Meet English Football’s Newest Owner: Bearded Ex-F1 Backer William Storey

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In the fast-paced world of English football, exciting changes are always afoot. The latest sensation to grace the headlines is William Storey, an ex-Formula 1 (F1) backer known for his distinctive beard and a trailblazing approach to life. This article dives into Storey’s journey, his ventures into horse racing, his audacious claim regarding the Royal Air Force (RAF), and his plans to purchase Reading FC in a groundbreaking £50 million deal.

William Storey: The New Face in English Football

William Storey’s emergence as a potential owner in English football has piqued the curiosity of many. A prominent figure in the F1 world and beyond, Storey’s bearded visage stands out among the traditional football owners. His reputation as an individual with a penchant for the extraordinary precedes him, setting the stage for a unique chapter in English football.

A Bearded Ex-F1 Backer’s Journey

Storey’s journey is a captivating narrative of ambition, innovation, and success. Starting as an F1 backer, he soon rose to prominence in the motorsport industry, leaving his mark on one of the most prestigious racing circuits in the world. His bearded appearance only added to his enigmatic persona, making him a figure of fascination for many.

Meet English Football’s Newest Owner: Bearded Ex-F1 Backer William Storey

Cheetah Bet Horses and Beyond

Beyond the racetrack, Storey delved into the world of horse racing, establishing connections and interests in the equestrian world. His involvement in Cheetah Bet Horses became well-known, reflecting his diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit.

The RAF Claim

One of the most intriguing aspects of Storey’s life is his claim of having served in the Royal Air Force. This assertion adds a layer of mystique to his already colorful story, raising questions about his past and the experiences that shaped him.

The Ambitious Move for Reading FC

Storey’s most recent venture, acquiring Reading FC, signals a bold leap into the world of English football. This ambitious move reflects his determination to carve a unique path in the sport and bring fresh perspectives to club ownership.

The £50 Million Deal

The acquisition of Reading FC comes with a significant price tag – a staggering £50 million. This hefty investment underscores Storey’s commitment to his vision and the future he envisions for the club.

Storey’s Vision for Reading FC

As the new owner of Reading FC, Storey has articulated his vision for the club, promising exciting changes and progress. His plans for the club’s development and success will undoubtedly be closely watched by fans and the football community.

Challenges and Criticisms

Every venture comes with its challenges, and Storey’s journey is no exception. Criticisms and doubts have arisen regarding his involvement in Reading FC, and it remains to be seen how he addresses these concerns.

The Path to Football Ownership

Storey’s journey to football ownership is a testament to his resilience, ambition, and a determination to make a mark in unconventional ways. His story is a compelling example of breaking the mold in a traditional world.


In conclusion, William Storey’s foray into English football as the new owner of Reading FC is a storyline worth following closely. His remarkable journey from the world of F1 to horse racing and now football ownership exemplifies the spirit of adventure and innovation in modern sports. As the bearded ex-F1 backer takes on this new role, the football world eagerly awaits the developments and impact of his ownership.


FAQ 1: How did William Storey acquire the funds for the Reading FC deal?

William Storey secured the £50 million necessary for the Reading FC deal through a combination of his past business successes and investments, including his involvement in Formula 1 and horse racing.

FAQ 2: What is William Storey’s background in horse racing?

Storey developed interests in horse racing, particularly with Cheetah Bet Horses, which allowed him to establish connections and expertise in the equestrian world.

FAQ 3: How is the Reading FC fanbase reacting to this acquisition?

The reactions of the Reading FC fanbase have been mixed, with some cautiously optimistic and others expressing concerns and reservations regarding the new ownership.

FAQ 4: What are the potential implications for Reading FC’s future?

The acquisition by William Storey presents both opportunities and challenges for Reading FC, with potential impacts on the club’s performance, resources, and future direction.

FAQ 5: Are there any controversies surrounding William Storey’s ownership?

Controversies have arisen, primarily related to Storey’s past and his claims about serving in the Royal Air Force. These controversies have been a subject of public scrutiny and debate.

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