Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Net Worth, Killer, Now, Age, Sons, Prison

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Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Net Worth, Killer, Now, Age, Sons, Prison

Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Net Worth, Killer, Now, Age, Sons, Prison

Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Net Worth, Killer, Now, Age, Sons, Prison – In September 2004, something terrible happened that would change the lives of the Girgis family forever. Ariet Girgis, a 55-year-old woman, and her 17-year-old son were living a peaceful life in their home in Westminster, California. But one fateful night, they were awakened by the sounds of a break-in. Little did they know that this night would end in tragedy.

Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Net Worth, Killer, Now, Age, Sons, Prison

The intruders who had broken into the Girgis home did something unimaginable—they took the life of Ariet. The shocking part was that the house was not robbed. This raised a big question: why would someone break into a house just to kill its occupant? The answer to this haunting question would take nearly a decade to uncover.

Magdi Girgis Bio

Magdi Faiz Girgis and Ariet were originally from Egypt, and they had an arranged marriage. They moved to the United States after Magdi obtained his green card. For nearly 25 years, they were married and seemed like a regular family living in suburban California. Magdi worked as a respiratory therapist, and they had two sons, Richard and Ryan.

On the surface, they appeared to be a happy family. However, the reality was far from perfect. Magdi spent most of his time at work, and his sons later revealed that he had a controlling nature. He would ask Ariet to hand over her paycheck to him and only give her a limited allowance. Most of their problems revolved around money, and things took a darker turn in 2004.

In that year, Magdi allegedly physically abused Ariet, leaving her with a black eye and a broken nose. This was the breaking point for Ariet, and she decided to take legal action. She filed for a restraining order against Magdi and initiated divorce proceedings. Magdi moved out of the house shortly after these events.

The Terrifying Night of September 29, 2004

The night of September 29, 2004, was the stuff of nightmares for the Girgis family. Intruders invaded their Westminster home, and Ryan, who was just a high school student at the time, was bound and forced into a closet by one of the attackers. What followed was a gruesome and horrifying act. Ariet was brutally stabbed, and her throat was slashed multiple times, almost decapitating her. It was a scene of unimaginable violence.

Suspicion naturally fell on Magdi, but there was no concrete evidence tying him to the crime. However, investigators believed that he had a motive. Magdi was facing the loss of his medical license due to the previous domestic violence case, as well as the potential loss of assets in the impending divorce. These factors made him a prime suspect.

For years, the case remained unsolved, a haunting mystery. But in 2011, with advancements in DNA analysis techniques, investigators finally caught a break. They matched the DNA found on the shoelaces used to tie up Ryan to a man named Anthony Edward Bridget. Anthony was not cooperative with the police, so they resorted to an undercover operation.

In this undercover operation, the police posed as friends of Anthony and demanded money from Magdi to keep the contract killing a secret. When Magdi paid the “hush money,” he was arrested, and the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

Magdi Girgis: Where Is He Now?

In 2013, Magdi Girgis was arrested and charged with arranging to have his wife murdered. His trial took place in June 2014, and he received a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Anthony Edward Bridget, the man linked to the DNA evidence, was also sentenced to life in prison in 2018 for his role in the murder-for-hire plot.

It’s important to note that the second person involved in the break-in and murder has still not been identified or brought to justice.

At his sentencing, Magdi maintained his innocence and made a passionate plea, saying, “You are about to sentence an innocent man, and God is my witness. I had nothing to do with the killing of my wife.”

Magdi Girgis Wikipedia, Net Worth, Killer, Now, Age, Sons, Prison

As of the latest prison records, Magdi Girgis remains incarcerated at the Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, California.


The tragic story of Magdi and Ariet Girgis is a chilling reminder of how domestic disputes can sometimes escalate to unthinkable levels of violence. The murder of Ariet, followed by the lengthy investigation and eventual arrest of Magdi, serves as a stark example of the consequences of unresolved conflicts within families.

The Girgis family’s life was shattered that night in September 2004, and while justice has been served to some extent with the convictions of Magdi and Anthony, it cannot bring Ariet back or erase the trauma endured by her surviving family members.

This case stands as a somber lesson about the importance of addressing and seeking help for domestic issues before they reach a point of no return, and it serves as a testament to the relentless efforts of law enforcement to bring those responsible for heinous crimes to justice, no matter how long it takes.

Who is Magdi Girgis, and what happened on that tragic night in September 2004?

Magdi Girgis was married to Ariet Girgis, and they were immigrants from Egypt living in the United States. On a fateful night in September 2004, their home was invaded by intruders, resulting in the murder of Ariet. The house was not robbed, leaving questions about the motive behind the attack.

What was the background of Magdi and Ariet’s marriage?

Magdi and Ariet had an arranged marriage and moved to the U.S. after Magdi obtained his green card. They were married for almost 25 years and had two sons, but their marriage had its share of issues, particularly related to financial matters and alleged domestic abuse.

What were the circumstances that led to Ariet filing for a restraining order and divorce against Magdi?

In 2004, Magdi allegedly physically abused Ariet, resulting in injuries such as a black eye and a broken nose. This prompted Ariet to seek legal protection by filing for a restraining order and initiating divorce proceedings. Magdi subsequently moved out of their home.

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