The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Cast, Online, IMDB, Review, Spoiler, Explained

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The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Cast, Online, IMDB, Review, Spoiler, Explained

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Cast, Online, IMDB, Review, Spoiler, Explained

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Cast, Online, IMDB, Review, Spoiler, Explained – “The Taking of Deborah Logan” is a spine-chilling found footage supernatural horror film that made its mark in 2014, serving as the directorial debut of Adam Robitel. This movie ventures into the dark and eerie realm of Alzheimer’s disease, blending it seamlessly with demonic possession and ancient rituals. As we delve into the intricate plot, character dynamics, and cinematic elements, we’ll explore the reasons behind the film’s mixed reception and its lasting impact on the horror genre.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Vegamovies, Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla
The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Cast, Online, IMDB, Review, Spoiler, Explained

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Movie Story ibomma

The story revolves around Mia Medina, Gavin, and Luis, a group of students determined to create a documentary about Alzheimer’s disease. Their subject is Deborah Logan, an elderly woman living with her daughter, Sarah, who is grappling with the debilitating condition. Initially, the documentary focuses on the daily struggles of Alzheimer’s patients, with Deborah displaying typical symptoms.

However, the documentary takes an ominous turn as Deborah’s behavior becomes increasingly bizarre and inexplicable. Her personal physician dismisses these occurrences as manifestations of aggressive Alzheimer’s, but cameraman Luis becomes convinced that something otherworldly is at play. The tension escalates when audio recordings capture Deborah speaking in French, referencing sacrifices and snakes. The presence of the number “337” in her life, once belonging to a local physician named Henri Desjardins, further deepens the mystery. Desjardins had disappeared after committing a series of cannibalistic ritual murders of young girls.

Deborah’s actions reach such extremes that she is hospitalized for her safety, leading Gavin to quit the documentary project in dismay. The group later uncovers Desjardins’ sinister plan, attempting to recreate an ancient ritual that would grant him immortality through the sacrifice of five girls who had recently experienced their first menstruation. They begin to suspect that Deborah might be possessed by Desjardins, and a horrifying truth unfolds.

Sarah, Mia, and Luis make a shocking discovery – Deborah had once attempted to abduct Cara Minetti, a young cancer patient. Harris Sredl, Deborah’s friend, reveals that Deborah had learned of Desjardins’ plan to use Sarah as his fifth victim. In a desperate attempt to prevent this, Deborah had murdered the doctor and buried his body in the yard. The group unearths Desjardins’ remains but struggles to dispose of them effectively.

The climax intensifies as Deborah abducts Cara and leads her to the site where Desjardins had killed his previous victims. Sheriff Linda Tweed follows them into the mines, but her fate takes a deadly turn. Sarah and Mia confront Deborah as she attempts to consume Cara’s head in a snake-like manner. They manage to burn Desjardins’ corpse, and a reunion between Sarah and the now-conscious Deborah occurs.

The film concludes with news footage reporting that Deborah has been declared unfit to stand trial due to her rapid deterioration following the incident. Cara, who has triumphed over cancer, celebrates her 10th birthday. In a chilling twist, as the reporter wraps up the story, Cara turns to the camera, delivering a sinister smile, hinting that Desjardins may now possess her.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Movie Review Movierulz

“The Taking of Deborah Logan” presents itself as an intriguing blend of supernatural horror and the harsh realities of Alzheimer’s disease. While the film’s premise initially promises a unique approach to the found footage subgenre, it ultimately succumbs to some of its familiar pitfalls. Despite some unsettling moments and an exceptional performance by Jill Larson, the movie falls short of delivering fresh and innovative horror.

The film opens with a documentary-style exploration of Deborah Logan’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease, grounding itself in the harsh realities of this debilitating condition. This segment sets the stage for what could have been a compelling examination of the intersection between mental illness and the supernatural. Unfortunately, the movie abandons this potential and veers into traditional found footage territory, complete with shaky and nauseating camera work.

One of the film’s strengths lies in its transformation of Deborah Logan as a character. Initially, she appears frail and vulnerable, akin to Zelda from “Pet Sematary.” The gradual shift into a skeletal, nightmarish figure is genuinely terrifying. However, this transformation is marred by the film’s descent into shaky camera work during its climactic moments, leaving viewers struggling to decipher the chaos on screen.

