Was George Gershwin Married

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Was George Gershwin Married

Was George Gershwin Married

Was George Gershwin Married – George Gershwin, born Jacob Gershwine in Brooklyn in 1898, is undeniably one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. His music transcended genres, blending elements of both popular and classical music to create timeless masterpieces. While his musical legacy is well-documented, there has long been speculation and curiosity about his personal life, particularly his romantic relationships and marital status. In this article, we delve into the question: Was George Gershwin married?

The Enigma of George Gershwin’s Love Life

George Gershwin’s life was dedicated to his music, and his remarkable career was characterized by numerous compositions that continue to captivate audiences worldwide. Yet, amidst his musical brilliance, questions about his romantic life persist. Gershwin’s lack of a publicly known marriage has fueled speculation about his sexuality and personal relationships.

Michael Feinstein’s Insight

Renowned singer and pianist Michael Feinstein, who had a close and longstanding association with the Gershwin family, has offered valuable insights into George Gershwin’s personal life. Feinstein, who authored the book “The Gershwins and Me,” shared his perspective on the matter.

Feinstein acknowledges the persistent rumors about Gershwin’s sexuality, fueled in part by his lifelong bachelor status. Some have suggested that Gershwin’s relationships with women were attempts to mask his true sexual orientation. However, Feinstein reminds us that such speculations remain inconclusive.

Gershwin’s friend, Oscar Levant, once responded to the rumors by saying that if Gershwin was bedding women to prove his manhood, it was a “wonderful way to prove it.” While innuendos and rumors circulated about Gershwin’s sexuality, there is no concrete evidence to confirm or deny them.

Simone Simon’s Perspective

French actress Simone Simon, who had a close friendship with Gershwin, added her voice to the debate. She noted that during a trip together, Gershwin never made any romantic advances towards her, leading her to speculate that he might be gay. However, her observation, while intriguing, does not provide definitive answers.

Cecelia Ager’s Account

Cecelia Ager, a close friend of George Gershwin, made a comment about his sexuality during a dinner. Ager’s husband, Milton Ager, was Gershwin’s roommate. While Cecelia Ager hinted at Gershwin’s potential homosexuality, Milton vehemently disputed this claim, revealing the complexity and ambiguity surrounding the composer’s love life. Cecelia later declined to discuss the matter further, adding to the enigma.

Theories on Gershwin’s Personal Life

Feinstein, while offering these anecdotes, presents his own theory on Gershwin’s personal life. He suggests that George Gershwin’s foremost passion was his music, and it’s possible that he struggled with his sexuality or had difficulty forming lasting romantic relationships. This perspective humanizes the composer, emphasizing his dedication to his craft above all else.

Kitty Carlisle’s Account

Actress Kitty Carlisle recalled an intriguing episode where Gershwin proposed marriage to her. However, she sensed that he wasn’t deeply in love with her and declined his proposal. Carlisle’s account further illustrates the complexity of Gershwin’s romantic pursuits and his ability to compartmentalize his personal and professional life.

Gershwin’s Tragic End

George Gershwin’s life was tragically cut short when he succumbed to a malignant brain tumor at the young age of 38. His untimely death left many questions unanswered, including those about his personal life. It remains unclear whether his love life would have taken a different course had he lived longer.

The Impact of His Music

Regardless of the mysteries surrounding George Gershwin’s personal life, his impact on the world of music is undeniable. His compositions continue to resonate with audiences of all backgrounds and preferences. From jazz standards to classical pieces, Gershwin’s music transcends time and genre.

Rhapsody in Blue: A Masterpiece

Among Gershwin’s many compositions, “Rhapsody in Blue” stands out as a crowning achievement. Commissioned by Paul Whiteman, a popular bandleader of the 1920s, this piece was originally intended for an all-jazz concert. Gershwin initially declined the request but eventually acquiesced.

Gershwin’s inspiration for “Rhapsody in Blue” came during a train journey. The rhythmic sounds of the train, the clatter and the bang, stimulated his creative mind. He envisioned the piece as a musical representation of America’s cultural diversity, a true reflection of the nation’s vitality and energy.

The premiere of “Rhapsody in Blue” took place on February 12, 1924, with Gershwin himself at the piano. The recording of the piece sold an astounding one million copies, a monumental achievement for its time. Over the years, “Rhapsody in Blue” has become synonymous with American music, featured prominently in films like Disney’s “Fantasia” and Minnelli’s “An American In Paris.”

Legacy and Impact

George Gershwin’s influence reaches far beyond his lifetime. His compositions have been performed and recorded by countless orchestras worldwide. Notably, the piece received a disco treatment by Richard Clayderman in 1978 and was played simultaneously by eighty-four pianists at the opening ceremony of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Variations of “Rhapsody in Blue”

To showcase the enduring appeal of “Rhapsody in Blue,” here are a few notable interpretations:

  1. 1930 Film “King of Jazz”: A scene from the 1930 film “King of Jazz” featuring “Rhapsody in Blue” captures the essence of the Jazz Age.
  2. Andre Previn: Pianist Andre Previn’s rendition adds his unique touch to this iconic piece.
  3. Leonard Bernstein with the New York Philharmonic (1976): Maestro Leonard Bernstein’s performance with the New York Philharmonic in 1976 demonstrates the timelessness of “Rhapsody in Blue.”


In conclusion, the question of whether George Gershwin was married remains shrouded in mystery. His personal life, marked by rumors and anecdotes, continues to intrigue and captivate those interested in the life of this musical genius. What we do know is that Gershwin’s true passion lay in his music, and his compositions have left an indelible mark on the world of music.

Regardless of his marital status or sexual orientation, George Gershwin’s legacy endures through his timeless compositions, particularly the iconic “Rhapsody in Blue.” His ability to capture the spirit of his era while transcending it speaks to the enduring power of his music, ensuring that he remains a beloved figure in the world of music for generations to come.

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Who is the wife of George Gershwin?

George Gershwin, the renowned composer, did not have a wife. He remained unmarried throughout his life.

What did George Gershwin suffer from?

George Gershwin suffered from a glioblastoma of the right temporal lobe, a type of aggressive brain tumor. He had been receiving psychoanalytical care for some time before his diagnosis and was hospitalized a few weeks before his death, initially thought to have a functional illness.

Did George Gershwin have kids?

It is generally believed that George Gershwin did not have any children. There have been claims by individuals, like Alan Gershwin, who asserted to be his son, but these claims were never corroborated or widely accepted. Gershwin did not marry during his lifetime, and any potential children remain unverified.

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