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Today we have connected to social media sites in our life. Along with breathing in our lives, the use of social media like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. has also become very important.

Social media platforms provide us with a lot of information like education and also entertainment. By using these social media platforms, many people are making their dreams come true and earning crores of rupees.

Today we are going to talk about such a person whom you must have seen on any social media platform. Today we will know about the life of one such social media creator & Influencer Lord Puneet Superstar.

That’s how Puneet Superstar started its social media journey. And today he entertains you a lot through his videos. Let’s start with, Puneet Superstar Biography in English

Who Is Puneet Superstar Star?

Puneet Superstar Star Is A Indian Actor, Comedian, Social Media Influencer, Tik Tok Star, Instagram Creator, & Brand Promoter. His Full name is Puneet Kumar. You know him on social media through his comedy videos & reels.

which you like very much. Make your videos in such a way that you can relate yourself to their videos. His videos can be seen on platforms like Instagram, Moj, YouTube, MX Takatak, etc social media platform.

puneet superstar image

Puneet superstar Wikipedia

Puneet Kumar, who you also know as Puneet Superstar. Who was born in 1992 in Bihar India.
He was very fond of comedy and acting. Due to this, he started making comedy videos on Tik Tok. And entertained people a lot and went viral.


Puneet Superstar Family Members

Lord PuneetSuperstar family has seen days of poverty, due to which Puneet Kumar had to suffer a lot till his studies. If it comes to their family members, then there is no information about their family members, parents, siblings uncle, or other relations on social media and the internet.

Our team is continuously checking Puneet Superstar’s family members’ and Others’ details. We’ll send it to you via Wikikida.com as soon as it reaches us.

Puneet Superstar Cast

Puneet Superstar belongs to a Hindu family. His entire family comes from a Hindu family. He asks the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. and respects them. If we talk about his cast, then his cast is Hindu.

Puneet superstar Education

Since childhood, Puneet Superstar’s parents were poor. due to which Puneet Superstar had to leave his studies.

  • Puneet Star’s early education is from Bihar itself.
  • Due to poverty at home, he was expelled from school in class 12 for non-payment of fees. This is told in a video in an interview.
  • He was not very clever in his studies. He used to be a backbencher in the class, but today he can do anything on the basis of his ability and talent. and has given death to their poverty

Puneet Superstar Girlfriend

Puneet Superstar has accepted this in an interview. that he has a girlfriend. Who loves him very much. He has not told the name of his girlfriend but has praised her a lot. Since he had nothing, his girlfriend supports him mentally. And motivates them a lot. But his girlfriend often also says that you should not upload this type of video. Then the superstars also get a little angry or irritated with her. But he believes that his girlfriend loves him very much, and will continue to do so. And he also loves her very much. Maybe soon both of them will marry each other

Puneet Superstar Early life

Lord Puneet Superstar was a simple man before he became famous on social media. In 2016, he used to work in the Cyber ​​Industrial area in Ghaziabad. But after some time she lost this job and he was very upset. During that time he stayed at home for one or two months and was looking for a job. After some time, his maternal uncle’s sons who lived in Bhopal asked him to come to Bhopal. And told them in anger that you are sitting in the house just like this unemployed. do some work.

lord Puneet superstar  image

Then his maternal uncle’s boy told him to download an app called Musically which is now known as Tik Tok. The first time Puneet Superstar uploaded the video was by lisping in a song in it, which he got 3 to 4 likes and he was very inspired. And he watched that video of himself at least 300 to 400 times, got very inspired, and wanted to work on further Tik Tok app. And after that, they upload lots of videos continuously for at 3 to 4 months.

He had uploaded 12 thousand videos in about 4-5 months. Despite this, he did not get more than 3-4 or 10 likes on his videos. His mother and brother say that when no one watches your videos and likes do not come then, what is the use of making them?

Puneet Superstar Instagram Id

Lord Puneet SuperStar makes comedy reels on Instagram. Those who make you laugh and relate your life through these Instagram reels. If you are a fan of Puneet Superstar, then you must be following him on Instagram and other social media platforms and enjoying his reels.

