Quincy Elliott Wikipedia, Controversy, Age, Height, Real Name, Weight

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Quincy Elliott Wikipedia, Controversy, Age, Height, Real Name, Weight

Quincy Elliott Wikipedia, Controversy, Age, Height, Real Name, Weight

Quincy Elliott Wikipedia, Controversy, Age, Height, Real Name, Weight – Quincy Elliott is a rising star in the world of professional wrestling, specifically in WWE NXT. His journey has been filled with highs and lows, from a career-threatening injury to becoming a fan favorite. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Quincy Elliott’s life, career, and his recent injury progress.

Quincy Elliott Wikipedia, Controversy, Age, Height, Real Name, Weight

Early Career and Injury

Quincy Elliott’s rise in WWE NXT hasn’t been without its share of challenges. In October, he suffered a serious injury during a match against Xyon Quinn. This unfortunate incident forced him to take a hiatus from “WWE NXT” programming. Fans were worried about his future in the wrestling world.

However, there’s good news. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Quincy Elliott, also known as “The Super Diva,” is now medically cleared. This is a significant step in his recovery and return to the ring. His last on-screen appearance was as the co-host of “NXT” Halloween Havoc alongside Shotzi.

Real NameQuincy Elliott Vignette
Stage NameQuincy Elliott Super Diva
Popular NameQuincy Elliott WWE NXT 
Date of BirthApprox 28 years Age
FromFlorida, USA
School NameNA
Higher EducationWrestling Coaching
University/ College NameSports College

Mixed Signals

Despite the medical clearance, there have been some mixed signals about Quincy Elliott’s return. Last month, he tweeted that he was medically cleared and would appear at an “NXT” house show on December 17. He did make his in-ring return, facing off against Scrypts, but unfortunately, he lost the match.

Since that match, Quincy Elliott has been surprisingly quiet. His Twitter account has gone silent, leaving fans wondering about his status. However, his Instagram account is still active, providing some hope for his supporters. What’s even more perplexing is that he has yet to make an appearance on “NXT” television or wrestle another match, whether at a live event or a house show.

A Glimpse of Hope

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his return, there is a glimmer of hope. Some keen-eyed fans recently noticed Quincy Elliott in the background of a video featuring Bron Breakker and Grayson Waller fighting at the WWE Performance Center. This sighting has sparked rumors that he might be training for a possible return.

The Rise of Quincy Elliott

Before his injury, Quincy Elliott had become a beloved figure in “NXT.” He had his first televised WWE match in March, going up against Joe Gacy on “NXT: Level Up.” From there, he regularly graced the ring, facing off against opponents like Josh Briggs, Duke Hudson, and Ikeman Jiro, among others.

Quincy Elliott Wikipedia, Controversy, Age, Height, Real Name, Weight

In August 2022, “NXT” started premiering vignettes of Elliott, creating anticipation for his official arrival on the brand. He made his debut on the September 13 episode of “NXT,” where he dominated his opponent, Sean Gallagher, in a resounding fashion.

A Change of Name

Quincy Elliott was known by a different name before entering WWE. He was an independent wrestler known as MIG and Lil Atari. However, upon joining WWE, he adopted the ring name Quincy Elliott, a move that was facilitated by trademark applications filed by the company.

Quincy Elliott Journey in WWE NXT

Quincy Elliott is an American professional wrestler currently associated with the NXT brand under the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) umbrella. His story is quite unique, as he started his wrestling journey as an independent wrestler in California. Quincy’s hard work paid off, earning him recognition in various promotions. In 2021, he was even ranked #182 on Outsports’ list of the best LGBTQ professional wrestlers.

A Future Star in the Making

In WWE NXT, Quincy Elliott is part of the new generation of talented wrestlers that WWE hopes will become future stars. Despite his relatively low profile, he has the potential to make a name for himself within the organization. His in-ring style often includes entertaining and sometimes eccentric antics that set him apart.

Quincy Elliott Physical Attributes

Quincy Elliott is a young and physically imposing wrestler. While exact details about his age and height aren’t readily available, he appears to be in his twenties and possesses a muscular physique. This physical presence gives him an advantage in the ring, making him a formidable competitor.

Upcoming Matches

The WWE has big plans for Quincy Elliott. He is scheduled to face Joe Gacy in his first NXT Level Up match. This marks a significant milestone in his career as he transitions from his previous wrestling persona as MIG and Lil Atari to Quincy Elliott in the WWE.

Earning Potential

Wrestlers in WWE NXT can earn substantial incomes. The WWE Network has a massive global following, resulting in well-compensated wrestlers. Developmental contracts typically yield salaries ranging from $50,000 to $150,000 per year, with an average base pay for NXT talent at around $80,000 annually.

Quincy Elliott Wikipedia, Controversy, Age, Height, Real Name, Weight

Additionally, WWE often provides top-notch accommodations for its wrestlers, including 5-star hotels, first-class flights, and chauffeured luxury cars. As wrestlers gain popularity and move up to the main roster on shows like RAW and SmackDown, their incomes can skyrocket.

Quincy Elliott Social Media Accounts

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Getting to Know Quincy Elliott

Quincy Elliott is a professional American-based wrestler who has signed with both WWE and NXT. His official NXT 2.0 debut took place on September 13, 2022, where he secured a victory over Sean Gallagher. Here are some interesting and lesser-known facts about this wrestling sensation:

  • Quincy Elliott is known for making a grand entrance to the ring, often arriving on a scooter.
  • His unique wrestling costume sets him apart and is a significant part of his persona.
  • Quincy Elliott has earned the nickname “Super Diva” within WWE circles.
  • He is recognized for his charisma, intelligence, and formidable wrestling skills.
  • While he made his debut in 2018, it was his NXT 2.0 debut that truly propelled him into the spotlight.


Quincy Elliott’s journey from an independent wrestler to a rising star in WWE NXT is a testament to his talent and determination. Despite the setbacks caused by his injury, he has persevered and is poised for a successful career in professional wrestling. As fans eagerly await his return to the ring, one thing is clear: Quincy Elliott has the potential to become a household name in the world of WWE. His unique style and charisma make him a standout performer, and it’s only a matter of time before he shines brightly on the grand stage of professional wrestling.

Who is Quincy Elliott?

Quincy Elliott is a professional wrestler who joined WWE in 2021. They made their wrestling debut on the March 25 episode of NXT Level Up, facing off against Joe Gacy. During their time in WWE, Quincy Elliott notably co-hosted NXT Halloween Havoc 2022 alongside Shotzi. For more details on their status with WWE, you can check Fightful for updates.

Who Got Released from WWE?

Several wrestlers, including Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, and Mustafa Ali, were released by WWE. These releases happened after WWE’s merger with UFC into TKO Group Holdings. These wrestlers included former champions and longtime talents who had been with the company for a while.

Who is Quincy in NXT?

Quincy Elliott is a professional wrestler from the United States who is currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and is part of the NXT brand.

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