Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet

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Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet

Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet

Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet – Jody David Scheckter is a name synonymous with the world of motorsports. Born on January 29, 1950, in East London, South Africa, he made a significant mark in Formula One racing during the 1970s. Let’s delve into the life and career of this racing legend in simpler terms.

Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet

Jody Scheckter Early Life and Education

Jody Scheckter had a typical upbringing in South Africa. He attended Selborne College and Hudson Park High School in East London. These were his formative years where he likely developed a passion for racing, which would later become his life’s calling.

NameJody David Scheckter
Date of BirthJanuary 29, 1950
BirthplaceEast London, South Africa
CareerFormer Formula One racing driver and businessman
Formula One Career1972 – 1980
Formula One Wins10 Grand Prix races
Formula One Podiums33 times
Notable Achievements– 1979 Formula One World Champion with Ferrari
– Only African to win the Formula One World Championship
Business Ventures– Founded FATS Inc., a firearms training simulator company
– Currently makes ice cream on Laverstoke Park Farm
Net WorthEstimated at USD 100 million
Family– Married to Clare Scheckter
– Two children with Pamela (Toby and Tomas)
– Four children with Clare (Hugo, Freddie, Ila, and Poppy)
– Sadly lost his daughter Ila at a young age
Current Endeavors– Biodynamic farmer at Laverstoke Park Farm
LegacyA celebrated racing legend and successful entrepreneur

Jody Scheckter Career

In 1972, Jody Scheckter embarked on his Formula One journey. Over the next eight years, he participated in this thrilling motorsport, driving for various teams including McLaren, Tyrrell, Wolf, and Ferrari. However, it was with Ferrari that he reached the pinnacle of his career.

Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet

Jody Scheckter was often referred to as the “South African Wild Man” during his racing days. He gained recognition in England for his prowess in Formula Ford and Formula Three racing. His passion for speed and racing made him a formidable contender in Formula One. His career highlights include winning races and achieving podium finishes, especially during his time with Tyrrell.

Ferrari Triumph

In 1979, Scheckter achieved a remarkable feat. He not only helped Ferrari win the Constructors’ Championship but also clinched the Drivers’ Championship himself. This victory was a significant moment in his career, as he became the only African to ever win the Formula One World Championship. Critics had their doubts about him fitting into Ferrari’s strict management style, but he proved them wrong.

Scheckter’s stellar performances, including three race wins in 1979, propelled him to the top of the drivers’ standings. It was a year to remember for both him and Ferrari.


However, the following year, Scheckter faced a different story. His title defense in 1980 proved to be a struggle. He even failed to qualify for one race, which was a significant setback. It was clear that things weren’t going well for him. As a result, Scheckter decided to part ways with Ferrari and the sport after scoring just two points that season. Little did he know that he would be the last Ferrari driver to win a Drivers’ Championship until Michael Schumacher’s victory in 2000.

Life After Racing

After retiring from the fast-paced world of Formula One, Scheckter didn’t rest on his laurels. Instead, he ventured into various endeavors.

Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet

Jody Scheckter Net Worth

As of now, Jody Scheckter’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 100 million. His successful racing career and subsequent business ventures contributed significantly to his wealth.

Business Ventures

Scheckter founded a company called FATS Inc. This company specializes in creating handgun training simulators for law enforcement, military, and security agencies. It’s a testament to his ability to transition from the race track to the business world successfully.

Return to Farming

Jody Scheckter’s post-racing life took an unexpected turn when he became a biodynamic farmer. He purchased Laverstoke Park Farm, a sprawling 2,500-acre property in Hampshire, not far from London. This marked a significant shift from the high-speed world of racing to the tranquility of farming.

Jody Scheckter Car Collection

Scheckter’s love for automobiles never waned. After retiring, he began collecting some of the vehicles he had driven during his racing career. These included iconic cars like the Ferrari 312 T4, Tyrrell P34 (also known as the 6-wheel Tyrrell), Tyrrell 007, Wolf WR1, McLaren M23, McLaren M19, McLaren M21, Rondel Motul M1, Merlyn Mk21, Trojan T101, Merlyn Mk11a, and Porsche 917.

Jody Scheckter Family

Jody Scheckter is a family man. He has been married twice. His first wife was Pamela, with whom he had two children named Toby and Tomas. Later in life, he married Clare Scheckter, with whom he has four children named Hugo, Freddie, Ila, and Poppy. Tragically, he lost his daughter Ila at the young age of 21.

Jody Scheckter Wiki, Wikipedia, Farm, Net Worth, Wife, House, Daughter, Son, Helmet

Tyrrell and the Six-Wheeled Car

In 1974, Scheckter joined Tyrrell, and it marked a significant chapter in his career. He rewarded the team with a third-place finish in the Drivers’ Championship that year, along with wins in Sweden and Britain. He also had a remarkable streak of scoring points in eight consecutive races.

Perhaps the most iconic moment during his Tyrrell tenure was when the team introduced the innovative six-wheeled Tyrrell P34. While Scheckter later referred to the car as “a piece of junk,” he managed to secure its only win at Sweden’s Anderstorp circuit. During his twelve races with the six-wheeler, he scored points ten times. One memorable battle took place during the American Grand Prix when he went head-to-head with his friend and fellow racer, James Hunt.


Jody Scheckter left an indelible mark on the world of motorsports. His journey from South Africa to the pinnacle of Formula One is an inspiring story of dedication, talent, and resilience. His achievements, both on and off the race track, continue to be celebrated.

In conclusion, Jody Scheckter’s life is a testament to the pursuit of one’s passion and the ability to excel in multiple fields. From the thrill of Formula One racing to the serenity of biodynamic farming and the success of his business ventures, he has truly experienced the best of both worlds. His legacy as a racing legend and entrepreneur will continue to inspire generations to come.

What does Jody Scheckter do now?

Jody Scheckter is now a farmer. He spends his time working on a big farm called Laverstoke Park Farm. This farm is huge, about 2,500 acres, which is like having a thousand football fields altogether. It’s located near Overton, Hampshire, not too far from London, about 40 miles away.

How many wins does Jody Scheckter have?

Jody Scheckter is one of the most successful racing drivers from South Africa. He won 10 big races called Grand Prix races during his career. He also got on the podium after races 33 times. That’s like being one of the top three winners in those races. He started racing in Grand Prix events in 1972 with McLaren and won his first race in 1974 at the Swedish Grand Prix while driving for Tyrrell.

How did Jody Scheckter make his money?

Jody Scheckter made his money in a few different ways. First, he became a Formula 1 champion while racing with Ferrari. That’s a big deal in the racing world, and it comes with a lot of money and fame. After his racing career, he made more money by selling firearms, which are guns. He did this as a business and made millions. But here’s the interesting part: now, he’s into something completely different. He makes ice cream on his farm in Hampshire. So, he went from being a famous race car driver to a gun seller, and now he’s making delicious ice cream! It’s safe to say he’s had a pretty extraordinary career with lots of different highlights.

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