Who was Linda Evangelista married to

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Who was Linda Evangelista married to

Who was Linda Evangelista married to

Who was Linda Evangelista married to – Linda Evangelista, the famous supermodel, has recently opened up about her past marriage to Gérald Marie, a high-ranking executive at Elite Model Management. She described her marriage as “abusive” during an interview for an AppleTV+ documentary called “The Super Models.” In this documentary, Linda shared some deeply personal struggles she faced during her successful modeling career.

Who was Linda Evangelista married to

Who was Linda Evangelista married to?

She began by acknowledging the good moments in her career but emphasized that it wasn’t as glamorous as it might seem. She reflected on her marriage to Gérald Marie, which took place in 1987 when she was just 22 years old and he was 37. The marriage lasted until 1993. In the documentary, she admitted that she might have been in the wrong relationship.

Linda Evangelista’s story highlights an important issue – leaving an abusive relationship is not as simple as just saying, “I want a divorce.” She explained that she understands this concept because she lived through it. Abuse is often complex, and victims face many challenges when trying to leave such relationships.

Throughout the documentary, images of Linda and her ex-husband were displayed, giving viewers a glimpse into their tumultuous relationship. Linda shared that Gérald Marie, at the very least, knew not to touch her face, which is crucial for a model because it’s often referred to as the “moneymaker.”

In September 2020, serious allegations surfaced against Gérald Marie. Multiple women, including former models like Carré Otis and Jill Dodd, accused him of rape and sexual assault in incidents dating back to the 1980s and 1990s. These allegations were reported by The Times. Gérald Marie, in response, categorically denied these allegations, stating that he would not comment further on them.

In February 2023, French prosecutors closed their investigation into Gérald Marie due to the statute of limitations. This decision marked the end of a long legal process. It’s essential to note that the statute of limitations can be a significant barrier in cases involving historical allegations.

Gérald Marie held a prominent position for 25 years as the president of the European division of Elite Model Management, which was one of the most influential modeling agencies during its peak. The agency represented some of the world’s most famous models, such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell.

Learning about the allegations against Gérald Marie deeply affected Linda Evangelista. She mentioned in the documentary that discovering he had hurt many women and violated their trust broke her heart. Until this point, she had never shared her own story, partly out of fear.

Who was Linda Evangelista married to

However, Linda also expressed gratitude towards the brave women who came forward to share their stories. Their courage inspired her to find her own voice and speak out. She mentioned that she wanted justice to be served, and she hoped that it would make individuals like Gérald Marie think twice before engaging in such behavior. Most importantly, she wanted women to know that they were not alone in their struggles.

In response to these allegations, Gérald Marie’s lawyer, Céline Bekerman, vehemently denied them, describing them as defamatory and false. She stated that Gérald Marie refused to participate in what she called a dishonest media controversy.

Additionally, Marie’s lawyer issued a similar statement to AppleTV+ when the documentary aired, asserting that he had never committed any acts of violence. This statement was broadcast during the same episode of the documentary.

While the documentary and the allegations have shed light on a complicated and painful chapter in Linda Evangelista’s life, it’s important to remember that she is not alone in her experiences. Many individuals, both women and men, face abusive relationships, and it can be an incredibly challenging and frightening journey to escape them.

Linda Evangelista’s decision to share her story in the documentary is a testament to the power of survivors’ voices and the importance of supporting those who have experienced abuse. It’s also a reminder of the responsibility society bears to address such issues and seek justice for all.


In conclusion, Linda Evangelista’s revelation about her abusive marriage and her support for survivors who have come forward with allegations against her ex-husband Gérald Marie is a powerful reminder of the strength it takes to confront the past and advocate for change. Her story highlights the complexities of abuse, the challenges of speaking out, and the importance of believing and supporting survivors.

Who is Linda Evangelista, and why is she in the news?

Linda Evangelista is a renowned supermodel who recently gained attention for opening up about her past marriage to Gérald Marie, a former executive at Elite Model Management. She described her marriage as “abusive” in an AppleTV+ documentary.

What did Linda Evangelista reveal about her marriage in the documentary?

In the documentary, Linda Evangelista shared that her marriage to Gérald Marie was abusive. She reflected on her personal struggles during her modeling career and mentioned that she may have been in the wrong relationship.

When did Linda Evangelista marry Gérald Marie, and how long did their marriage last?

Linda Evangelista married Gérald Marie in 1987 when she was 22 years old, and he was 37. Their marriage lasted until 1993.

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