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Ojaank sir

Who is Ojaank Sir?

Ojannk sir is an ex-UPSC officer and UPSC coach also managing director and owner of Ojaank IAS Academy Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi.

So Let’s start with a personality that can’t describe in the words of ias ojaank sir biography.

Ojaank sir biography Wikipedia

Mr. Ojaank Shukla is a UPSC coach who was born on 1O DECEMBER in Lucknow Uttrapradesh in INDIA. his full name is Mr. Ojaank Shukla but most people know him as Ojaank sir. He is famous as a UPSC coach and a well-known personality in the UPSC field. He is also the best motivational teacher.

He is very close to people who can’t afford fees for education and coaching. Mr. Ojaank Shukla has so many experiences and currently, he runs a UPSC coaching center. His so many students are IAS OFFICER and IPS OFFICER. He is the reason behind so many UPSC officers. You can join him IAS With Ojaank Sir and as an Educational Consultant.

UPSC full form Union public service commission


Family and Children of Ojaank Sir

Ojannk sir is a married person. his wife’s name is Mrs. Shreya Verma Shukla. his sister’s name is Illa Tripathi. she is also a CSE Officer.

Ojaank Sir’s fame

Mr. Ojaank Shukla is very famous in the UPSC field. It is also famous among people who are physically handicapped and also helps those children who want to get an education but cannot get an education due to their poverty. he is a very kind person. Mr. Ojaank Shukla is not a well-known personality who also teaches for the UPSC at OJAANK IAS ACADEMY IN NEHRU VIHAR, DELHI.

He is making up videos in Hindi on youtube. Hence he is famous on youtube, Instagram, telegram, Facebook & LinkedIn. Students are close to his heart and listen to him conscientiously.

Ojaank sir qualification | Ojaank Sir Education

Ojaank sir qualification is very simple. they do not get any special qualifications.his qualification is are:

  • Mr. Ojaank Shukla did his primary and higher secondary Gov. Jubilee Inter collage, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India.
  • Mr. Ojaank Shukla did his B.Tech from DR. B.R. Ambedkar University in Electrical engineering.
  • Mr. Ojaank Shukla done his m.Tech from DR. B.R. Ambedkar University with Electrical engineering.
  • Mr. Ojaank Shukla did his UPSC coaching from IAS ADDA, Mukharjee Nagar DELHI

Coaching Career of Ojaank Sir

Mr. Ojaank Shukla cleared the UPSC exam after that he regisn from service. He teaches as a UPSC teacher in So many institutes. finally, he opened his coaching center Ojaank IAS academy. Inspirational Guru IAS Ojaank sir now runs two or three coaching center branches in India.

Mr. Ojaank Shukla Famous quote

Ojaank sir's famous quotes

 Ojaank Sir YouTube

Mr. Ojaank Shukla very famous personality in his field. he got many awards for Ojaank IAS Academy. He starts a youtube channel on 19 December 2015 and start uploaded videos of UPSC And motivation related.

During the CORONA PANDEMIC 2020, Where all the coaching institutes were closed. then gradually he became very famous by posting UPSC-related and motivational videos on youtube.

Today he is very famous among the people by the name of Mr. Ojaank Shukla . in this way, they provide UPSC content free and paid on youtube for students in Hindi & English languages.

At present, you can fulfill your dream of becoming an IPS by taking their latest batch of 99 rupees. this batch runs on OJAANK ANYTIME LEARNING OFFICAL APP.

Official channel of Ojaank Sir

The official channel of Mr. Ojaank Shukla is IAS with Ojaank sir. which has 2.25 million subscribers. On this channel, you see videos of UPSC-related & life-changing videos. you can find him on youtube easily.

Ojaank Sir Net Worth

Ojaank sir’s net worth can calculate because he has so many sources of income like YOUTUBE, Offline coaching centers, and best paid online courses. He also donates money for the help of poor people and physically handicapped people. Mr. Ojaank Shukla estimated net worth is an approx minimum of 3-4 lakh per month. He has so many youtube channels for income.

Ojaank Sir Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife

Full NameMR. Ojaank Shukla
GOOD NameOjaank
ProfessionUPSC COACH & Managing Director
Fathers namenot known
Mother namenot known
Mother ToungeHINDI
Children’snot known
WifeMrs. Shreya Verma Shukla
SchoolGov. Jubilee Inter collage Lucknow
Education qualificationM.tech
UPSC Ranknot known
Previous jobUPSC

Important Facts about Ojaank sir

  • IAS with Ojaank sir youtube channel received a leadership Excellence award in 2022 for Hindi medium UPSC aspirants.
  • He so many times organized seminars and workshops with the help of civil servants and experts.
  • If you join Ojaank IAS ACADEMY online or offline he provides you with a Classroom course, the best UPSC prelims test series, UPSC mains test series, an interview guide, mock test, mock interview & many more.
  • He was an engineer before opening the IAS academy.
  • He called his student ojaankian.
  • He has 4-6 youtube channels for students.
  • ias with ojaank sir fee structure is depend on the student’s life. if he belongs to a poor family and wants to keep studying. then he is studying with Ojaank IAS academy minimum fee or no fee.
Ojannk sir Photo


Ojaank sir inquiry mail id-enquiry@ojaank.com

If you want to know How to Crack UPSC Without Coaching? so you have mast visit Ojaank sir’s youtube channels.

This is the full details of Ojaank sir biography. If you know more about Mr. Ojaank Shukla you need to go to his youtube channels and need to contact him.

know about ojaank sir biography in Hindi visit his youtube channel.

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Is Ojaank IAS good for UPSC?

Ojaank IAS is a very good choice for UPSC. If you join Ojaank IAS academy definitely your life will be changed.

Who is Ojaank Shukla?

Ojaank Shukla is the managing director of OJAANK IAS ACADEMY.

Who is the rank 1 in UPSC?


Who is the topper of UPSC 2022?

Shruti Sharma Was the UPSC topper in 2022 he got rank 1.

How is Ojaank IAS Academy in Delhi?

Ojaank IAS Academy is the best academy in Mukherjee nagar Delhi.

is ojaank sir ias?

no, now he is a UPSC coach and managing director of Ojaank IAS academy.

ojaank sir contact number

ojaank IAS academy contact number 09289704907

ias with ojaank sir reviewis ojaank sir ias

Mr. Ojaank Shukla reviewis are very high.all students are fans of Mr. Ojaank Shukla because of his teaching style.

Is Ojaank IAS Academy reliable?

yes, so many students are UPSC officers because of Mr. Ojaank Shukla Academy.

How is “ojaank IAS academy” for Hindi medium aspirant?

ojaank IAS academy is mostly popular in Hindi medium. He received a leadership Excellence award in 2022 for Hindi medium UPSC aspirants.

ojaank ias fees structure?

you can call or message him to give the above number to know about ojaank its fee structure.

what is ojaank sir whatsapp number?

ojaank sir WhatsApp number is 8750711100.

what is ojaank IAS academy syllabus pdf?

This pdf course is a paid course.
which provides you with a complete IAS course.
This pdf course has a complete IAS video tutorial of ojaank IAS academy’s different teachers with his subjects.
This course has provided a separate Pendrive for each subject.
This couse some books of IAS ojaank & some practice sets of related subjects.

IF you want to buy that course you need to visit IAS ojaank official website and official app.

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