Kanchana 3 Movie Cast, Heroine Name, Box Office Collection

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Kanchana 3 Movie Cast, Heroine Name, Box Office Collection

Kanchana 3 Movie Cast, Heroine Name, Box Office Collection

Kanchana 3 Movie Cast, Heroine Name, Box Office Collection – In the realm of Indian cinema, horror-comedy has carved its niche with films that blend spine-tingling scares with rib-tickling humor. One such franchise that has mastered this delicate balance is the “Kanchana” series, and in 2019, it offered its audience the fourth installment, “Kanchana 3,” also known as “Muni 4: Kanchana 3.” Helmed by Raghava Lawrence, who also takes on a dual role in the film, “Kanchana 3” boasts an ensemble cast and promises the same familiar blend of supernatural shivers and laugh-out-loud moments. While it aims to deliver on the tried-and-true formula, does it manage to keep the audience engaged with its repetitiveness? This article explores the plot, characters, and the overall cinematic experience of “Kanchana 3.”

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Kanchana 3 Movie Cast, Heroine Name, Box Office Collection

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“Kanchana 3” sets its stage with a businessman seeking help for his daughter’s mysterious troubles, setting in motion a series of eerie events. To alleviate the problem, a visit to the Lord Narasimha Temple is planned, but things take a terrifying turn when the daughter breaks the family car and runs home, her actions invoking fear in everyone present. In desperation, they summon Russian exorcists to rid their daughter of the malevolent spirit plaguing her. Through an intense ritual, they succeed in subduing the spirit and binding it to a tree with metal nail crosses.

The story then shifts to Raghava, a man with an acute fear of ghosts, who lives harmoniously with his family, including his mother, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. The family embarks on a journey to Coimbatore to celebrate their grandparents’ 60th anniversary. During a picnic stop, an unexpected gust of wind dislodges the metal nail crosses, setting the stage for supernatural chaos. Strange and terrifying incidents unfold as they spend time at their grandparents’ house. Seeking answers, they visit a Muneeshwaran temple, where an aghori guru provides them with a holy trishula for protection. The plot thickens when the spirit abducts Priya, one of Raghava’s female cousins, and the trishula mysteriously lands in front of her.

Determined to confront the supernatural entity, the family continues its quest for answers and seeks the help of the aghori guru once more. He provides them with three eerie dolls to ascertain the presence of ghosts, ghouls, or vengeful vampires. While the family conducts rituals and hands out posters, they face increasingly terrifying encounters. A black horse rampages through their house during one ritual, followed by a menacing herd of bulls during another. In a final ritual, they brutally decapitate one of the dolls, triggering a sinister response from the vengeful spirit.

As the malevolent entity intensifies its attacks, Raghava’s family is pushed to the brink of terror. The aghori guru arrives and, in a shocking revelation, admits to lying about capturing the spirit. He unveils the backstory of Kaali, a social worker who met a tragic end while defending the innocent and seeking justice against a powerful adversary.

The Past and Present Converge: The film delves into Kaali’s past, a compassionate social worker who ran an ashram dedicated to helping the less fortunate. When confronted by a ruthless rowdy named Bhavani, brother to a powerful minister named Shankar, Kaali refuses to cooperate in a money laundering scheme. This refusal leads to a series of violent events, culminating in Kaali’s murder at the hands of Shankar’s henchmen. Kaali’s tragic story intertwines with the present as his spirit takes possession of Raghava.

The possessed Raghava embarks on a vengeful mission to settle scores with Shankar, who has already arranged for Russian exorcists to eliminate Kaali. However, the intervention of Goddess Kali within Kaali’s spirit tips the scales in his favor. Kaali ultimately vanquishes Shankar, avenging his own death and that of his beloved Rosie. With the mission accomplished, Kaali and Rosie safely return Raghava to his family, leaving behind a story of justice and retribution.