You must have seen many of his memes and also enjoy them. His first Instagram account was hacked by some people, due to which that account was closed. But he then created a new Instagram account. And started sharing his Instagram reels, and Instagram memes on it, and on the basis of his talent again made his identity on Instagram.
lord Puneet superstar an Instagram account with 154k followers with 6000 posts With the name of puneettsuper_starr

Puneet Superstar Acha Meme

You must have read memes, if you are fond of reading memes, then you must have read the Puneet Superstar meme. Various Memes Creators have created many Memes on this and have entertained you a lot. Similarly, Punit Star’s Achcha Memes have become very viral, he laughs a lot by speaking achcha, which attracts people a lot. Puneet star The Achcha meme you can see in all his videos. Once he was riding this bike, he was shouting something on it, which became quite viral in the Memes industry.

Puneet Superstar Net worth

Puneet Superstar comes from a poor family since childhood, he does not have any ancestral land, property, or bank balance. Whatever he has earned, whatever he has made himself, he has done on his own. If we talk about his net worth, then he earns at least 5-10 lakhs per month. All his videos and Instagram reels are viral, due to which he earns very well. And also promote some brands. And also go money charge people to comment special or something. Which is a good source of income for them. Along with Lord Puneet Superstar’s net worth also depends on how they manage their money, where they invest, and how much their assets are.

Known Facts about Puneet Superstar

  • Puneet Kumar started his career with a musical app which is now known as Tik Tok.
  •  he has told in an interview that he has eaten food at about 10000 weddings in his whole life from which he was not invited.
  •  Puneet Kumar is very kind-hearted and a good person he distributes food to the poor. he buys a car for this he gives food to all the poor people in a very nice way
  •  The Pune superstar tells that when his videos did not work initially, his brothers, parents, and family members made fun of him.
  •   Puneet Kumar was very fond of the Bullet Royal Enfield bike, after leaving the job, he wanted to buy Royal Enfield for which his mother had to mortgage her gold Mangal sutra to a goldsmith.

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Puneet superstar On Bigg Boss

Puneet Superstar got a chance to go to Bigg Boss on number two according to the audience poll. But the judge of Bigg Boss directly downgraded his rank to number 10.

Despite this, many superstars were happy with Bigg Boss. In Bigg Boss’ house, he started acting like his social media Instagram.

Punnet Superstar was evicted from the Bigg Boss house on the very first day due to his behavior.

The ratings of the Bigg Boss show which is running 24 hours on Jio Cinema TV have been reduced now.

After the ouster of Puneet Superstar from Bigg Boss, the installs of Jio Cinema TV have also decreased.

And its rating has also gone down a lot. All the friends of Puneet Superstar are standing with Puneet.

Is puneet superstar in bigg boss?

Puneet Superstar has been thrown out of the Bigg Boss house not earlier because of his behavior and because of his funny videos. People gave him a lot of love and he got a ranking by doing number two in Bigg Boss. But now it is not a part of Bigg Boss.

due to which all his friends are very angry and have opposed the Jio TV app and the Bigg Boss Tv show. after all these Puneet superstar is a part of Bigg Boss season 2 in 2023.

Is Punnet superstar back in Bigg Boss OTT? | Will Puneet superstar return to Bigg Boss?

As you all know that Sumit Superstar was evicted in Bigg Boss Season 2 but now he has been called back because of his fans. The second season of Big Boss Season Two started on 17 June 2023.

Bigg Boss is going live on Jio Cinema TV. With the arrival of Puneet Superstar, the TRP of this show has increased a lot.


What is the real name of the Puneet superstar?

PUNEET KUMAR is the real name of Puneet Superstar.

What is the age of Puneet Superstar?

According to his date of birth, he is 3 years old in June 2023.

Why was the Puneet superstar beaten?

no, the Puneet superstar beat in public. we think you are talking about Hindu leader Puneet Kerehalli

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