Ved Movie Cast, OTT, Review, Collection, Remake, Budget

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Ved Movie in Hindi Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Filmy4wap, Vegamovies, Filmymeet, Filmywap

Ved Movie Cast, OTT, Review, Collection, Remake, Budget

Ved Movie Cast, OTT, Review, Collection, Remake, Budget – “Ved,” which translates to “Madness,” is a 2022 Indian Marathi-language romantic drama film that marks Riteish Deshmukh’s directorial debut. Genelia D’Souza, who also produced the film, plays a significant role alongside Riteish Deshmukh. The film introduces Jiya Shankar in her debut Marathi film role, and it features Ashok Saraf in supporting roles. “Ved” is a remake of the 2019 Telugu language romantic drama, “Majili.”

Ved Movie in Hindi Filmyzilla, Mp4moviez, Filmy4wap, Vegamovies, Filmymeet, Filmywap
Ved Movie Cast, OTT, Review, Collection, Remake, Budget

Released theatrically on December 30, 2022, “Ved” received praise for its cast performances, especially those of Riteish and Genelia, as well as its cinematography, songs, and background score. Genelia Deshmukh won the Best Popular Actress Award at the Zee Gaurav Awards 2023 for her role. However, the film faced criticism for its narration and slow-paced screenplay. Despite mixed reviews, it achieved considerable success at the box office, grossing ₹75 crore (US$9.4 million), making it the highest-grossing Marathi film of 2022 and the fourth highest-grossing Marathi film of all time, surpassing Riteish Deshmukh’s own “Lai Bhaari” (2014).

Ved Movie Story Mp4moviez

The film’s story revolves around Satya Jadhav (Riteish Deshmukh), a young man living in Mumbai with his father, Dinkar Jadhav (Ashok Saraf). Satya’s dream is to play cricket for the Indian national team, and his initial goal is to be selected for the local Railways cricket team. However, his life takes a different turn when he meets Nisha (Jiya Shankar), leading to a series of events that change their lives forever.

Satya and Nisha’s love story begins with misunderstandings but quickly develops into a deep connection. Unfortunately, their love faces multiple obstacles, primarily due to Nisha’s strict Naval officer father and the challenging circumstances they find themselves in. Despite their promises, Nisha is separated from Satya, leaving him heartbroken and devastated. Satya turns to alcohol and abandons his cricketing dreams.

Meanwhile, Satya’s neighbor, Shravani (Genelia Deshmukh), has secretly loved him since childhood, though he remains unaware of her feelings. Learning about Satya’s love for Nisha, Shravani distances herself from him. However, fate brings them together, and they eventually marry, although Satya agrees to the union under pressure from his father, not out of love. He becomes dependent on Shravani’s salary, as he spirals into alcoholism while clinging to his memories of Nisha.

Satya’s life takes a dramatic turn when he travels to Delhi to assist in selecting cricket players for a youth team. There, he encounters Khushi (Khushi Hajare), Nisha’s daughter. Through Khushi’s grandfather, Satya learns of Nisha’s tragic death in an accident. Overwhelmed with grief and responsibility, Satya decides to honor Nisha’s wishes by coaching Khushi in cricket. He brings Khushi back to Raigad for training and eventually decides to adopt her as his own.

This decision prompts Satya and Shravani to reevaluate their strained relationship. Khushi insists they resolve their differences and commit to staying together as a family, which they agree to do. During this time, Satya realizes Shravani’s enduring love for him and decides to let go of his painful past for a fresh start. However, Shravani misinterprets his actions as mere attempts to please Khushi and decides to transfer her job to Nagpur, planning to leave Satya, Khushi, and Dinkar behind.

As Satya drops Shravani off at the railway station, he finally confesses his love for her and apologizes for causing her pain. Touched by his words, Shravani decides to stay with him. They reconcile and embrace, marking a new beginning in their love story.

Ved Movie Review Filmy4wap

“Ved” had been one of the most highly anticipated Marathi films of the year, largely due to Riteish Deshmukh’s directorial debut and Genelia’s prominent role in her Marathi debut. The film draws inspiration from the Telugu movie “Majili,” starring Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu, and presents a quintessential romantic drama with elements of masala, love, sacrifices, a convincing villain portrayed by Raviraj Kande, and several twists and turns in the narrative.

