Where is Rosa Peral Now? What are the Husband and Daughters’ names?

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Hello friends, all of you are welcome to my website wikikida.com, Today we will give you information about where Rosa Peral is now and will also talk about her husband and her children, where they all are now and what they are doing in their lives. The name of Rosa Peral will always be remembered in the history of Spanish murders involving police officers as murderers.

This riveting series delves deep into the mind and experiences of Rosa, who was convicted of murdering her partner, Pedro Rodríguez, in 2017.

Who is Rosa Peral ?

Rosa Peral is a well-known retired Spanish police officer. She was found guilty of the horrible murder of her ex-boyfriend, Pedro Rodriguez. The investigation discovered that he was shot twice in the head, effectively ending his once promising life. Peral and Rodriguez were hardworking guardia urbana cops. They’d been together since 2014.

Where is Rosa Peral Now? What are the Husband and Daughters' names?

Rosa Peral’s Background

Rosa emerged into the limelight during her early years in the industry. Her journey commenced with remarkable zeal and talent that quickly propelled her into the heart of the entertainment business. With dedication and a knack for the craft, Peral swiftly became a prominent figure known for her exceptional performances.


Name Rose Peral
Date Of Birth 1980 to 1981
ProfecessionFormer Police Officer
Age 42 Year old
Birth Place Barcelona, sPain
Boyfriend NameRuben
Where is Rosa Peral Now? What are the Husband and Daughters’ names?

Rosa Peral, Where Are You Now?

Rosa is now serving a 25-year prison sentence and will be released in 2025. The question of whether Rosa was the genuine culprit of the crime is still unanswered.

The blatantly unfair treatment she received, ostensibly because of her gender, is heartbreaking.

Her fear may have motivated her to make rash decisions prior to Pedro’s death, or she may have been a skilled manipulator, spinning a web of lies to protect herself.

This murder mystery’s mysterious layers continue to attract and perplex spectators, leaving many captivated and perplexed.

Current Whereabouts

Recent updates about Rosa’s present situation remain shrouded in mystery. The once highly visible personality seems to have embraced a more private life, stepping away from the public eye. Speculations and assumptions have led to a quest for information about her current endeavors and location.

Where is Rosa Peral Now? What are the Husband and Daughters' names?

Rosa Peral’s parents’ names?

Rosa was born to Francisco and Mrs. Peral. The media is unaware of her parents’ occupations and other characteristics. Rosa Peral’s father is reported to be a neighbour and a corporal from Guàrdia Urbana, Spain. He was interviewed multiple times.

Rosa father remained at her side throughout her difficult trip, offering his support and trust. He generally pays her visits in prison.

Rosa’s mother suffered with her health after her daughter’s arrest on May 14, 2017, and the added burden of her daughter’s court battle must not have been easy for her. Rosa’s mother died since her sentencing in July 2020, which mandated that she serve 25 years in prison.

Where is Rosa Peral Now? What are the Husband and Daughters' names?

Family Life: Her Husband

Peral’s personal life has always been a subject of interest among her admirers. Her family, particularly her relationship with her husband and daughters, has often captured the attention of the media. However, details about her family life have been carefully shielded from the public eye, maintaining a veil of secrecy.

Rosa love life was certainly difficult. She was in a relationship with Rubén when she was 23, and they finally married.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Rosa cheated on Rubén, a cop, culminating in the birth of their two daughters. She later fell in love with Scar, a police sub-inspector.

Rosa went on to have connections with other people, including Pedro Rodrguez, whose tragic fate became linked with hers in a complicated love triangle case, ultimately resulting to her incarceration.

Her turbulent love life adds layers of complication to an already complicated story.


Rosa two girls, born during her marriage to ex-husband Ruben, were six and four years old at the time of the dramatic events in 2017.

They are now little girls, ages 12 and 10, respectively. While we know the name of one of the daughters, Emma, the identity of the other remains unknown.

The dramatic events surrounding their mother’s death have surely had a major impact on these young girls, making their path into adolescence all the more difficult.

Where is Rosa Peral Now? What are the Husband and Daughters' names?

Where Have Rosa Peral’s Daughters Gone?

Rosa is still in touch with her girls, and since reports claim that she does, we may conclude that they are either living with their grandparents or perhaps their father and, ideally, are being insulated from the current uproar surrounding the case.

Rosa Peral’s Impact in the Industry

Her outstanding efforts and achievements in the entertainment industry have left an enduring imprint. Many people have been inspired by Peral’s presence and work, which has influenced not only the entertainment sector but also broader cultural issues.

Speculations and Rumors

Rosa is frequently the subject of unverified rumors and speculation. Addressing disputes and offering explanation in the middle of false allegations is difficult, especially for someone who chooses a low-key existence.

The Legacy of Rosa

Despite her absence, Peral’s legacy endures. Her influence persists in the industry, guiding and inspiring new talents and emerging personalities.

Industry Insights

Rosa impact on Bollywood and the wider entertainment domain remains unparalleled. Her contributions continue to serve as a benchmark for aspiring individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.


Concluding, Rosa Peral’s enigmatic persona, coupled with her profound impact on the entertainment world, continues to intrigue many. Her legacy persists, embodying an iconic presence that transcends time and continues to inspire.


1Q: Is there any official statement about Rosa Peral’s current status?

A: As of now, no official statement has been released regarding Rosa Peral’s current status, leading to various speculations.

2Q: Are there any confirmed details about Rosa Peral’s family life?

A: Details about her family life, including her husband and daughters, remain closely guarded and are not publicly disclosed.

3Q: What kind of impact did Rosa Peral have on the entertainment industry?

A: Rosa Peral left an enduring impact on Bollywood and the wider entertainment industry through her remarkable work and contributions.

4Q: Why has Rosa Peral chosen to maintain a low profile?

A: The reasons behind her preference for privacy remain largely speculative, as she has intentionally stayed away from the public eye.

5Q: How does Rosa Peral’s legacy continue to influence the entertainment industry today?

A: Her legacy continues to serve as a guiding light for emerging talents and remains an inspirational benchmark in the entertainment world.

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