Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date

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Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date

Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date

Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date – “Sultan” is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language sports drama film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar and produced by Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner. The movie stars Salman Khan as Sultan Ali Khan, a former world wrestling champion from Haryana, India, who embarks on a journey of redemption through the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). The film explores Sultan’s rise to fame as a wrestler, his personal struggles, and his determination to win back the love of his life, Aarfa, played by Anushka Sharma.

Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date
Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date

Set in the backdrop of Haryana, the film showcases the transformation of Sultan Ali Khan from a middle-aged, paunch-burdened man into a determined athlete who competes in MMA tournaments. The story delves into his past, including his love for Aarfa, their marriage, and the sacrifices they make for their careers. After a tragic turn of events, Sultan loses his way but finds a chance at redemption through the world of MMA. With the support of Aarfa, his coach Fateh Singh, and his own unyielding spirit, Sultan sets out to prove himself once again.

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The story of “Sultan” begins in a small town in Rewari, Haryana, where Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) lives a lonely life as a middle-aged local wrestler. He was once a world wrestling champion and a local hero but has since retired. Aakash Oberoi (played by Amit Sadh), the founder of a private mixed martial arts league, approaches Sultan with an offer to revive his career and bring back the popularity of wrestling. Sultan initially declines, stating that he has retired for good.

To understand why Sultan retired, Aakash talks to Govind, Sultan’s close friend. Govind narrates the backstory of Sultan’s wrestling career. In 2008, Sultan falls in love with Aarfa Hussain (Anushka Sharma), a state-level wrestler and the daughter of a local wrestling coach. Initially, Aarfa is distant, but she eventually warms up to Sultan and accepts him as a friend. However, she challenges him to become a well-trained wrestler if he wants to win her over.

Determined to win Aarfa’s heart, Sultan dedicates himself to rigorous training and eventually becomes a state-level wrestling champion, earning Aarfa’s love and respect. They get married and represent India in international wrestling events. When they are selected for the Olympic contingent, Aarfa discovers that she is pregnant. She sacrifices her dream of winning an Olympic gold medal to support Sultan, who fulfills her dream by winning a gold medal for India.

However, Sultan’s success leads to arrogance, and he becomes detached from his family. He leaves Aarfa alone during her pregnancy to win another gold medal in Turkey. Tragically, their newborn son dies due to a rare blood type, O-negative, which only Sultan possesses. Blaming himself for the loss, Sultan’s marriage with Aarfa crumbles, and she decides to leave him and live with her father.

Depressed and guilt-ridden, Sultan decides to open a blood bank in his son’s name to atone for his mistakes. Aakash offers Sultan a chance to compete in MMA tournaments, promising that the prize money will fund the blood bank. Sultan agrees and begins training in Delhi under MMA coach Fateh Singh. After rigorous training and determination, Sultan makes a comeback and gains popularity through a series of victories, eventually winning Aarfa’s support.

During the semi-final match, Sultan sustains severe injuries and is hospitalized. Doctors advise him against fighting again to avoid fatal consequences. However, Aarfa’s arrival at the hospital motivates him to continue. In the final match, Sultan overcomes his pain and defeats his opponent, winning the tournament. He uses the prize money to fulfill his promise of opening a blood bank.

Sultan and Aarfa reunite, and she resumes her wrestling career. They have a daughter, whom Sultan begins to train as a wrestler, marking a new chapter of their life.

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“Sultan” is a compelling sports drama that showcases Salman Khan’s versatile acting skills and his dedication to his role. Khan portrays the character of Sultan Ali Khan with depth and authenticity, transforming from a fit and lean wrestler to a middle-aged, paunch-burdened man. His performance adds emotional weight to the film and brings out the complexity of Sultan’s character.

Anushka Sharma, who plays Aarfa, delivers a strong performance as a feisty and determined wrestler. She effectively conveys Aarfa’s strength and the sacrifices she makes for her love and career. However, her character’s development could have been more pronounced.

One of the standout performances in the film comes from Anant Vidhaat as Govind, Sultan’s loyal friend. His portrayal adds charm and emotional depth to the story, making him a memorable character. Amit Sadh as Aakash Oberoi presents an appealing persona, and Kumud Mishra, as Aarfa’s father and Sultan’s guru, adds subtlety to the narrative.

The film’s dialogues capture the essence of Haryanvi culture, adding authenticity to the characters and their surroundings. The visuals are vibrant, showcasing the beauty of Rewari with its eucalyptus trees and gushing canals. The wrestling and MMA sequences are well-choreographed, adding excitement to the sports aspect of the film.

One of the film’s drawbacks is its length. At nearly three hours, “Sultan” becomes heavy and repetitive, especially during the training sequences. Trimming down some of the extraneous scenes, such as running commentaries and kite-running, would have made the film more concise and engaging. Randeep Hooda’s character as MMA coach Fateh Singh, while important, could have been developed further to create a more impactful presence.

In conclusion, “Sultan” is a compelling sports drama that combines elements of romance, action, and redemption. Salman Khan’s performance as Sultan is a highlight, and the film effectively captures the essence of Haryanvi culture. Despite its length, “Sultan” delivers a message of determination and the power of love and redemption, making it a must-watch for fans of Bollywood cinema.

Sultan Movie Cast Filmyzilla

Salman KhanSultan Ali Khan
Anushka SharmaAarfa
Randeep HoodaFateh Singh
Amit SadhAakash Oberoi
Kumud MishraBarkat
Marrese CrumpMarrese
Parikshit SahniGyan Singh Oberoi
Tyron WoodleyTyron
Ron SmoorenburgRon
Brahim ChabBrahim (as Brahim Achabbakhe)
Kubbra SaitKubra Sait (as a different name)
Björn FreibergPilot
Durgesh KumarCommentator (uncredited)
Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date

Sultan Movie Crew Members Bollyfix

DirectorAli Abbas Zafar
ProducerUmair Ahmad

Aditya Chopra

György Czutor

Sudhanshu Kumar

Bharat Rawail

Aashish Singh

Navmeet Singh
WriterAli Abbas Zafar
Music ByVishal Dadlani

Julius Packiam

Shekhar Ravjiani
Cinematography byArtur Zurawski
Film Editing ByRameshwar S. Bhagat
Production Design byRajnish Hedao
Costume Design byHimani Bhatia

Ashu Dhir

Tanushka Kitt

Shikha Prawat

Pranal Said
Sultan Movie Review, Cast, Online, Release Date

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What is the main storyline of the movie “Sultan”?

In “Sultan,” the story revolves around Sultan Ali Khan, a former world wrestling champion from Haryana, India, who has retired from the sport. The film explores his journey of redemption through the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) after a tragic turn of events. It delves into his love story with Aarfa, their sacrifices, and his determination to win back her love and respect.

How does Salman Khan’s performance in “Sultan” contribute to the film’s success?

Salman Khan delivers a versatile and compelling performance as Sultan Ali Khan. He undergoes a physical transformation for the role, portraying a middle-aged, paunch-burdened wrestler with authenticity. Khan’s acting adds emotional depth to the character, making Sultan a relatable and multi-dimensional protagonist, which significantly contributes to the film’s success.

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of “Sultan” as a sports drama?

“Sultan” boasts strong performances by the cast, particularly Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma, who play Sultan and Aarfa, respectively. The film effectively captures the essence of Haryanvi culture through authentic dialogues and vibrant visuals. However, one of its weaknesses is its lengthy runtime, with some scenes feeling repetitive. Trimming down extraneous sequences could have made the film more concise and engaging for the audience.

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