Jack Posobiec Wiki, Twitter, Gttr, Wikipedia

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Jack Posobiec Wiki, Twitter, Gttr, Wikipedia

Jack Posobiec Wiki, Twitter, Gttr, Wikipedia

Jack Posobiec Wiki, Twitter, Gttr, Wikipedia – Jack Posobiec, a name that gained prominence in right-wing circles and even caught the attention of President Donald Trump, has a rather unique background. He’s not just a right-wing activist but also a U.S. naval intelligence officer, detailed to a reserve unit. Let’s delve into the details of his life and career.

Jack Posobiec Wiki, Twitter, Gttr, Wikipedia

Jack Posobiec Early Life and Education

Jack Posobiec, whose full name is John Michael Posobiec III, was born on December 14, 1984. He’s an American by nationality and belongs to the “New Right” movement. While his early life and education details are not widely available, his journey in the U.S. Navy Reserves and the world of right-wing activism is well-documented.

Jack Posobiec Career in the Navy

Posobiec is a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the U.S. Navy Reserves, assigned to Joint Reserve Intelligence Support Element Dekalb. He spent considerable time serving in various capacities related to intelligence. From March 2014 through March 2017, he was assigned to a Reserve Intelligence Unit at the Office of Naval Intelligence’s Naval Maritime Intelligence Center in Washington.

However, it’s important to note that his security clearance is currently suspended. The exact reason for this suspension is undisclosed, but Posobiec himself suspects that his increasing outspokenness on Twitter might have played a role in it.

Jack Posobiec Civilian Career

Posobiec’s civilian career path has been far from conventional. He resigned from his civilian job with the Office of Naval Intelligence in March, citing a “toxic work environment” due to his vocal support for President Trump and the growth of his “political advocacy.” He went on to work for the Canada-based right-wing media outlet Rebel Media but has since moved on from there as well.

He emphasizes that he never conducted his political activities while in uniform or during government work hours and asserts that he never mishandled classified information.

Jack Posobiec Social Media Controversies

During his time in the reserves, Posobiec used his social media platforms to promote controversial and debunked conspiracy theories. One such theory was the rumor surrounding the murder of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, which was believed to be linked to email leaks to Wikileaks.

He also dived into the Pizzagate theory, suggesting that Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile ring out of a pizzeria. Shortly after the 2016 election, Posobiec visited the Comet Pizza establishment and posted a video, which appeared to be in a joking manner, as he tried to uncover what was happening in the bathroom.

Posobiec didn’t stop there; he also used Twitter to promote leaked emails from the campaign of French President Emmanuel Macron.

In June, he was present in the audience during a controversial New York production of “Julius Caesar,” which drew attention because the character resembling the President was assassinated. Posobiec shouted accusations at the audience in a video posted on his Twitter feed.

Activism and Protests

Jack Posobiec’s activism wasn’t confined to the internet. He tried to organize a protest against Google for firing an engineer who wrote a controversial memo about women in the tech industry. However, he eventually called off the protest, citing “Alt Left terrorist threats.”

Political Affiliation

Although Posobiec is often associated with the alt-right movement, he identifies himself as a “conservative Republican” and a member of the “New Right.” He is a vocal supporter of President Trump, and this support earned him a retweet from the President himself.

Military Service and Deployments

Posobiec emphasizes his military service as an important part of his identity. He stated in a recent video that his military service proves he’s not a racist. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy Reserves on May 25, 2010, and later became an officer on October 31, 2013. He holds the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade since October 2015.

His military records reflect one overseas deployment, which involved a 10-month assignment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, starting on September 11, 2012. Additionally, he mentioned overseas deployments for annual training and work as a civilian Navy employee.

Awards and Decorations

Posobiec’s military service has earned him numerous awards and decorations, primarily related to completing assignments and unit awards. He was also honored with the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Award.

Controversy and Critics

Critics, such as Heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, believe that individuals with controversial and extreme ideas should not serve in the U.S. military. She has expressed concerns about Posobiec’s role in the reserves.

Posobiec, on his part, clarifies that he’s not associated with extremist groups and condemns hatred and bigotry in all forms. He claims the only organization he belongs to is Citizens for Trump.

Jack Posobiec Wiki, Twitter, Gttr, Wikipedia


Jack Posobiec’s life and career are marked by a blend of military service and right-wing activism. He has been at the center of controversies due to his vocal support for President Trump and his promotion of various conspiracy theories on social media. Whether celebrated or criticized, Posobiec’s journey reflects the complex intersection of politics, media, and military service in contemporary America.

Who is Jack Posobiec, and what is his background?

Jack Posobiec is a right-wing activist and a U.S. naval intelligence officer in the reserves. He gained prominence for his online presence and was retweeted by President Donald Trump.

What controversies has Posobiec been involved in on social media?

Posobiec has promoted conspiracy theories on social media platforms. He drew attention to the Seth Rich murder conspiracy, Pizzagate theory, and shared leaked emails from the campaign of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Has Posobiec been involved in physical activism and protests?

Yes, Posobiec has been involved in physical activism, including attempting to organize a protest against Google for firing an engineer and being present in the audience during a controversial production of “Julius Caesar.”

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