Is Vicky White still alive, Wikipedia, Daughter, Wiki

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Is Vicky White still alive, Wikipedia, Daughter, Wiki

Is Vicky White still alive, Wikipedia, Daughter, Wiki

Is Vicky White still alive, Wikipedia, Daughter, Wiki – In a tragic turn of events, Vicky White, a former Alabama corrections official, passed away in what has been ruled as a suicide. This sad incident comes after she and an inmate she is accused of freeing were involved in a dramatic car chase that lasted 11 days. This article will take you through the events leading up to this shocking incident and explore the circumstances surrounding it.

Is Vicky White still alive, Wikipedia, Daughter, Wiki

Who Was Vicky White?

Vicky White, at 56 years old, was a former assistant director of corrections at a jail in Alabama’s Lauderdale County. Her life took a dark turn when she allegedly freed Casey White, an inmate, in late April. Casey White, aged 38, was facing capital murder charges related to the 2015 stabbing death of Connie Ridgeway. While he was normally housed in a state prison, he was periodically transferred to the Lauderdale County jail for hearings related to his case. It was during these transfers that investigators suspect Vicky White and Casey White developed a romantic relationship. Even when he was sent back to state prison, they reportedly maintained contact.

The Start of the Manhunt

The multistate manhunt began on April 29, the day when Vicky White checked Casey White out of the detention center, supposedly to take him to a courthouse. This act was the start of a series of events that would unfold over the following weeks. The escape and their subsequent time on the run captured the attention of law enforcement and the public alike.

The Car Chase and Tragic End

The final chapter of this dramatic story played out in Evansville, Indiana. Vicky White and Casey White found themselves in a car chase with law enforcement. The chase came to a dramatic end when the Cadillac they were in crashed, rolling over. It was at this point that investigators believe Vicky White took her own life, with a single gunshot wound to her head.

The Vanderburgh County coroner’s office in Indiana confirmed that Vicky White’s cause of death was suicide, though they did not release further details. The full report is being withheld as part of an ongoing investigation. Authorities had suspected that she had fatally shot herself following the car crash in Indiana.

Casey White was taken into custody after the crash and was subsequently transported to an Alabama state prison, effectively ending the manhunt that had gripped multiple states for nearly two weeks.

Insights from the 911 Call

On Wednesday, officials in Evansville, Indiana, released audio of a 911 call they believe Vicky White made during the final moments of the chase. While the call provides some insight into the seconds leading to her death, it does not conclusively clarify how or when she sustained the gunshot wound.

The 911 audio begins with someone uttering indiscernible words, followed by the dispatcher saying “Evansville 911.” There is no immediate response to the dispatcher’s prompts. Instead, a woman’s voice, believed to be Vicky White’s, can be heard within the first six seconds, saying phrases like “Stop” and “Wait, stop… airbags going to go off and kill us.”

Around twelve seconds into the recording, a loud noise is heard, followed by at least three more loud noises within about 15 seconds. It remains unclear from the audio what these noises represent and when they occurred in relation to the car crash and the gunshot.

Conflicting Accounts

In contrast to the 911 call, law enforcement officials had previously indicated that Vicky White had mentioned having a gun during her call with police dispatchers. Dispatch audio from Evansville police also included a statement where the dispatcher advised law enforcement units that “she had her finger on the trigger.” However, this specific mention of a gun or her finger on the trigger is not present in the 911 recording.

Further complicating the matter, responding officers on the scene can be heard in the recording stating that her finger was on the trigger when they found her. These discrepancies have raised questions about the sequence of events leading up to Vicky White’s tragic end.

Casey White Statements

When Casey White was taken into custody, he reportedly told officers to help “his wife” who had shot herself in the head. It’s important to note that, to the best of authorities’ knowledge, Vicky White and Casey White were not married. This revelation adds another layer of mystery to the already complex situation.

Casey White also indicated that, had his car not been rammed into a ditch, he intended to have a shootout with law enforcement, risking both their lives. These statements, made during interviews with investigators after his capture, shed light on the dangerous situation that unfolded during the chase.


The tragic end of Vicky White’s life leaves many questions unanswered. The circumstances surrounding her suicide, the escape of Casey White, and the events leading up to the car chase continue to be the subject of investigation and scrutiny. The case serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges faced by law enforcement when dealing with fugitives and the unpredictable nature of such situations.

As more information becomes available through the ongoing investigation, authorities hope to piece together the final moments of Vicky White’s life and provide closure to the families and communities affected by these events.

What happened to Vicky White?

When the police caught Casey White, they discovered that Vicky White had been shot in the head. Sadly, she passed away later in the hospital, and the coroner determined that she took her own life. In May, Casey White was charged with her murder.

Who shot Vicky?

In a separate incident, more than a dozen gang members and shooters were arrested. Three of them—Sajjan, also known as Bholu, Anil Lath, and Ajay—revealed information about the killing of someone named Vicky Middukhera. They told the Delhi Police and later the Punjab Police that a gangster named Kaushal Chaudhary had ordered the killing.

Did Vicky White have a husband?

Vicky White was married to her ex-husband, Tommy White, back in 2002. She was six years younger than Tommy. Interestingly, Vicky formed a close bond with Tommy’s mother, Frances White.

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