Who did Jessica Simpson date in the NFL

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Who did Jessica Simpson date in the NFL

Who did Jessica Simpson date in the NFL

Who did Jessica Simpson date in the NFL – Love stories are timeless, and Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson’s journey is no exception. Let’s take a closer look at their relationship from the very beginning to the present day.

Who did Jessica Simpson date in the NFL

A Chance Encounter (2010)

Back in May 2010, fate played its part when Jessica Simpson crossed paths with Eric Johnson. They started dating, marking the beginning of a beautiful connection. At the time, Eric was in the process of divorcing his ex-wife, Keri. Jessica, on the other hand, had already been divorced from Nick Lachey since 2005.

Going Public (July 2010)

In July of the same year, Jessica and Eric decided to go public with their relationship. They were caught sharing a kiss in Capri, Italy, while celebrating Jessica’s 30th birthday. It was an exciting moment that confirmed their love.

In Love (October 2010)

Just a few months into their relationship, Jessica expressed her love for Eric. She described him as her “dude” and “best friend.” Eric’s unwavering support made her feel blessed to have him in her life. In October 2010, Eric’s divorce from Keri was finalized, closing a chapter in his life.

Taking the Plunge (November 2010)

A major turning point in their love story happened in November when they got engaged. It was a well-planned proposal that left Jessica in shock. She recalled how Eric had discussed it with her parents beforehand, making it all the more special.

Growing Family (October 2011)

The lovebirds had another exciting announcement in October 2011. Jessica confirmed her pregnancy with a festive Halloween tweet. She shared a photo dressed as a mummy, proudly displaying her baby bump. It was official – they were going to be parents.

Maxwell Drew’s Arrival (May 2012)

On May 1, 2012, their family grew as Jessica gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Maxwell Drew Johnson. It was a moment filled with joy and gratitude, as they welcomed their baby girl into the world. Maxwell’s name was inspired by both of their family histories.

Another Blessing (December 2012)

Surprisingly, just seven months after Maxwell’s birth, Jessica shared more joyful news. She announced her second pregnancy in a Christmas-themed tweet featuring Maxwell in holiday pajamas with the words “big sis” next to her. The family was expanding once again.

Who did Jessica Simpson date in the NFL

Wedding Plans (January 2013)

During an interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jessica revealed that wedding plans were in the works. However, their plans kept getting postponed due to Jessica’s pregnancies. She joked about trying not to get pregnant again before they could set a date.

Ace Knute’s Arrival (June 2013)

On June 30, 2013, their family grew once more with the arrival of their son, Ace Knute Johnson. The middle name, Knute, was a tribute to Eric’s Swedish grandfather. Jessica expressed her excitement about having a son and the special connection it would bring.

Celebrating Together (June 2014)

Jessica and Eric celebrated their love with a joint bachelorette and bachelor party in June 2014 at The Warwick in Los Angeles. It was a sign that their long-awaited wedding was finally on the horizon. Their friends and family joined them for this memorable event.

More Kids on the Horizon (April 2018)

In April 2018, Jessica admitted to having “baby fever” and expressed her desire to have another child with Eric. She cheekily mentioned that they were always “practicing” for it.

Surprise Announcement (September 2018)

The couple had yet another surprise in store for their fans. In September 2018, Jessica posted a photo of their kids holding balloons to announce her third pregnancy. It was an exciting moment, and they couldn’t wait to welcome another member into their family.

Welcoming Birdie Mae (March 2019)

On March 19, 2019, Jessica and Eric’s family grew again as they welcomed their third child, a daughter named Birdie Mae Johnson. It was a joyous occasion, and Jessica shared the happy news with the world.

Their love story continues to evolve, marked by milestones, children, and unwavering support for one another. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are a testament to the power of love and commitment in the face of life’s ups and downs. As they navigate the journey of parenthood together, their bond only grows stronger, reminding us all of the beauty of a love story that keeps on flourishing.

Who did Jessica Simpson date in the NFL

Who Did Jessica Simpson Date?

Jessica Simpson, the famous singer, and actress has had her share of high-profile relationships. After her divorce from Nick Lachey, she dated some well-known names like John Mayer and Tony Romo.

What Football Player Did Jessica Simpson Date?

Jessica Simpson has been in a loving relationship with former NFL player Eric Johnson for over a decade. They first met in 2010, and their love has continued to grow strong since then.

Is Jessica Simpson Married?

Yes, Jessica Simpson is happily married to Eric Johnson. They tied the knot in 2014 and have three beautiful children together. Their marriage is a source of joy and love in their lives.

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