Paria Diving Tragedy Wikipedia, Reddit, Autospy, Explained, Lawsuit

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Paria Diving Tragedy Wikipedia, Reddit, Autospy, Explained, Lawsuit

Paria Diving Tragedy Wikipedia, Reddit, Autospy, Explained, Lawsuit

Paria Diving Tragedy Wikipedia, Reddit, Autospy, Explained, Lawsuit – It has been almost a year since a fateful underwater maintenance exercise turned into a nightmare at the Paria Trading Company Ltd, Pointe-a-Pierre. On that tragic day, five divers, employees of LMCS Limited, found themselves in a perilous situation. Four of them never made it out alive. In this article, we delve into the life of Christopher Boodram, the lone survivor of that horrifying accident. We explore the traumatic experience, its impact on his life, and his quest for justice and support from the company involved.

Paria Diving Tragedy Wikipedia, Reddit, Autospy, Explained, Lawsuit

The Day That Changed Everything

Christopher Boodram’s life took a devastating turn on February 25, 2022. It was his second day back at work after mourning the loss of his mother the previous month and battling COVID-19. Little did he know that this day would become etched in his memory for all the wrong reasons.

Around 3 pm, four divers, including Boodram, were inside a hyperbaric chamber, attempting to remove an inflatable plug from a pipeline at Berth #6. Unbeknownst to them, something dangerous lurked inside that pipeline. Differential pressure, also known as Delta P, had developed since oil was last pumped from it almost a month earlier.

As they deflated the plug, they triggered the Delta P, a force so powerful that it sucked all five of them and their equipment into the oil-coated 30-inch pipeline beneath the seabed. Boodram’s will to survive led him to crawl along the pipeline until he reached the point where they had been sucked in hours earlier. He was eventually rescued and transported to the San Fernando General Hospital.

The Aftermath

The tragedy left Christopher Boodram physically scarred, mentally traumatized, and emotionally devastated. While he was the sole survivor, the accident robbed him of his peace of mind, his means of livelihood, and the ability to properly raise his children.

Boodram’s mental anguish is haunting, causing him nightmares and flashbacks. Even the thought of going to the beach, despite its proximity to his home, fills him with fear and dread. How can he teach his daughter to swim when he’s terrified to enter the water himself?

Surviving the Daymares

Christopher Boodram’s struggles extend beyond the nightly terrors. He’s plagued by frequent “daymares” — recurring nightmares that haunt his thoughts daily. The memories of his deceased colleagues consume his mind, like a teabag dipping into water, getting darker and more unbearable with each passing day.

Boodram, who had spent most of his life working in the oil and gas industry, cannot imagine returning to work as a diver. The accident shattered his love for the sea and fishing, leaving him with a deep-rooted fear of the water.

Paria Diving Tragedy Wikipedia, Reddit, Autospy, Explained, Lawsuit

A Desperate Battle

While Boodram battles his physical and emotional scars, he also grapples with financial worries. His wife is a nurse, but after meeting the bills, there’s little left. They have three young children to support, and the accident has thrown their financial stability into disarray.

Before the accident, Boodram took pride in providing for his family. Now, he fears he may no longer be able to make ends meet. His self-worth and identity, tied to being the breadwinner, have been shattered. The weight of these burdens is taking a toll on his shoulders.

A Cry for Help

Despite the challenges he faces, Christopher Boodram is grateful for the assistance he’s received from well-wishers. However, he’s disappointed and angry that Paria, the company involved in the accident, has not stepped forward to help him or the families of the other victims.

He believes that it shouldn’t require an interview to highlight his financial struggles and that the authorities should establish a support system for individuals in similar situations.

The Unanswered Question

As the lone survivor of the diving tragedy, Boodram often wonders why he was the one to escape while his colleagues perished. They, too, had families who loved them. He remains focused on providing a good life for his children, even if he can’t find happiness himself.

His determination to protect his kids from the pain he feels inside keeps him going, even though his shoulders feel weary from carrying this heavy burden. He hopes that the families affected by the Paria diving tragedy will not be forgotten, emphasizing the need for support and justice.

The Quest for Justice

Boodram is determined to seek justice for himself and the other victims’ families. He believes that the company responsible owes them compensation and support. He’s also puzzled as to why Paria didn’t allocate a fraction of the money they owed LMCS for the maintenance contract to assist the affected families.

Paria Diving Tragedy Wikipedia, Reddit, Autospy, Explained, Lawsuit

He’s not alone in his quest for justice. A Commission of Enquiry was established to investigate the accident, and Boodram hopes that the final report will bring about change in the industry and ensure that such tragedies do not recur.


Christopher Boodram’s life will never be the same after surviving the Paria Fuel Tragedy. The physical and emotional scars are a constant reminder of that fateful day. While he battles nightmares, daymares, and financial uncertainty, his determination to protect and provide for his family remains unwavering.

His call for justice and support is a plea not just for himself but for all those affected by the tragedy. As we reflect on this heart-wrenching story, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safety in the workplace and the responsibility of companies to support their employees in times of crisis. Christopher Boodram’s journey is one of resilience, hope, and the unwavering love of a father for his children, even in the face of unimaginable adversity.

What happened to the Paria Divers?

It’s a really sad and upsetting story. On February 25, 2022, while they were doing maintenance work underwater, four divers got trapped inside a 30-inch pipeline owned by Paria. Tragically, they lost their lives in this incident. One diver, Christopher Boodram, survived.

Who are the lost divers in Paria?

The divers who lost their lives in this terrible incident were Fyzal Kurban, Rishi Nagassar, Yusuf Henry, and Kazim Ali Jr. Christopher Boodram, the only survivor, had a really tough time in that situation.

What happened to the Paria Fuel Trading Company divers?

A company called LMCS was hired by Paria to do some maintenance work on a big underwater pipe on February 25. Sadly, as they were working, something went terribly wrong. The divers got pulled into the pipe because the water was moving from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure one. It’s heartbreaking to think that Kazim Ali Jr might have still been alive even until midnight on February 26. It’s a tragic incident that has left many people deeply saddened, and there are questions about why Paria didn’t do more to help these divers when they were in trouble.

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