road. In fact, she and her husband were on their way to Lois’s funeral when her husband died,” Tony Evans shared. “As I have tried to share the ups and downs of my life with you, I wanted to share this and give you the opportunity to meet my new fiancée, Miss Carla Crummie.”

As Carla Crummie made her way onto the stage, the congregation responded with cheers and applause. It was a moment of celebration, but also one of reflection on the complexities of love, loss, and healing.

Honoring Two Legacies

One of the remarkable aspects of this announcement was the grace and sensitivity with which Tony Evans approached it. He acknowledged that this was a sensitive time for all involved, including his new fiancée Carla. The congregation was reminded that amidst joy, there was also a profound sense of loss.

“It’s a sensitive time,” Pastor Evans admitted. “During times like this, you’re also reminded of loss. I want your sensitivity as you pray for me. As we walk through this journey. As she walks through the grief, she has to walk through.”

This thoughtful approach demonstrated the depth of Tony Evans’ character and his commitment to honoring the legacies of both Lois and Carla’s late husband. It was a moment that showcased the importance of empathy and understanding in the face of complex emotions.

Looking Toward the Future

While the engagement announcement was undoubtedly a highlight of the day, Pastor Tony Evans and Carla Crummie have not yet set a date for their wedding. As they navigate this new chapter of their lives together, their congregation will undoubtedly continue to support them with love and prayers.

Carla Crummie: A Closer Look

Dr. Carla Crummie, the woman who has captured Tony Evans’ heart, is a remarkable individual in her own right. She is a Christian therapist, author, and the Kindness ambassador of The Urban Alternative. Carla is also a John Maxwell certified life coach, with a vast clientele that benefits from her expertise.

Is Tony Evans Engaged

Her specialization in Christian counseling, particularly in helping couples and blending families together, demonstrates her commitment to healing and building strong relationships. Prior to becoming engaged to Tony Evans, Carla was married to Dr. Robert W. Crummie, with whom she worked closely until his tragic passing in January 2020.

Carla’s journey, marked by both personal and professional achievements, has now led her to this new chapter alongside Tony Evans. Her willingness to honor Lois Evans’ legacy is a testament to her character and her understanding of the complexities of love and loss.

The Legacy of Tony Evans

Tony Evans’ life and ministry have been marked by a profound impact on the Christian community. According to his official website, his journey began when he was approached by a Houston radio show producer to deliver preaching content on a show while he was a junior in Dallas Theological Seminary’s ThM program.

Since then, he has become a prominent figure in the world of Christian ministry. The Urban Alternative, formed in 1981 alongside his late wife Lois Evans, has reached countless lives with its messages of faith, hope, and love.

Tony Evans’ contributions have not gone unnoticed. He has received several honors, including the Father of the Year award by the Dallas Father of the Year Committee, the Marian Pfister Anschutz Award, an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from St. Davids, and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the Dallas Baptist Church. He has also been listed on the Outstanding Young Men of America list, among other prestigious achievements.

Is Tony Evans Engaged

His influence extends beyond the pulpit; Tony Evans has also served as an associate professor in the Pastoral Ministries Department at the Dallas Theological Seminary and has been a valued board member of DTS’ Incorporate Members.

In addition to his ministry work, Tony Evans served as a chaplain for both the Dallas Cowboys and the Dallas Mavericks, providing spiritual guidance and support to athletes on and off the field.

In Conclusion

The engagement of Pastor Tony Evans to Dr. Carla Crummie is not just a personal story of love and resilience; it’s a testament to the complexities of life, love, and grief. It highlights the importance of empathy, understanding, and the ability of the human heart to heal and find love once more.

As Tony Evans and Carla Crummie embark on this new chapter of their lives together, their congregation, and indeed the world, watches with admiration and support. Their story is a reminder that even in the face of profound loss, love can find a way to bloom once more.

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Who was Tony Evans first wife?

Tony Evans’ first wife was Lois Evans.

Who is Louis Evans wife of Tony Evans?

Lois Evans was the beloved wife of Dr. Tony Evans, a prominent Christian author and senior pastor. She was a cherished figure in his life and ministry.

What illness did Tony Evans wife have?

Lois Evans battled biliary cancer, a rare disease in the United States. Despite the challenges posed by this illness, she displayed remarkable resilience. Tony Evans has mentioned that prayer played a significant role in her journey, and she lived longer than medical expectations had predicted. Tragically, she passed away on December 30, 2019, due to this illness.

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