The film effectively weaves between the past and present to depict the lives of its central characters. The first half of “Ved” primarily focuses on Riteish and Jiya’s characters, while the second half introduces us to Shravani, played by Genelia Deshmukh, and delves into her backstory. Comparatively, the post-interval part of the film proves to be more engaging than the first half.

The cast of “Ved” brings a mix of talents to the screen. Riteish Deshmukh effectively channels the angst and emotions of his character, while Genelia Deshmukh shines with her expressive eyes and captivating expressions. The actress breathes life into the frames she graces. Newcomer Jiya Shankar displays confidence in front of the camera, although her acting skills could benefit from further refinement, as could the Marathi speaking skills of both Genelia and Riteish. Ashok Saraf delivers punch lines effortlessly while portraying his role as Riteish’s father with authenticity. Shubhankar Tawde and child actor Khushi Hajare make the most of their screen time, leaving memorable impressions.

Cinematographer Bhushankumar Jain deserves commendation for capturing the film’s visuals aesthetically. The film’s treatment and presentation almost give it the feel of a Hindi film, potentially setting a new standard for Marathi cinema. The music by Ajay-Atul, renowned for their contributions to Marathi cinema, is praiseworthy. The haunting quality of the song “Besuri,” sung by Vasundhara Vee, adds a sense of mystery to Genelia’s character’s background story.

However, despite these positive aspects, “Ved” falls short of standing out as expected. The plot is somewhat predictable, even for those who haven’t seen “Majili.” The film places more emphasis on glorifying the actors than on presenting a convincing and original storyline. If you are a fan of Riteish or Genelia, “Ved” offers an enjoyable weekend watch, but for the average cinegoer seeking a groundbreaking cinematic experience, it may leave some room for disappointment.

In conclusion, “Ved” is a heartfelt attempt at a romantic drama with strong performances from its cast and impressive technical aspects. While it may not break new ground in terms of storytelling, it succeeds in delivering an emotional journey filled with love, sacrifices, and second chances.

Ved Movie Cast Vegamovies

Anjali AtreKaveri’s Mother
Genelia DeshmukhShravani Satya Jadhav (as Genelia D’Souza)
Riteish DeshmukhSatya Dinkar Jadhav
Khushi HajareKhushi
Siddharth JadhavSuresh (as Siddarth Jadhav)
Jitendra JoshiRamesh
Vidyadhar JoshiMurli Shinde
Ravi Raj KandeBhaskar Anna
Salman KhanIn Yed lagla song
Kunal PawarBride’s Brother
SandyInspector Sonavane
Ashok SarafDinkar Jadhav
Jiya ShankarNisha Kumar Katkar
Ved Movie Cast, OTT, Review, Collection, Remake, Budget

Ved Movie Crew Members Filmymeet

DirectorRiteish Deshmukh
ProducerGenelia Deshmukh

Riteish Deshmukh

Siddharth Ghadage

Sandeep S. Patil

Prashant Vilankar
WriterPrajakt Deshmukh

Shiva Nirvana

Shivkumar Parthasarathy

Sandeep S. Patil

Rushikesh Turai
Music ByAjay-Atul
Cinematography byBhushankumar Jain
Film Editing ByChandan Arora
Production Design byDurgaprasad Mahapatra
Costume Design byAmit Divekar

Karishmah Gulati

Mansi Raut
Ved Movie Cast, OTT, Review, Collection, Remake, Budget

Ved Movie Trailer Filmywap

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Is Ved a hit or flop?

“Ved” received mixed reviews from critics, with some appreciating the performances and technical aspects of the film, while others found the storyline somewhat predictable. However, it achieved considerable success at the box office, grossing ₹75 crore (US$9.4 million). This made it the highest-grossing Marathi film of 2022 and one of the top-grossing Marathi films of all time, surpassing Riteish Deshmukh’s own “Lai Bhaari” (2014). So, financially, it can be considered a hit.

Where to watch Ved Marathi movie in Hindi?

To watch the Marathi movie “Ved” with Hindi subtitles or in Hindi dubbing, you can check streaming platforms that offer language options. Popular OTT platforms often provide multiple language choices for movies. You can look for it on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any regional Marathi streaming service that provides language options.

Can I watch Ved with family?

“Ved” is a romantic drama film that explores themes of love, sacrifice, and second chances. While it does have some emotional and dramatic moments, it is generally suitable for family viewing. However, it’s essential to consider the preferences and sensitivities of your family members, as some scenes may contain intense emotions. It is recommended for a family audience, but parental guidance is advised, especially if you have younger children.

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