Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review

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Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review – “Kali Ka Karishma,” also known as “Kanchana 3,” is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language action-comedy horror film directed by Raghava Lawrence. The film is the fourth installment in the Muni film series and is a spine-tingling blend of supernatural horror, comedy, and action. It tells the story of a man named Raghava, who becomes possessed by a vengeful spirit, leading to a series of eerie and comical events. With elements of horror, suspense, and humor, the movie takes viewers on a thrilling and entertaining ride through the world of the supernatural.

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review
Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Story Moviezwap

The story kicks off with a businessman seeking help for his daughter’s eerie predicament. Unexplained events and mysterious occurrences have left his family terrified, prompting them to seek assistance. In a bid to rid his daughter of the malevolent spirit tormenting her, they enlist the help of Russian exorcists, who successfully expel the vengeful entity and confine it within a tree using two metal nail crosses.

On the other side of the story, we meet Raghava, a man with a deep fear of ghosts. He lives a content life with his family, including his mother, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. The family embarks on a journey to Coimbatore to celebrate their grandparents’ 60th anniversary. During a picnic stop in a field, a gust of wind dislodges the metal nail crosses from the ground, setting the stage for the supernatural events that follow.

Upon reaching their grandparents’ house, strange and terrifying incidents begin to unfold, witnessed by the entire family, including Raghava’s female cousins Priya, Kavya, and Divya. Desperate for answers and a solution to their paranormal woes, they visit a Muneeshwaran temple, where an aghori provides them with a holy trishula to combat the malevolent forces at play.

As the nights grow darker, the spirit becomes increasingly aggressive. It drags Priya out of the house, leaving the family in a state of fear and chaos. Determined to confront the supernatural menace head-on, they send Raghava, his female cousins, and his grandparents to distribute posters, while they conduct rituals to banish the entity.

During these rituals, they encounter horrifying phenomena – a black horse storms through the house during the first ritual, and a herd of bulls terrorizes them during the second. In the final ritual, they nail and decapitate a doll representing the spirit, only to have their efforts met with further terror as the entity consumes the doll’s head.

Desperate for help, they turn to the aghori, who initially lies to them about capturing the spirit. It’s then revealed that Raghava has been possessed by two spirits – one malevolent and one female. The aghori decides to share the backstory of the vengeful female spirit named Kaali.

In the past, Kaali was a social worker who ran an ashram dedicated to helping the underprivileged, inspired by his late mother’s legacy. His life takes a dark turn when Bhavani, the younger brother of a powerful minister named Shankar, demands that Kaali harbor his ill-gotten black money in the ashram. Bhavani’s conditions are clear: Kaali must return most of the money while keeping a portion for the ashram’s funding.

Refusing to be a pawn in Bhavani’s corrupt game, Kaali faces dire consequences. Bhavani and his henchmen brutally murder an innocent handicapped boy from the ashram, pushing Kaali to the brink. In a fit of rage and vengeance, Kaali exacts retribution, eliminating Bhavani, his right-hand man ‘Royapuram’ Murthy, and eventually Bhavani himself. Kaali’s actions earn him the support of the people, leading to a showdown between him and Shankar.

Shankar, with the help of his assistant, devises a plan to eliminate Kaali. Tragedy strikes as Kaali and his love interest Rosie meet a gruesome end in a staged accident orchestrated by Shankar. The ashram, along with its innocent supporters, is reduced to ashes.

In the present, the possessed Raghava is consumed by a thirst for vengeance against Shankar. However, Shankar has enlisted Russian exorcists to deal with the malevolent spirit. But when the spirit of Goddess Kali takes possession of Kaali, he proves to be more powerful than the exorcists. Kaali’s ultimate goal is to avenge his and Rosie’s deaths, leading to a chilling and action-packed climax.

The movie concludes with Kaali and Rosie safely returning Raghava to his family, leaving them to grapple with the supernatural encounters that have forever altered their lives.

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Review Pagalmovies

“Kali Ka Karishma,” also known as “Kanchana 3,” is a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the realms of horror, comedy, and action. Directed by Raghava Lawrence, this installment in the Muni film series delivers a potent mix of supernatural chills and laughter-inducing moments that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

One of the film’s strengths is its ability to seamlessly blend horror and comedy. The story starts with a spine-tingling setup involving possession and malevolent spirits, but it skillfully injects humor into the narrative through the character of Raghava. His transformation into a feminine persona while possessed adds a comedic dimension that provides much-needed relief from the tension.

The film’s plot is well-structured, with a gripping backstory that sets the stage for the supernatural events that unfold. Kaali’s transformation from a compassionate social worker to a vengeful spirit is portrayed with depth and emotion, making his quest for retribution all the more engaging. The clash between Kaali and Shankar builds anticipation throughout the movie and leads to an action-packed climax that doesn’t disappoint.

The visual effects and makeup work in “Kali Ka Karishma” are commendable. The supernatural elements, including possessed characters and paranormal occurrences, are convincingly portrayed, adding to the overall eerie atmosphere of the film. The scenes involving the possessed Raghava are particularly well-executed, creating moments of genuine horror.

The performances in the film are solid, with Raghava Lawrence impressing in his dual role as Raghava and Kaali. His ability to switch between the timid and terrified Raghava to the vengeful and menacing Kaali showcases his versatility as an actor. The supporting cast, including Oviya, Vedhika, Nikki Tamboli, and Ri Djavi Alexandra, deliver engaging performances that complement the narrative.

The film’s pacing keeps the audience engaged from start to finish, with a well-structured storyline that gradually builds tension and suspense. The incorporation of supernatural elements, rituals, and exorcism adds depth to the horror aspect, while Raghava’s comedic moments provide a balance that prevents the film from becoming overwhelmingly scary.

On the downside, some viewers may find certain scenes excessively gory or intense, which could be unsettling for sensitive audiences. However, for fans of the horror-comedy genre, these elements are expected and contribute to the film’s overall appeal.

In conclusion, “Kali Ka Karishma” (Kanchana 3) is a captivating supernatural thriller that successfully combines horror, comedy, and action. With a well-crafted plot, strong performances, and effective visual effects, it delivers an entertaining cinematic experience. Raghava Lawrence’s direction and his portrayal of the dual roles add depth to the film, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre. If you’re ready for a supernatural rollercoaster filled with scares and laughs, “Kali Ka Karishma” is the ride you’ve been waiting for.

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast Pagalworld

Raghava LawrenceRaghava / Kaali
VedhikaPriya (as Vedika)
Nikki TamboliDivya
Ri Djavi AlexandraRosie, Kaali’s love interest
Kovai SaralaRaghava’s Mother
Kabir Duhan SinghBhavani
Tarun AroraMinister
Anupama KumarRadha (Kaali’s Mother)
SrimanRaghava’s Brother
Devadarshini ChetanKamakshi
Aathma PatrickMoorthy
Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Crew Members Mp4moviez

DirectorRaghava Lawrence
ProducerRaghava Lawrence

Kalanithi Maran

Hari Vishnu
WriterRaghava Lawrence
Music BySekar Sai Bharath

Kapilan Kugavel

Bharat Madhusudhanan

Jesse Samuel

Saravedi Saran

Raj Thillaiyampalam
Cinematography bySushil Choudhary

Vetri Palanisamy
Film Editing ByAntony L. Ruben
Production Design by
Costume Design bySagar Battalwar

Nivetha Joseph

Sonya Sandiavo
Kali Ka Karishma Movie Cast, Actress Name, Release date, Review

Kali Ka Karishma Movie Trailer Filmyzilla

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