Who is the new voice of Rick and Morty

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Who is the new voice of Rick and Morty

Who is the new voice of Rick and Morty

Who is the new voice of Rick and Morty – If you’re a fan of the animated series “Rick and Morty,” get ready for some big news. Adult Swim has just released a thrilling trailer for Season 7, set to premiere on October 15th. But what’s even more exciting is that two new voice actors are joining the cast, replacing the familiar voice of Justin Roiland.

Who is the new voice of Rick and Morty

Now, you might be wondering who these new voices are, but Adult Swim is keeping their identities a secret for now. They want fans to experience the surprise when they watch the new season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adult Swim believes in the strength of the upcoming season and the talent of these new voices, so they want viewers to focus on the show itself rather than getting distracted by the change.

This season brings a significant change as it’s the first one without Justin Roiland, who not only co-created the series but also provided the voices for the main characters, Rick and Morty. Roiland had been facing legal troubles, including charges of false imprisonment and felony domestic battery stemming from an incident in January 2020. These legal issues, along with accusations of predatory behavior and sexual harassment, led to his departure from the show.

In March 2023, the criminal charges against Roiland were dropped due to insufficient evidence. However, Adult Swim decided to part ways with the co-creator anyway. But the story doesn’t end there. On September 13, 2023, NBC News reported new allegations against Roiland, this time involving sexual assault and explicit online communication with underage girls. Some of these allegations date back to 2013. Roiland’s attorney strongly denied these accusations, labeling them as “false and defamatory.”

The Phenomenon That Is “Rick and Morty”

Before we delve deeper into the upcoming season, let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible journey of “Rick and Morty.” This Adult Swim animated series made its debut in December 2013 and quickly captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. The show revolves around the wild adventures of Morty Smith and his genius scientist grandfather, Rick Sanchez, as they explore various dimensions aboard a flying saucer.

As of now, “Rick and Morty” has completed six seasons, delivering a total of 61 episodes filled with humor, wit, and mind-bending sci-fi concepts. The series has gained a massive fanbase and critical acclaim for its unique storytelling and characters.

A Twist in Season 6 and a Quest for Rick Prime

The previous season, Season 6, took an intriguing twist. Towards the end of the season, Morty realized something shocking. The Rick he had been accompanying on adventures was not his original grandfather but a meticulously designed robotic clone created by Rick to fulfill his role. This revelation set the stage for an exciting turn of events.

In the closing moments of the season, Rick got wind of Rick Prime’s whereabouts and playfully hinted that they would be embarking on a quest to find him in the upcoming season. This revelation left fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. However, the extent of Rick Prime’s involvement in the upcoming episodes remains a well-guarded secret.

What to Expect in Season 7

A press release for the upcoming season has given us some hints about what’s in store for Rick and Morty. The release states, “Rick and Morty are back and sounding more like themselves than ever! It’s season seven, and the possibilities are endless.” So, what can we expect from the new season?

First off, what’s up with Jerry? Jerry, Morty’s father, has always been a source of comic relief in the series, and fans are eager to see how his character develops in Season 7.

Then, there’s the intriguing mention of “EVIL Summer.” Summer, Morty’s sister, has had her fair share of adventures, but the term “EVIL” suggests something entirely different. Could Summer be taking a darker turn in this season?

And, of course, the question that’s been on many fans’ minds: Will Rick and Morty ever go back to high school? The show has taken us to countless dimensions and bizarre worlds, but the high school setting has always been a part of its charm.

The press release also humorously notes, “There’s probably less piss than last season.” For fans, this cryptic statement adds to the excitement and curiosity surrounding the new episodes.

The Future of “Rick and Morty”

As we look ahead to Season 7 and beyond, it’s worth noting that “Rick and Morty” is guaranteed to have at least ten seasons on Adult Swim. This speaks volumes about the show’s enduring popularity and the confidence Adult Swim has in its creators and the new voice actors.

Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding Justin Roiland’s departure, “Rick and Morty” continues to be a cultural phenomenon, pushing the boundaries of animated storytelling. It’s a testament to the show’s ability to evolve and adapt while keeping its core elements of humor, sci-fi, and unpredictability intact.

So, mark your calendars for October 15th and get ready for an exciting new season of “Rick and Morty.” While we may not know who the new voices are just yet, one thing is certain: the adventures of this eccentric duo are far from over.

When does “Rick and Morty” Season 7 premiere?

“Rick and Morty” Season 7 is set to premiere on October 15th.

Who are the two new voice actors in Season 7?

The identities of the new voice actors replacing Justin Roiland are being kept secret by Adult Swim until the new season is released.

Why are the new voice actors being kept a secret?

Adult Swim wants viewers to be surprised and not distracted by the change in voice actors. They believe in the strength of the upcoming season and the talent of the new voices.

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