Sam Kekovich Wife, Wikipedia, Teeth, Podcast

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Sam Kekovich Wife, Wikipedia, Teeth, Podcast

Sam Kekovich Wife, Wikipedia, Teeth, Podcast

Sam Kekovich Wife, Wikipedia, Teeth, Podcast – Sam Kekovich is a well-known Australian figure, celebrated for his career in Australian rules football and his humorous rants on ABC’s “The Fat.” He was not only a player for the North Melbourne Kangaroos but also played a pivotal role in the team’s victory in the 1975 premiership. Born on March 11, 1950, in Australia, Sam has become a prominent sportscaster and a familiar face on Australian television.

Sam Kekovich Wife, Wikipedia, Teeth, Podcast

As of 2018, Sam Kekovich was 68 years old, and he is widely recognized as a popular figure in the sportscasting world. He holds a special place in the hearts of Australians and is a prominent member of the sportscaster community.

Sam Kekovich Rise to Fame

Sam Kekovich’s journey to fame was nothing short of remarkable. He started his career as a professional Australian rules football player. His passion and talent for the sport led him to join the North Melbourne Kangaroos, where he eventually tasted success with the team’s premiership win in 1975. This victory marked a significant milestone in his football career and solidified his status as a legendary figure in the sport.

Transitioning to a New Role

While Sam Kekovich had a successful career as a football player, he later transitioned into a different role that would make him a household name in Australia. He became a sportscaster, known for his entertaining and often humorous rants. One of his most notable gigs was on ABC’s “The Fat,” where he captured the hearts of viewers with his unique style and personality.

Sam Kekovich Impact as a Sportscaster

Sam’s charismatic presence on screen made him a beloved figure among sports enthusiasts. He brought a fresh and comedic perspective to sports commentary, making it enjoyable for a wide range of audiences. His rants were not just about the game but also included humorous anecdotes and social commentary, creating a unique blend of sports entertainment.

The Lambassador

One of Sam Kekovich’s most famous roles was as the “lambassador” for Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA). Starting in 2005, he encouraged Australians to enjoy lamb on Australia Day. His annual messages, funded by MLA, combined advertising for lamb with his signature rants and social commentary. These campaigns became highly anticipated and widely shared, contributing to their success.

Sam Kekovich and the Lamb Chop

Over the years, Sam Kekovich and the lamb chop became synonymous in Australian culture. His passionate advocacy for lamb made him a recognizable and endearing figure, and his influence extended far beyond the football field. With his unique ability to connect with people, he played a pivotal role in promoting lamb consumption in Australia.

Sam Kekovich Wife, Wikipedia, Teeth, Podcast

A Twist of Beef

While Sam Kekovich was best known as the “lambassador,” he didn’t limit himself to lamb alone. In a surprising turn, he appeared in advertisements for Mort & Co, Australia’s second-largest lot feeder and beef brand owner. In these advertisements, he showcased his affinity for beef, particularly a substantial tomahawk steak.

In the ad, Sam humorously pointed out the rise of “couch potatoes” in Australian society. He commented on people working from home in their pajamas, ordering food delivery, and listening to audiobooks instead of reading. Sam Kekovich’s distinctive, no-nonsense tone added a comical touch to his message.

His Call to Action

Sam’s message in the beef advertisement was clear: he wanted the city-dwelling “couch potatoes” to appreciate the hardworking individuals in rural areas who contribute to the Australian beef industry. He urged them to get up, fire up the barbecue, and cook some beef. It was a humorous yet thought-provoking call to action.

The Disappearance of the Beef Advertisement

Despite the initial popularity of the beef advertisement, it suddenly disappeared from Mort & Co’s Facebook page. A spokesperson from the company revealed that the video was taken down following discussions with Sam Kekovich. The reason for its removal was Sam’s reminder that he represented lamb, not beef.

The spokesperson explained that after the video garnered hundreds of shares on Facebook in just a weekend, both parties decided it was best to remove it from the page. This incident highlighted Sam’s commitment to his role as the “lambassador” and his dedication to promoting lamb as his primary cause.

Remaining the Lambassador

Although Sam Kekovich briefly ventured into promoting beef, it became evident that he would continue to be known as the “lambassador.” His association with lamb was deeply ingrained in his identity and resonated with the Australian public. While he may have dabbled in promoting beef for a moment, his heart remained with lamb.

Sam Kekovich Wife, Wikipedia, Teeth, Podcast


Sam Kekovich’s journey from a successful Australian rules football player to a beloved sportscaster and the “lambassador” for Meat & Livestock Australia is a testament to his versatility and charisma. His impact on Australian culture extends far beyond the football field, making him a cherished figure in the hearts of many.

Sam’s ability to connect with people, deliver humorous rants, and advocate for lamb consumption has left an indelible mark on the nation. While he briefly explored the world of beef promotion, he ultimately returned to his role as the “lambassador,” reminding us all of the importance of enjoying lamb on Australia Day.

How old is Sam Kekovich?

Sam Kekovich is 73 years old.

What is Sam Kekovich famous for?

Sam Kekovich is a well-known AFL legend and media personality. He’s famous for his colorful and unconventional behavior, both on and off the football field. He’s also known for his satirical commercials as the spokesperson for Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), where he promotes lamb. Sam started his football career with North Melbourne in 1968.

What football teams did Sam Kekovich play for?

Sam Kekovich was a star player in the AFL, and he played for two teams during his career: North Melbourne and Collingwood.

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