Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster

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Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster

Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster

Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster – “Maleficent” is a 2014 American fantasy film directed by Robert Stromberg and produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Roth Films. It serves as a live-action retelling of Disney’s 1959 animated classic, “Sleeping Beauty,” but with a unique twist—it tells the story from the perspective of the eponymous antagonist, Maleficent, played by Angelina Jolie. The film delves into her backstory, portraying her as a powerful fairy living in the Moors, a magical forest realm.

Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster
Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster

As a child, Maleficent befriends a human peasant boy named Stefan, and they share a deep connection. However, as they grow older, their paths diverge. Stefan’s ambition to become king overshadows his love for Maleficent, leading to a betrayal that scars her both emotionally and physically. Stefan drugs Maleficent and, instead of killing her as he originally intended, he cuts off her wings, presenting them to King Henry as proof of her death. This traumatic event marks the turning point in Maleficent’s life, and she becomes dark and bitter.

Upon learning of the birth of Stefan’s daughter, Aurora, Maleficent places a curse on the infant princess, declaring that she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into an eternal sleep on her sixteenth birthday. As Aurora grows up in the care of three well-meaning but bumbling pixies, she unknowingly bonds with Maleficent, whom she believes to be her fairy godmother. Meanwhile, Stefan’s obsession with Maleficent and his descent into madness drive the conflict between the two worlds—human and fairy.

On Aurora’s sixteenth birthday, the curse takes effect, and she falls into a deep slumber. Maleficent, feeling responsible for the curse, tries to awaken her but fails. Only true love’s kiss can break the curse, and it seems that Maleficent and Stefan both believe such love does not exist. However, as the story unfolds, Maleficent’s complex emotions for Aurora and her ultimate redemption come to the forefront.

The film explores themes of betrayal, revenge, maternal love, and redemption, all within the framework of a classic fairy tale.

Maleficent Movie Story Tamilrockers

“Maleficent” opens with a young Maleficent living in the Moors, a magical forest realm inhabited by various mystical creatures. One day, she encounters a young human boy named Stefan, and they strike up an unlikely friendship. As they grow older, their bond deepens into a romantic relationship. However, Stefan’s ambition to become king of the neighboring human kingdom begins to overshadow his love for Maleficent.

The turning point occurs when King Henry, the ruler of the human kingdom, attempts to conquer the Moors. Maleficent, defending her homeland, mortally wounds him, forcing his retreat. On his deathbed, King Henry declares that whoever kills Maleficent will be named his successor and marry his daughter, Leila.

Stefan, driven by his desire for power, visits Maleficent and drugs her. Instead of killing her as he initially intended, he cruelly cuts off her wings while she is unconscious and presents them to King Henry as proof of her death. Maleficent wakes up to the devastating loss of her wings and a profound sense of betrayal, which transforms her into a darker, vengeful figure.

Over time, Stefan becomes king and marries Leila, while Maleficent becomes the protector of the Moors, using her newfound magical abilities to defend her homeland. She surrounds the Moors with an impenetrable wall of thorns, keeping the human world at bay.

The central conflict emerges when Stefan and Leila have a daughter, Aurora. Maleficent, filled with resentment and anger, crashes Aurora’s christening ceremony and places a curse on the infant princess. She declares that Aurora will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday and fall into an eternal sleep. Maleficent taunts Stefan, but she also offers an antidote—a kiss of true love can break the curse. Stefan, however, believes that such love does not exist and orders three pixies, Knotgrass, Flittle, and Thistlewit, to take Aurora into hiding and protect her.

Stefan, now consumed by hatred for Maleficent, destroys every spinning wheel in the kingdom and intensifies his efforts to kill her. Maleficent watches from afar as Aurora grows up, and the pixies prove to be ill-equipped to care for the princess. Despite her initial bitterness, Maleficent gradually becomes involved in Aurora’s life, secretly taking on the role of her guardian. She even comes to care for Aurora, although she initially had no intention of doing so.