The incorporation of folklore and mythology into the possession narrative attempts to inject depth into the story. Yet, the rapid acceptance of supernatural elements by Mia, a highly educated medical student initially grounded in logic, strains credibility. The abrupt transition from discussions of Alzheimer’s disease to demonology and exorcism feels forced and incongruous with her character.

The film’s major downfall is its failure to capitalize on the Alzheimer’s theme beyond its initial setup. Instead of delving deeper into the emotional and psychological aspects of the disease, it shifts focus to supernatural horror, leaving this potentially rich source of material underexplored.

In conclusion, “The Taking of Deborah Logan” begins with a promising premise that blends the horrors of Alzheimer’s with the supernatural. It features an unsettling transformation of its central character and a few genuinely nightmarish moments. However, it ultimately succumbs to the shortcomings of the found footage genre, with shaky camera work and a hasty shift into supernatural territory. While the film may offer some thrills for horror enthusiasts, it misses the opportunity to deliver a truly unique and thought-provoking narrative.

“The Taking of Deborah Logan” remains a noteworthy entry in the horror genre, but its potential to be a standout film is ultimately compromised by its adherence to genre conventions and missed opportunities to delve deeper into its compelling themes.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Movie Cast Vegamovies

Jill LarsonDeborah Logan
Anne RamsaySarah Logan
Michelle AngMia Medina
Brett GentileGavin
Jeremy DeCarlosLuis
Ryan CutronaHarris
Tonya BludsworthSheriff Tweed
Anne BedianDr. Nazir
Randell HaynesDr. Schiffer
Jeffrey WoodardFather Vitali
Julianne TaylorCara (as Julianne Elizabeth Taylor)
Dave BlamyCara’s Father
Melissa LozoffCara’s Mother (as Melissa Ann Lozoff)
The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Cast, Online, IMDB, Review, Spoiler, Explained

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Movie Crew Members Mp4moviez

DirectorAdam Robitel
ProducerScott Adler

René Besson

Christa Campbell

Alex Cutler

Luke Daniels

Kurt Fethke

Lati Grobman

Dana Guerin

Gavin Heffernan

Jeff Rice

Adam Robitel

Bryan Singer

Jonathan Stein

Jason Taylor
WriterAdam Robitel

Gavin Heffernan
Music ByHaim Mazar
Cinematography byAndrew Huebscher
Film Editing ByGavin Heffernan

Adam Robitel
Production Design byDanielle Aziz
Costume Design byJayme Bohn
The Taking Of Deborah Logan Full Movie Cast, Online, IMDB, Review, Spoiler, Explained

The Taking Of Deborah Logan Movie Trailer Filmyzilla

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What happens in the movie The Taking of Deborah Logan?

“The Taking of Deborah Logan” is a supernatural horror film that tells the story of a documentary crew making a film about Alzheimer’s patients. They focus on Deborah Logan, an elderly woman living with her daughter, Sarah, who has Alzheimer’s disease. As they document her daily life, they begin to witness increasingly strange and unsettling behavior that defies conventional explanations. This leads them to suspect that something supernatural is happening. The film takes a sinister turn when they uncover a connection to a local physician named Henri Desjardins, who disappeared after committing ritualistic murders. The crew must confront a terrifying and otherworldly presence that has taken hold of Deborah Logan.

How scary is The Taking of Deborah Logan?

The level of scariness in “The Taking of Deborah Logan” is subjective and can vary from person to person. However, the film is known for its eerie and unsettling atmosphere, as well as its moments of genuine horror and tension. It combines elements of found footage, possession, and supernatural horror, which can be quite intense for viewers who enjoy the genre. The film’s ability to create a sense of dread and its unsettling visual effects contribute to its overall scariness.

What is the name of the movie The Taking of Deborah Logan?

The movie is titled “The Taking of Deborah Logan.”

Is The Taking of Deborah Logan a real documentary?

No, “The Taking of Deborah Logan” is not a real documentary. It is a fictional supernatural horror film presented in a found footage style. While the movie incorporates documentary-style elements into its storytelling, it is a work of fiction created for entertainment purposes and not a real documentary.

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