Michelle Kim Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Wiki

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Michelle Kim Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Wiki

Michelle Kim Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Wiki

Michelle Kim Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Wiki – Michelle Kim is a co-founder of a company called Awaken. The company was started in 2017, and it helps various organizations, like tech startups and nonprofits, with diversity and inclusion workshops. Their goal is to go beyond just superficial diversity and inclusion (D&I) training and create more inclusive workplaces.

Michelle Kim Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Wiki

Michelle Kim unique story

She was born in South Korea but moved to the United States when she was 13 years old. She went to live with her dad in San Diego, who had been living in the U.S. without legal status for a long time. Her parents had separated when she was a child.

While in high school and college, Michelle got very involved in social justice issues. She identifies as a queer woman of color, and her coming out during high school was a significant moment in her life. She spent a lot of time working with young people and grassroots movements within the LGBTQ community.

During her college years at UC Berkeley, Michelle continued her involvement in social justice work. She focused on helping low-income gay youth of color who had to keep their identities a secret.

Initially, Michelle thought she would work for a nonprofit or maybe start her own. She had planned to study international relations or a similar field related to humanities. However, her path took a different turn, and she ended up majoring in business.

This change was partly because of financial necessity. Michelle’s dad had been an undocumented immigrant for a long time, and she grew up in a low-income household. She believed that to gain financial independence, she needed to pursue a career in the for-profit sector.

After college, Michelle started working in management consulting, a job she described as “party pumper.” Although it’s not on her LinkedIn profile, she often shares this fun fact about her past when asked to reveal something interesting about herself. It was indeed a unique job.

However, Michelle always felt driven by the need for financial security. She believed that having a job in the for-profit sector was her only option to make certain life decisions.

As she continued in business and consulting, she noticed something troubling. Conversations about diversity and inclusion (D&I) seemed shallow and surface-level in the corporate world. It felt like people were only talking about D&I because it was trendy, not because they genuinely wanted to make a difference.

Michelle Kim Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Wiki

This disconnect between what was being talked about and what was actually happening led Michelle to experience what she called “cognitive dissonance.” She felt that the corporate world lacked the depth and commitment to real social and cultural change.

So, Michelle decided to leave her corporate job and joined a few different tech companies. She played crucial roles in two tech startups and also worked as a manager responsible for hiring and developing employees.

While working in the tech industry, Michelle encountered toxic workplace cultures. This was at a time when movements like #MeToo were shedding light on such issues. Despite the buzz around D&I, she found that real change was still lacking.

Michelle realized that there was a gap between talking about diversity and actually creating an inclusive culture. She saw that many people were disillusioned, just like she had been. This realization inspired her to co-found Awaken.

Awaken was created with a different philosophy. Michelle wanted to go beyond surface-level discussions and bring about real change in workplaces. She aimed to help people feel more aligned with their values and not experience the same kind of disappointment and disillusionment she had felt.

In a nutshell, Michelle Kim’s journey took her from South Korea to the United States, from social justice activism to business, and eventually to founding Awaken. Her experiences led her to believe in the importance of creating meaningful change in workplaces, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion.


Michelle’s story is a reminder that sometimes, our personal experiences and frustrations can drive us to make a positive impact on the world. In her case, she used her background and insights to co-create a company dedicated to making workplaces more inclusive and supportive for everyone.

Michelle Kim Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Wiki

Who is Michelle Kim, and what is her background?

Michelle Kim is a co-founder of Awaken, a company that conducts diversity and inclusion workshops for organizations. She was born in South Korea and moved to the United States at the age of 13. Her involvement in social justice began during her high school and college years, where she worked on LGBTQ issues.

What is Awaken, and what does it do?

Awaken is a company co-founded by Michelle Kim in 2017. It specializes in providing workshops and training on diversity and inclusion (D&I) to various organizations, including tech startups and nonprofits. Their focus is on going beyond superficial D&I training and creating more inclusive workplaces.

Why did Michelle Kim change her career path from social justice to business?

Michelle initially planned to work in the nonprofit sector and study international relations. However, due to financial necessity, she chose to major in business and pursued a career in management consulting to gain financial independence.

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