Starfield Sarah Morgan relationship

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Starfield Sarah Morgan relationship

Starfield Sarah Morgan relationship

Starfield Sarah Morgan relationship – Sarah Morgan is one of the romance options in the popular game Starfield. If you’re interested in starting a romantic relationship with her, it’s essential to follow specific steps and make the right choices in the game. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the complexities of romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

Starfield Sarah Morgan relationship

The Basics of Romancing Sarah

Romancing Sarah Morgan in Starfield is a delightful journey, but it takes some effort to reach the point where you can officially start a relationship with her. Here’s a simplified overview of the steps to successfully romance Sarah:

  • Recruit Sarah: Start by embarking on the ‘The Old Neighbourhood’ main mission to recruit Sarah as a companion. This is where your journey with her begins.
  • Make Her Like You: Keep Sarah as your companion and be attentive to her likes and dislikes. Interact with her in ways she appreciates.
  • Flirt with Sarah: Show your romantic interest by flirting with Sarah at least three times. This helps build a connection between your characters.
  • Engage in Conversations: Take the opportunity to engage in conversations with Sarah whenever the activity appears. This further strengthens your bond.
  • Raise Affinity: Work on raising your affinity level with Sarah. You should aim to become ‘Allies’ with her by consistently making choices she approves of.
  • Complete Sarah’s Personal Mission: Progress in the game by completing Sarah’s personal mission, titled ‘In Memoriam.’ This mission is significant in your journey.
  • Declare Your Love: Once you’ve completed Sarah’s personal mission, talk to her again when the activity appears. Choose the ‘Romance’ option and express your love for her.
  • Becoming Friends: To continue your romantic relationship, raise your affinity level with Sarah even more. Aim to become ‘Friends’ with her.
  • Commit to the Relationship: When the ‘Commitment’ option appears, select it to take your relationship with Sarah to the next level.
  • Marry Sarah: The ultimate step in your journey is to marry Sarah, and this can happen at Paradiso in the game.

Please note that while the above steps provide a structured approach to romancing Sarah, you don’t necessarily need to follow them in the exact order or complete all of them. The game offers flexibility, and you can make choices that align with your character’s personality.

Progressing in the Game

Sometimes, the ‘Talk to Sarah’ activities might not appear as expected. In such cases, it’s advisable to progress with the main mission until you reach at least the stage called ‘Into the Unknown.’ This can often trigger the activities you need to advance your relationship with Sarah.

To know your progress with Sarah, watch for pop-up notifications that inform you when you’ve achieved ‘Ally’ and ‘Friend’ status with her. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide an in-game meter to check affinity levels, so these notifications are your best indicators.

Sarah’s Preferences

Understanding Sarah’s likes and dislikes is crucial for successfully romancing her. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what she appreciates and what to avoid:


  • Empathy and understanding
  • Occasional humor and jokes
  • Supporting and helping those in need
  • Being considerate of different groups


  • Unnecessary violence and killing
  • Choosing violence as the first option without attempting to de-escalate
  • Theft and lockpicking, especially when she’s present

Sarah values empathy, kindness, and moral choices. Whenever possible, choose options that align with these values to strengthen your connection with her.

Starfield Sarah Morgan relationship

The Location of Your Marriage

Your journey to marry Sarah culminates at Paradiso, a location on the planet Porrima II in the Porrima star system. To initiate the marriage, follow Sarah’s ‘Commitment’ mission, where you can discuss your commitment to each other. Then, proceed to the wedding site for the ceremony.

During the marriage ceremony, Sarah presents you with her Commitment Gift, which is a genetag display. You can proudly showcase this in places like your Dream Home or New Atlantis apartment in the game.

Divorcing Sarah Morgan

While it’s wonderful to marry Sarah, sometimes things don’t work out, even in virtual relationships. If you find yourself wanting to end your virtual marriage with Sarah, here’s how to do it:

  • Initiate the Divorce Talk: Approach Sarah in the game and initiate a conversation about your marriage. Select the ‘End Commitment’ option.
  • Confirm Your Decision: In the conversation, express your feelings about the marriage, and choose the dialogue options like ‘You’ll have to forgive me, but our marriage isn’t working out.’

Sarah will warn you that once you go through with the divorce, you can’t immediately change your mind and remarry her. However, there’s still a chance to restart a relationship.

After divorcing Sarah, she becomes understandably upset and will no longer function as your companion or answer personal questions for a couple of days. During this time, you can still trade gear with her.

After 48 hours have passed, Sarah seems to have forgotten the rough patch in your relationship. As long as you haven’t damaged your ‘Friend’ affinity with her, you can express your love for her again to restart your romantic relationship. Please note that remarrying isn’t an option; you can only restart your romantic relationship.

Starfield Sarah Morgan relationship

How do you marry Sarah in Starfield?

To marry Sarah in Starfield, follow these steps:
Tell Sarah you love her.
Choose the ‘Commitment’ option when talking with Sarah.
Talk to Sarah again (if the wedding option isn’t available, wait for 24 hours).
Finally, marry Sarah at a place called Paradiso!

Who can I romance in Starfield?

In Starfield, you have four options for romance. You can choose to romance:
Sarah Morgan.
Sam Coe.

Can you marry in Starfield?

Yes, you can get married in Starfield, but it usually involves completing a romance quest. If you want to marry Sarah, for instance, you’ll need to commit to her. She’ll then need some time to prepare for the wedding. After a few in-game hours, you can have your wedding in a place called Paradiso.

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