As Aurora approaches her sixteenth birthday, she gains Maleficent’s permission to visit the Moors. During her visits, she forms a bond with Maleficent, believing her to be her “fairy godmother.” Aurora’s innocence and kindness soften Maleficent’s heart, making her question her own actions and the curse she placed upon the girl.

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Aurora decides to return to her father’s castle, where Stefan has kept her in the dark about her true heritage and the curse. When Aurora discovers the truth about her lineage and the curse, her heart breaks. Stefan, still plotting to kill Maleficent, locks Aurora in a room to prevent her from pricking her finger. However, the curse’s power draws Aurora to the dungeon, where she pricks her finger on a spindle and falls into a deep slumber.

Desperate to save Aurora, Maleficent and her loyal companion, Diaval, infiltrate Stefan’s castle. They retrieve Aurora and attempt to awaken her with a kiss from a prince named Phillip, whom Aurora had met earlier in the forest. To their dismay, the kiss does not work.

In a tearful and apologetic moment, Maleficent kisses Aurora on the forehead, inadvertently breaking the curse with a true maternal love that had developed over the years. Aurora awakens, and Maleficent’s transformation from a villain to a protector is complete.

However, the joyous reunion is short-lived as Stefan and his guards ambush Maleficent and her allies. Maleficent uses her magic to transform Diaval into a dragon to help her defend against the attackers. The battle is intense, and Maleficent ultimately defeats Stefan, but she refuses to kill him. Instead, she announces the fight’s end and turns to leave. Stefan, driven by his obsession and madness, attacks her from behind and sends them both falling from a tower.

Maleficent saves herself by opening her wings, but Stefan loses his grip and falls to his death. With Stefan gone, Maleficent restores the Moors to their former glory and crowns Aurora as the new ruler, uniting the two kingdoms. Aurora also rekindles her relationship with Phillip, and the story ends on a hopeful note.

Maleficent Movie Review Filmyzilla

“Maleficent” is a visually stunning and emotionally charged reinterpretation of the classic Disney tale of “Sleeping Beauty.” Directed by Robert Stromberg, the film offers a fresh perspective by shifting the focus to the backstory and motivations of the iconic villain, Maleficent, portrayed brilliantly by Angelina Jolie.

The film opens with a richly crafted world, the Moors, inhabited by fantastical creatures and ruled by Maleficent, a powerful fairy. From the outset, the film establishes a sense of wonder and magic, drawing viewers into this enchanted realm. The visual effects, costumes, and set design are exceptional, immersing the audience in a world of lush landscapes and ethereal creatures.

Angelina Jolie’s performance as Maleficent is nothing short of captivating. With her striking features, piercing eyes, and commanding presence, she embodies the character with an eerie elegance. Jolie’s portrayal captures the complexity of Maleficent’s emotions, from love and betrayal to bitterness and eventual redemption. Her ability to convey these conflicting feelings adds depth to the character, elevating Maleficent beyond a mere villain.

The film’s narrative strength lies in its exploration of themes such as betrayal, revenge, and the power of maternal love. The pivotal scene in which Maleficent’s wings are cruelly taken from her is emotionally resonant and disturbing, leaving a lasting impact on the viewer. It is a moment that symbolizes not only a physical violation but also the loss of innocence and trust.

While the film’s plot may have some inconsistencies and unanswered questions, such as why Maleficent doesn’t use her powers more aggressively against her enemies, it ultimately succeeds in delivering a compelling and thought-provoking story. The central conflict between Maleficent and Stefan, fueled by personal vendettas and the consequences of their choices, drives the narrative forward.

The character of Aurora, played by Elle Fanning, adds warmth and innocence to the story. Her genuine kindness and the bond she forms with Maleficent provide a touching counterbalance to the darker themes of the film. The dynamic between Maleficent and Aurora is one of the film’s strengths, showcasing the transformation of Maleficent from a malevolent figure to a protector and maternal figure.