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“Kanchana 3” proudly upholds the horror-comedy legacy of its predecessors but does so with a sense of déjà vu that is hard to ignore. The film adheres closely to the tried-and-tested formula of a protagonist who is easily frightened, a well-intentioned but comically dysfunctional family, a mischievous ghost, tantrics, a poignant backstory, and a quest for revenge. While the franchise’s earlier films managed to infuse fresh humor and scares, “Kanchana 3” struggles to maintain the novelty.

One noticeable aspect is the over-reliance on jump scares. There are not one, but five instances of the same jump scare scenario, which, unfortunately, showcases a lack of imagination on the part of the filmmakers. The repetitiveness dulls the impact of these moments and diminishes their ability to surprise and entertain the audience.

Furthermore, “Kanchana 3” takes a regressive approach in its treatment of female characters. The film objectifies its three female leads, repeatedly referring to them as ‘figurunga,’ which pertains to their physical attributes. Such objectification is not only outdated but also detracts from the film’s potential to appeal to a broader and more discerning audience. Scenes where characters pressure the female leads to engage in romantic encounters with the hero add a cringe-worthy layer to the storytelling.

The film attempts to present itself as socially responsible, as seen in its portrayal of Kaali as a champion of the marginalized. However, this installment takes an exploitative turn by having the star himself, played by Raghava Lawrence, assume the role of the savior. This decision not only reinforces stereotypes but also raises questions about the film’s true intentions in its portrayal of the underprivileged.

Despite these shortcomings, “Kanchana 3” continues to cater primarily to a younger audience, particularly children. The film’s blend of horror and humor, even if somewhat formulaic, does offer moments of entertainment. It’s important to recognize that the franchise’s success lies in its ability to appeal to a specific demographic, and in this regard, “Kanchana 3” delivers what is expected.

Conclusion: “Kanchana 3” takes its place within the pantheon of Indian horror-comedies, offering a familiar mix of scares and laughs. However, its repetitive nature and regressive elements may leave some viewers wanting more innovation and depth. While it successfully caters to its target audience, the film misses the opportunity to break new ground in the genre. As fans eagerly await the next installment in the “Kanchana” series, they can only hope for a return to the fresh and inventive storytelling that made the franchise a fan favorite in the first place.

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Raghava LawrenceRaghava / Kaali
VedhikaPriya (as Vedika)
Nikki TamboliDivya
Ri Djavi AlexandraRosie, Kaali’s love interest
Kovai SaralaRaghava’s Mother
Kabir Duhan SinghBhavani
Tarun AroraMinister
Anupama KumarRadha (Kaali’s Mother)
SrimanRaghava’s Brother
Devadarshini ChetanKamakshi
Aathma PatrickMoorthy
Kanchana 3 Movie Cast, Heroine Name, Box Office Collection

Kanchana 3 Movie Download Crew Members Vegamovies

DirectorRaghava Lawrence
ProducerRaghava Lawrence

Kalanithi Maran

Hari Vishnu
WriterRaghava Lawrence
Music BySekar Sai Bharath

Kapilan Kugavel

Bharat Madhusudhanan

Jesse Samuel

Saravedi Saran

Raj Thillaiyampalam
Cinematography bySushil Choudhary

Vetri Palanisamy
Film Editing ByAntony L. Ruben
Production Design by
Costume Design bySagar Battalwar

Nivetha Joseph

Sonya Sandiavo
Kanchana 3 Movie Cast, Heroine Name, Box Office Collection

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Where can I watch Kanchana?

To watch “Kanchana,” you can follow the same approach mentioned above. Check popular streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, or regional platforms to see if “Kanchana” is available for streaming. Availability may vary based on your location and the current licensing agreements, so be sure to check with your preferred streaming service for the most up-to-date information.

Is Kanchana 3 a hit or flop?

“Kanchana 3” can be considered a hit at the box office. The film received a favorable response from its target audience, especially fans of the horror-comedy genre. It performed well commercially and garnered attention for its blend of scares and humor. Keep in mind that a movie’s success can be subjective, but in terms of box office performance and popularity within its genre, “Kanchana 3” was generally well-received.

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