Who is Maria Taylor Married to Now

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Who is Maria Taylor Married to Now

Who is Maria Taylor Married to Now

Who is Maria Taylor Married to Now – When it comes to sports analysis and commentary, Maria Taylor’s name is synonymous with excellence. Her journey from college basketball to becoming one of the most respected sports analysts in the industry has been nothing short of remarkable. While her professional life is in the spotlight, there’s an intriguing and somewhat mysterious side to her personal life – her supportive husband, Rodney Blackstock.

A Passion for Sports and a Rise to Stardom

Maria Taylor’s love for sports runs deep. Her passion for basketball began during her childhood, and it eventually led her to play at the highest level as a student-athlete. Born on May 12, 1987, in Alpharetta, Georgia, Maria attended the University of Georgia, where she played for the Lady Bulldogs women’s basketball team. Her skills on the court helped her make a name for herself in the world of college sports.

Who is Maria Taylor Married to Now

After her college basketball career, Maria Taylor decided to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. Her insightful analysis and charismatic on-screen presence quickly caught the attention of viewers and sports enthusiasts alike. Over the years, she’s become a household name in sports commentary, known for her work with ESPN and NBC Sports.

Meet Her Supportive Husband, Rodney Blackstock

While Maria Taylor has become a familiar face to sports fans, her personal life has often remained private. However, there is one constant source of support in her life – her husband, Rodney Blackstock. Although he may not be as well-known as his wife, his role in Maria’s journey to success has been significant.

In 2019, Maria and Rodney tied the knot, marking a milestone in their relationship. Their union was celebrated by friends and family, but the details of their marriage remained mostly behind closed doors. However, as life sometimes takes unexpected turns, Maria and Rodney’s marriage encountered challenges, and they decided to part ways for reasons undisclosed to the public.

A New Beginning

In February 2021, Maria Taylor surprised her fans when she shared wedding photos on Instagram with a new man, not her previous husband. The caption read, “I love our love story,” but she didn’t tag her new husband in the photos at the time. It was a moment that left many wondering about the mystery man in Maria’s life.

The mystery surrounding her new husband was unveiled to some extent when Maria took to TikTok in September 2022 to share more about their relationship. In a heartfelt post, she expressed her gratitude for her husband and their enduring connection, which traces back to their high school days.

“I woke up really grateful for my husband,” Maria shared on TikTok. “We’ve known each other since high school. Our road to marriage was not easy… but it was worth it. He always wants me to shine and never gets jealous of my work. He pushes me to see my greatness even when I doubt myself.”

Who is Maria Taylor Married to Now

Maria’s candid revelation gave her fans a glimpse into the depth of her relationship with her husband, emphasizing his unwavering support and belief in her abilities. She continued, “He makes this thing called life fun to live. He knows I’m not perfect and loves me despite ALL my flaws. And what’s crazy… he asks for nothing in return. Thank you, God, for giving me the husband I’ve always prayed for.”

Family Values and Aunt Maria

Beyond her career, Maria Taylor places great importance on her family. She takes pride in her role as an aunt and cherishes the time she spends with her nieces and nephews. In one of her TikTok videos, she shared a glimpse of her family life as her husband made a cameo appearance during her trip to Orlando with her two nephews and niece.

Maria’s affection for her niece extends beyond just quality time together. She revealed in another video that her niece aspires to follow in her footsteps and become a TV host. Maria wasted no time in encouraging her niece’s dreams, stating, “My niece wants to be a TV host when she grows up…I told her she can be one now.”

As a successful female sports reporter, Maria Taylor serves as a role model for her niece and young girls aspiring to break barriers in the world of journalism, particularly in the field of sports reporting. She envisions a future where young Black girls can look at her and confidently say, “I can host Football Night in America. I can host the Olympics.”

“I hope a Black girl turns on the TV and says: ‘You know what I can do? I can host Football Night in America. I can host the Olympics,'” she wrote on her website. “I can sit up there with the guys and go toe-to-toe, and I belong there.’ So at the very least, I know I can do that.”

Breaking Barriers and Making History

Maria Taylor’s career has been marked by significant milestones and groundbreaking achievements. She made history as the first female full-time host of NBC Sports’ “Football Night in America.” Her presence in this role not only shattered glass ceilings but also paved the way for more diversity and inclusion in sports broadcasting.

Who is Maria Taylor Married to Now

In addition to her hosting duties, Maria took on the role of executive producer for an eight-part documentary series that explores the history of Black quarterbacks in the NFL. This documentary serves as a testament to her dedication to bringing untold stories to the forefront and highlighting the contributions of Black athletes in the world of football.

Proud Family and Supportive Husband

Maria Taylor’s family, including her husband Rodney Blackstock, undoubtedly takes immense pride in her achievements. Her journey from college basketball to becoming a trailblazing sports analyst has inspired many. Through the ups and downs of her personal life, Maria has continued to shine professionally, and her husband’s unwavering support has been a crucial part of her success story.

In a world where the spotlight often falls on athletes and celebrities, Maria Taylor has used her platform to advocate for diversity, empower the next generation of female sports reporters, and bring attention to important stories in the world of sports. Her passion, determination, and the support of her husband, Rodney, have propelled her to the pinnacle of her profession, where she continues to make history and inspire others.

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What is Maria Taylor famous for?

Maria Taylor is famous for her career in sports broadcasting. She has gained recognition as a host, analyst, and reporter in the world of sports. She is known for her roles as a co-host on ESPN’s College GameDay, a sideline reporter for ABC’s Saturday Night Football, and a recurring co-host of ESPN’s “Get Up!” Her insightful commentary and on-screen presence have made her a prominent figure in sports media.

How old is Maria Taylor?

Maria Taylor was born on May 12, 1987.

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