The supporting cast, including Sharlto Copley as Stefan and Sam Riley as Diaval, delivers solid performances. Copley effectively portrays Stefan’s descent into madness and obsession, while Riley’s character, Diaval, serves as a loyal and multifaceted companion to Maleficent.

“Maleficent” also stands out for its feminist undertones. The film addresses themes of female empowerment, the consequences of patriarchy, and the notion of women’s self-worth being tied to their physical attributes. Maleficent’s journey from victim to a powerful force challenges traditional gender roles and expectations, making her a compelling feminist icon.

Despite its occasional narrative flaws and moments of murky CGI during action sequences, “Maleficent” manages to captivate its audience with its emotional depth and visual splendor. The film’s richly layered storytelling and Jolie’s commanding performance make it a memorable addition to the Disney canon.

In conclusion, “Maleficent” is a visually striking and emotionally resonant reimagining of a classic fairy tale. It offers a fresh perspective on a well-known story, delving into the complex emotions and motivations of its iconic villain. Angelina Jolie’s performance as Maleficent is a standout, and the film successfully explores themes of betrayal, revenge, and the power of maternal love. While it may have some narrative inconsistencies, its feminist undertones and thought-provoking storytelling make it a compelling and memorable cinematic experience.

Maleficent Movie Cast Filmywap

Angelina JolieMaleficent
Elle FanningAurora
Sharlto CopleyStefan
Lesley ManvilleFlittle
Imelda StauntonKnotgrass
Juno TempleThistletwit
Sam RileyDiaval
Brenton ThwaitesPrince Phillip
Kenneth CranhamKing Henry
Sarah FlindPrincess Leila’s Handmaiden
Hannah NewPrincess Leila
Isobelle MolloyYoung Maleficent
Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster

Maleficent Movie Crew Members Mp4moviez

DirectorRobert Stromberg
ProducerSarah Bradshaw

Don Hahn

Angelina Jolie

Stephen Jones

Lori Korngiebel

Palak Patel

Joe Roth

Zack Roth

Matt Smith

Charuhas Sonar

Michael Vieira
WriterLinda Woolverton

Charles Perrault

Milt Banta

Winston Hibler

Bill Peet

Erdman Penner

Joe Rinaldi

Ted Sears

Ralph Wright
Music ByJames Newton Howard
Cinematography byDean Semler
Film Editing ByChris Lebenzon

Richard Pearson
Production Design byDylan Cole

Gary Freeman
Costume Design byAnna B. Sheppard
Maleficent Full Movie Cast, Streaming, Order, Characters, Poster

Maleficent Movie Trailer Dailymotion

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Where can I watch the first Maleficent movie?

You can typically watch the first “Maleficent” movie on popular streaming platforms such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube Movies, iTunes, and Vudu. The availability may vary by region and time, so it’s a good idea to check these platforms to see if the movie is currently offered for rental, purchase, or as part of a subscription package.

What age is Maleficent suitable for?

“Maleficent” is rated PG (Parental Guidance) by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) for sequences of fantasy action and violence, including frightening images. This means that it may be suitable for children with parental guidance. The movie contains some intense and dark scenes, particularly the sequence where Maleficent’s wings are taken, which could be unsettling for very young viewers. Parents and guardians should consider their child’s sensitivity to such content and decide if it is appropriate for them. It’s generally recommended for older children and teenagers.

Why is Maleficent famous?

Maleficent is famous primarily due to her iconic role as the main antagonist in Disney’s 1959 animated film “Sleeping Beauty.” She is one of Disney’s most iconic villains, known for her striking appearance, her ability to transform into a dragon, and her infamous curse placed upon Princess Aurora. Maleficent’s character is known for her elegance, cunning, and memorable lines.

Additionally, the character of Maleficent gained renewed fame and popularity with the release of the live-action film “Maleficent” in 2014, in which Angelina Jolie portrayed the character. This film provided a new perspective on Maleficent’s backstory and explored her character in a more complex and empathetic light. It contributed to the character’s status as a pop culture icon and added depth to her legacy.

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