Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Wiki, Release Date, Age, Snapped, Daughter, Birthday

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Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Wiki, Release Date, Age, Snapped, Daughter, Birthday

Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Wiki, Release Date, Age, Snapped, Daughter, Birthday

Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Wiki, Release Date, Age, Snapped, Daughter, Birthday – The unbelievable story of Ramon Sosa, a professional boxing coach from Houston, Texas, takes us on a roller-coaster ride through a tale of deceit, betrayal, and ultimately, survival. Ramon’s life took an unexpected turn when he had to fake his own death to escape a murder plot hatched by his wife, Maria DeLourdes Sosa, also known as “Lulu.” In this story, the motives of money and greed take center stage, but the intricacies of the planning, execution, and the sting operation that brought Lulu to justice read like something out of a suspenseful novel. In this article, we delve deeper into the life of Maria DeLourdes Sosa, her relationship with Ramon, the shocking murder-for-hire plot, and where she is today.

Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Wiki, Release Date, Age, Snapped, Daughter, Birthday

Maria DeLourdes Sosa Bio

Maria DeLourdes Sosa, affectionately known as “Lulu,” originally hailed from Mexico and came to the United States with her son and daughter in search of a better life. Fate brought her to Houston, Texas, in 2007, where she crossed paths with Ramon Sosa. At the time, Ramon, aged 40, was a divorced professional boxing coach who had just opened his first gym. Their initial encounter was rather comical, as she accidentally stepped on his toes while walking by. However, this chance encounter quickly evolved into a whirlwind romance.

Maria DeLourdes Sosa Love Blossoms

After that initial encounter, Lulu and Ramon struck up a conversation, and the connection between them was instant and electrifying. They shared happiness, compatibility, and within less than a year of dating, Ramon proposed to Lulu. Their love story reached a milestone on March 15, 2009, when they tied the knot, and Maria DeLourdes Sosa became Lulu Sosa. Their shared passion for boxing led them to open another gym together, called Woodlands Boxing and Fitness, where Lulu managed the books and served as a personal trainer.

Trouble in Paradise

However, after six years of marriage, their once-happy relationship began to sour. Lulu confided in her friends about her grievances, claiming that Ramon was lazy and rarely worked. She also alleged that he became physically abusive and forced her into doing things against her will when they were at home together. It’s important to note that Ramon vehemently denied any accusations of physical abuse. Nevertheless, he admitted that the couple was facing problems, including missing money.

The Divorce and the Sinister Plan

In March 2015, Lulu took a drastic step and filed for divorce. Surprisingly, despite their separation, they continued to live under the same roof, albeit on different floors. But by June of the same year, Lulu had reached her breaking point. She had contact with a customer who had the connections and knowledge to inflict harm, and she began plotting to hire him as a hitman to eliminate Ramon. Fortunately, a vigilant worker overheard her discussing this murderous plan and decided to intervene. He offered to hire the hitman himself and, being a friend of Ramon’s, promptly revealed the truth to him.

Foiled Murder Plot

With the worker, Ramon, and the police all aware of her sinister intentions, Lulu found herself trapped. Oblivious to the betrayal, she continued to communicate with the worker about the hitman and even had phone conversations recorded as evidence. Growing impatient with the slow progress, she also gathered proof of recent arguments and took legal action to have Ramon removed from their shared home and gym.

The Motive – Money

It became clear that Lulu’s motive for wanting Ramon dead wasn’t related to the alleged abuse but rather, cold hard cash. If Ramon were to pass away after their divorce was finalized, Lulu would gain complete ownership of the house and gym. Furthermore, she would gain access to his savings and retirement funds.

The Sting Operation

The dramatic climax of this twisted tale unfolded in July 2015. The police orchestrated a sting operation, with Ramon playing the role of the deceased and an undercover agent portraying the hitman. On July 23rd, the agent met with Lulu in a parking lot, claiming that he had carried out the job. He even showed her photos that appeared to depict Ramon’s lifeless body, a gunshot wound to his temple. Instead of shock or remorse, Lulu’s reaction was chilling – she laughed and asked for more details about her husband’s final moments. All of this was captured on tape.

Justice Served

In total, Lulu agreed to pay the “hitman” $3,000 in cash, along with watches, jewelry, and Ramon’s pickup truck as payment for the sinister act. While Lulu maintained her victim status throughout the ordeal, the police were closing in on her. The following morning, wearing body cameras, officers paid her a visit, appearing to conduct a wellness check on Ramon. Lulu, playing the role of the concerned wife, answered their questions with apparent calmness, never letting on about her dark plans. After a few minutes, the charade grew tiresome for the officers, and they arrested her, charging her with solicitation of capital murder.

Legal Proceedings and Sentencing

As Lulu awaited her trial for murder solicitation, the assault charges she had previously levied against Ramon were dropped. She eventually agreed to a divorce settlement that awarded Ramon ownership of the gym and the house. In October 2016, after spending 15 months behind bars, Lulu entered a guilty plea for the reduced charge of second-degree solicitation of murder, avoiding a trial that could have resulted in a life sentence. In the end, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Lulu Sosa Wikipedia, Wiki, Release Date, Age, Snapped, Daughter, Birthday

Current Status

Lulu Sosa has attempted to appeal for parole once a year, but each attempt has been denied so far. Currently, she remains incarcerated in the Crain Unit in Texas. According to official records, she will continue serving her sentence until her projected release date, which is August 22, 2035.


The shocking and surreal story of Ramon Sosa and his fake death serves as a chilling reminder of the depths to which greed and manipulation can drive a person. Maria DeLourdes Sosa, once a partner in love and business, transformed into a would-be murderer driven by a desire for financial gain. However, justice prevailed, and Lulu’s sinister plans were foiled, ultimately leading to her imprisonment. The tale of Ramon and Lulu Sosa is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the triumph of truth over deception.

How many years did Lulu Sosa get?

Lulu Sosa got a 20-year prison sentence. This happened on October 11, 2016. Ramon Sosa, her ex-husband, remembers the day she was brought into prison, hearing the sound of her chains, and feeling sad about how her life took such a turn.

Is Maria de Lourdes Dorantes also known as Lulu?

Yes, Maria de Lourdes Dorantes is also known as “Lulu.” She’s the same person we’re talking about in this story. Originally from Mexico, she came to the United States with her son and daughter on a visitor visa, looking for a fresh start in Houston.

Where is Lulu Sosa now?

Currently, Lulu Sosa is in prison serving a 20-year sentence. She’s at the Crain Unit in Texas, and her expected release date is August 22, 2025. You can also watch an exclusive episode about this story on June 12, 2022, on Investigation Discovery.

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