What kind of lawyer was Robert Kardashian

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What kind of lawyer was Robert Kardashian

What kind of lawyer was Robert Kardashian

What kind of lawyer was Robert Kardashian – Robert Kardashian, a name that resonates with the legal world, was more than just a lawyer. Born in Los Angeles, his family history is a testament to resilience and survival, as they escaped the horrors of the Armenian genocide. In this article, we’ll delve into the life of Robert Kardashian, exploring his personal journey, career, family, and the O.J. Simpson trial that thrust him into the limelight.

What kind of lawyer was Robert Kardashian

Robert Kardashian Early Life and Family

Robert Kardashian’s story begins with his birth in Los Angeles to parents Helen and Arthur. However, the Kardashian family’s roots trace back to Karakale, a village that they left in anticipation of war, heeding a prophecy that would ultimately save them from the Armenian genocide.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Robert was privileged to have wealthy parents, particularly his well-read father, George Kardashian. These early influences would shape his future.

Robert Kardashian Education and Career

After attending Susan Miller Dorsey High School, Robert pursued higher education. He graduated and earned two degrees from prestigious universities. His commitment to education was a key foundation for his future endeavors.

Robert Kardashian Legal Career

The most notable chapter of Robert Kardashian’s life was his involvement in the O.J. Simpson trial. This association began years before the trial when he met O.J. Simpson in 1967 at the University of Southern California. Their friendship blossomed into a business partnership with investments in Juice Inc. and Concert Cinema.

When O.J. faced charges for a double murder in 1994, he turned to Robert for legal representation. Robert reactivated his law license to help defend his friend. Alongside 12 other lawyers, they successfully argued that O.J. Simpson was not guilty.

Robert Kardashian Controversy and Speculations

Despite O.J.’s acquittal, controversy surrounded the case. Some believed in O.J.’s guilt, leading to speculations about whether Robert Kardashian knew more than he let on. His daughter Khloe and even Caitlyn Jenner expressed their suspicions, suggesting that the stress from the trial contributed to Robert’s health issues.

Robert Kardashian Personal Life and Relationships

Robert’s personal life was marked by two significant marriages. He was married to Kris Jenner for 13 years before their divorce due to her infidelity. Kris went on to marry Bruce Jenner, and they were together for 23 years before their own divorce.

Robert Kardashian Legacy

In the end, Robert Kardashian’s legacy extends beyond the courtroom. He was not just a lawyer; he was an entrepreneur and a family man. His association with the O.J. Simpson trial was a defining moment in his life, yet it’s crucial to remember that he was more than just a member of the “Dream Team.”

Robert Kardashian passed away on September 30, 2003, succumbing to esophageal cancer, a disease that may have been exacerbated by the stress and secrets surrounding the O.J. Simpson trial. His life story is one of resilience, success, and enduring friendship.

What kind of lawyer was Robert Kardashian


In conclusion, Robert Kardashian’s journey from his Armenian roots to becoming a prominent figure in American legal history is a story worth remembering. He navigated fame, controversy, and personal challenges, leaving a lasting impact on his family and the world of law.

Who was Robert Kardashian, and where was he born?

Robert Kardashian was a prominent lawyer born in Los Angeles. He came from a family with Armenian roots who had escaped the Armenian genocide.

What is the significance of Robert Kardashian’s family history?

Robert’s family history is remarkable because they heeded a prophecy and left their village of Karakale, which ultimately saved them from the Armenian genocide.

What was Robert Kardashian’s educational background?

Robert Kardashian graduated from Susan Miller Dorsey High School and earned two degrees from prestigious universities.

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